Get Gaga Ready, Put on Your Poker Face.

Yes, the media released Lady Gaga’s announcement that she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The millionaire pop culture performer has fibromyalgia. If Lady Gaga can be up on that stage, dancing and singing, so can we! Right? Well, get ready to be compared to fibromyalgia’s new face because that is who you are now up against.

What did Magic Johnson do for the HIV population? He ‘normalized’ this horrific, life-ending disease.  He made it seem possible to lead a full life while continuing his professional persona as a guy who was ‘dealing’ and living life with HIV. We dropped our fear of this deadly epidemic because an L.A. Lakers basketball player seemed to be handling his diagnosis with ease. The number of people contracting this virus skyrocketed. As did the number of death related AID’s cases.

These are public figures putting a face to the name of diseases we have been too ashamed at times to admit we have. So, on the one hand, the stigma will lift, on the other hand, we will be compared to these well-known public figures.

Why can’t I deal with my fibromyalgia, like Lady Gaga???

First of all, I am not a millionaire. I’m border-line poor. The medical expenses that come with caring for the symptoms of this disease are insurmountable at times.  I can’t afford to have fibromyalgia. Lady Gaga can afford it.

Second, I do not have ‘staff’ to help me deal with my fibromyalgia. I do not have a manager, an assistant, a personal chef, a maid, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a private nurse, and a doctor, all at my beck and call. I can’t afford a team of people to care for me. Lady Gaga can.

Get ready, Fibro Warriors, we thought we were misunderstood before!?!? We now will be compared to a woman, who has no financial issues, paving the road for us … while we search for a detour!


In conclusion, I want to apologize to all of those people whose lives have been touched by the HIV/AIDs epidemic. I, too, believed it was possible to live like “Magic” with this deadly disease. I was so wrong. I am so very sorry.



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  1. I, too, have been worried about being compared but not just with the management of symptoms, but with the actual variances between the stages as well as individuals. All I really know and believe for certain is we need medical treatment from professionals who believe us and treatments that offer us options. I’m going to pray that Lady G uses her social standing to not only shed light on this disease but to call out the nay-Sayers and educate the world about others suffering from the same disease, just maybe not in the exact same way.

    Please forgive my moment of optimism. I just really can’t handle it any other way!

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    1. Tamara. I love your optimism! I need to think this through as you have and hope for the best. We need to be believed so we can receive the medical care we need so desperately. You continue to be optimistic! Nothing wrong with that! ~Kim


  2. I think the best thing we can do is remember that the people who really matter see us for who we are and know what we are dealing with. These treasures, whomever they are, are the people who aren’t ever going to tell us to deal with our issues like someone else.
    Hell, the symptoms within the fibro community vary so much we can barely tell each other how to handle it!
    I hope this diagnosis will open the eyes of people who believe this diagnosis isn’t really real. I hope she will be public about the hardships in a way that acknowledges her privilege, so we can get more understanding beyond our treasured few.
    If not, everyone who uses her experience to shame or dismiss others with Fibro can go jump in a lake. Filled with alligators. Who spit acid.

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    1. Ha! Misty, you do have a way with words! I loved every point you made. Let’s hope some eyes are opened to this disease and she does her due diligence when presenting the Fibro community’s hardship. Otherwise we release the gators!


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