I am Tired.

I honestly doubt myself tonight. Am I strong enough to get through the next week? Everything I am trying to do is crumbling around me, and I just keep smiling and saying “yes,” “yes,” “yes!”

I’m trying to fix a line editor’s suggestions for my book, but I didn’t have the right program, so I had to buy one and install it on a computer that continually freezes.

The actual work to get this book from manuscript to print is unbelievable. There is something to be done every single day for the publishing company, exhausting.

I can’t get my WiFi updated until Monday, it is only Wednesday…

I can’t sleep, my iron levels are low, and my restless legs are raging! I need to go into the hospital for some iron injections but I won’t – yet, I know I can drop two more points before it is serious.

I have photos to rate on FOAP (don’t ask.)

I received a blogger recognition award that really made my day, but I don’t have time to do what it requires of me … I think I must decline it.

I was asked to provide some of my craft project pictures on a DIY craft site! I am thrilled, but I can’t get my computer to cooperate.

I just became a member of a bloggers network, I haven’t put the time in that I should. I have a wealth of information at my fingertips, I just don’t know where to start? I don’t have the energy.

I briefly check in with my support group that I am a co-admin of. I’m not pulling my weight.

I haven’t walked the dogs, made supper or done a load of laundry in over a week … my husband never complains and THAT makes me feel worse!

My husband says I am in control of my guilt, he can’t help me with that … he nailed that one.

Am I strong enough to get through this week? Yes. But I am tired.





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  1. Oh Kim,

    I was just sitting at my computer thinking all that you have just blogged!! I am so tired and in so much pain and am having all the identical thoughts you are having, even down to not having the energy to do the work that comes with a blogger award nomination and being admin on a support forum.

    Thank you seems empty words but you have made me feel just a little better and definitely less alone

    Sam xx

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  2. Hello Kim,
    That would be overwhelming for anyone I think! Let alone if you are dealing with fibromyalgia. Wishing you well and take care of you too.
    Di 💐✨✨

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    1. Thanks Di! I am doing much better, just an additional day of rest did wonders. I think, women in general, tend to nurture first – to everyone else and then forgets she must start with herself! This was a good reality check for me. ~Kim

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      1. Hello Kim,
        I’m glad to hear you gave yourself a rest day, and yes, we do look out for others often before ourselves… not always ideal.
        We all live and learn don’t we?
        Take care Kim and have a lovely weekend 💐✨

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  3. I feel exactly that Kim. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it ALL! So if we slow down or take any kind of break, we feel like we are failing our family, our friends, our followers… It is in this moment that we need to suspend those thoughts, take a step back, a view our world from the outside in. You are doing so much, and like you, I felt that I was disappointing people, and for me, I thought I was disappointing you for example… remember your advice you gave me about a site I should check out for bloggers? I was so excited about it, and greatly appreciated you for your feedback. But, did I do what you said? Nope, not yet. Even though I kept reminding myself, something always got in the way. But here’s the thing… it’s not going anywhere, and neither are your family, friends, etc., simply because you can’t do everything all of the time. No one can do everything ALL of the time, and we are compromised by our illness as well! So remember how awesome you are, and look at all you’ve managed to accomplish already. Be proud! I know I am proud and thankful, to have you in my corner, as my friend, and as my family. Two peas in a pod! Love you 💜💋MJ

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  4. MJ, it is so funny you should bring that up about the site I mentioned to you… I felt like what the heck, Kim?!? She has enough on her plate! And I just threw another log on the fire… so yes, my friend. It will always be there! AS will all of these items above that I mentioned. One day later, after some rest, I’m ready to go! But I will walk a different path this time. I’ve decided to take a detour… the more scenic route! You, will never disappoint me nor let me down. Never think that! Lots of love! ~Kim

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