The Trinity of the Fibro Life!

There are three things that make up the trinity of life with fibromyalgia;


  1. Know who you are.
  2. Invest in yourself.
  3. Think before you speak.


If you can incorporate these three things into the life you lead. You will master the trinity of the fibro life!


Know who you are:

Sounds simple enough but is it? Know your fibromyalgia, know your symptoms, your definitions, your medications, what works and what does not. Know your health team, know the friends and loved ones you can count on. Know who to call in the middle of the night if you are in need. Know your interests and hobbies and do them. Know education is an ongoing process and learn something new, every day. Know your limits and know what is worth pushing those limits for! Know how to be a friend and hold a conversation about anything but fibromyalgia. Know that you have a disease but you are not your disease. Know that you are strong because you know your weakness, and know that your mistakes have made you wise. Know that your flaws make you who you are and you are amazing.

Invest in yourself:

This has nothing to do with your finances. (The only comment about money I can make is, “Try to make good choices.”) When you take time to invest in yourself this is where you learn the difference between “have to” and “get to”. Realize where you are in life, that healthy foods and clean water are available to you at all times. You get to eat and you get to drink clean water. You get to move your body. Walking, getting out in nature, going to a great movie or out to dinner. You get to do these things. You also have a bed, you get to rest. Make sure you are investing in yourself by getting what you need in your life and making you the priority.


Think before you speak:

I Know! This is so hard but so necessary. This is an energy life-preserver.

  • T – (Is it) true?
  • H – helpful?
  • I – inspiring?
  • N – necessary?
  • K – kind?


Live your best life with Fibromyalgia!


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