Restless Legs Syndrome

Those legs … those damn restless legs. Those of you who have Restless Legs Syndrome know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, it is the feeling of needing to move your legs so badly that you cannot sleep, you can not relax. You must get up and move while praying you don’t fall over because your legs are like jelly filled donuts. Some experience a feeling of heaviness in their legs, others pins and needles, some creepy crawlies, like bugs in their legs. How ever you experience restless legs, you will do anything to make it stop.

Let me help you out! I have a few tricks, you decide what to try. Maybe it will work for you, maybe not, but anything is worth a try to ward off Restless Legs Syndrome!

Quinine and Magnesium. I drink one glass of Tonic water with 10 drops of magnesium in it every day.

Clay Packs. These can be heated or frozen and are reusable. When you are at an event, place the clay pack in the windshield area of your car, the sun will warm them and have them ready for use. Great for traveling as well as regular use at home.

Weighted blanket. These blanket were originally used for individuals with Autism. Well, welcome the weighted blanket for suppressing your restless legs! I have a small 8lb. lap blanket. I use in conjunction with my clay heating packs after I beat them with my hand held massager!

Handheld Massager. I put mine on a setting that pounds my legs hard! Extremely helpful when your legs are acting up!

Epson Salt Baths. Add about a cup in your bath water, not only relieves your legs but your other aches and pains as well. (I love to add a few drops of my favorite essential oils.)

Diffuser. I have a diffuser in almost every room of my house. I like a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. Not only does it help with allergies, but it is a very peaceful scent and aids in healthier sleep habits.


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I do take medication for Restless Leg Syndrome but I have found doing these types of things I mentioned above, prevent most severe episodes but not all. 

Finally, I clean in high heels. WARNING: Do not do this unless you are sure of your balance, I have taken some nasty spills! (See featured image above.) I give my legs a workout while I cook and clean. It is not the most comfortable, but if I am slowing down an episode of restless legs, it is well worth the effort.


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