Winter, We Can DO THIS!

Why do I dread winter so much? Why do I think it is so agonizing? I am miserable in the heat and humidity just as much as the cold! I live in Minnesota and you can definitely get warmer by putting on more, but there is only so much you can take off!

This winter I am vowing to change my mindset. I grew up in this frozen tundra and I’m going to enjoy it! (I’m really trying.) Today it is snowing, It is only the 27th of October. Most of it will melt but some will stay and it will be here through April. So it time for me to buck up and put on my big girl snow pants.

Tip #1. You got to get your gear!

Let’s talk wardrobe.

  • Winter coat; dress and casual.
  • Wool cap, scarf, and gloves or mittens.
  • Long underwear.
  • Fishermen sweater, you only need one real Scandinavian wool sweater. (Spend the money, get a bland color and you will wear it for years.)
  • Warm and waterproof boots.
  • Fleece lined leggings! (Best thing since sliced bread!)
  • Flannel lined jeans. (Personally, I hate jeans but my husband swears by his.)
  • A couple of each; thermal and flannel shirts.
  • Sweatpants with a sweatshirt. (Try to let go of the bright pink ones you just love but there is a hole in the crotch… buy yourself some damn sweats!)
  • Accessorize at will!


As for me, the ‘cutesie’ coats are gone! I got serious and bought real winter coats! Wool caps and scarves and mittens. Leather gloves actually do work well, so do Isotoners. The only thing I have left to hunt for is a snow vest…

Tip #2. Keep your neck and feet warm and you will be warm.

You can get crazy warm boots at WalMart! (Ladies think boys section if you have small feet.) Are you near a “Fleet Farm?”  Their stuff is the real deal! Long johns, thermal shirts, quilted flannel shirts… they got it all! Scarves are cheap and worth every penny, I give you permission to buy as many as you want. I usually always have one on or near throughout the winter.

Tip #3. Your Home.

Buy the cheesy electric fireplaces, they are not that expensive they work well as space heaters! Plus they are cool to look at! Get out those old quilts you don’t want to use because of their sentimental value and use them! That is what they are there for. (Both of my sister in laws are well-known quilters, they say it is good to use your quilts!) Think cozy, warmth, cheery, what does that mean to you? Don’t forget to make some hot chocolate and warm spicy tea mixes! Light candles, put up white Christmas lights that stay up in your home for a nice glow. Cozy.

Tip #4. Outdoors.

Keep some cash lying around. I can guarantee you the kids will be walking around the neighborhood asking for shoveling jobs. I let them and pay them! Also, I take Uber! It is so easy, download an app to your smartphone and they show up in a nice warm car and drive you around. Cash is never exchanged. I love getting dropped off at the door and not having to pay for parking! I do have my groceries delivered in the winter. Well, to be honest, I do it all year because it is so very convenient but it also helps me stay within my budget.

This is where I leave you, to figure out what are your best options! How are you going to spend your winter? Angry and housebound? Bundled up and ready for a nice outing for dinner or to a movie? How about the library? I can spend hours and hours at the library! what’s your winter plan and where are you planning to go?


14 thoughts on “Winter, We Can DO THIS!

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  1. Some great tips, and I love the positive mindset for winter this year… Not sure I can manage that myself! I always try to winter-proof everything as much as possible but I struggle so much with the cold (my body doesn’t regulate temperature well so I’m freezing even when others are walking around in one top and I’m there in 5 jumpers…) so you’re not alone in hating the winter! I’m going to try for somewhere in between – I love the library too and I read a lot, so blankets and books and tea in bed, thermal gloves and as many layers as I can manage when I leave the house and hot chocolates in town (the one good thing about the cold cold weather I think) 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Yes, LOVE it, I am excited about some winter drinks, I love Russian Tea, google it if you don’t have the recipe, it is soooo good! Lots of sugar but you are only adding a couple tablespoons so don’t freak about that…hahaha. And I have the library on my list! I can rent from the library and download to my Kindle BUT I love bookstores. Barnes and Noble is a danger zone because I SPEND in bookstores, the library is the safest! We GET to ENJOY all seasons… not have to. Keep me posted CAZ! -Kim

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  2. I love when the weather gets cooler so I can wear my cute boots and jeans a sweaters. I really love my boots. Now when it gets too cold, I am ready for it to be gone. Too cold makes me tense and makes my body hurt. But luckily in the south it does not last long or even get too cold. Take Care!

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    1. In the Midwest it can and does get dangerously cold. So when it is in the single digits and then drops below zero, it gets very serious. Everyone is at risk. I think that is why I dread the winter, the seriousness of it, difficult driving, slippery roads… even walking my dogs! Ice and salt, not good for my babies. Even the dogs wear winter gear! I think I’d enjoy winter in the south! I’m happy to hear you enjoy it even if your body doesn’t! ~Kim

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      1. Winter in the south is so easy, expect for when there is snow. People in the south can not drive when the sun is out, so when there is any rain or snow, it is all over! They close everything down for days with just a 1/2 inch of snow. I find it funny because I grew up in Vermont where snow is very common! I think any extreme temperatures are bad. If the temps could just be in the 70’s year round, I would be so happy!! Take care Kim!!!

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  3. Oops….
    I’m going to curl up under my blanket and stay there until spring.
    I hate the cold.
    NC doesn’t always get very cold, but I’d be happy if it was warm all year long.
    I’d never survive where you live.
    When I start to think it’s way too hot in the summer…not to mention that wicked humidity…I just think, Thank goodness it’s not cold.

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