I’ve been Plagiarized!

Last Update: 11/7/2017. Angela Wise has retracted her apology and any acknowledgment of copying my writing…

Update: 11/7/2017. Was acknowledged for writing the 7th stage with an apology that my name had been overlooked. That is all I wanted. Thanks to everyone who wrote her a comment, I appreciate your support. ~K.

Update: 11/6/2017. Was finally contacted by Angela Wise. Angela claims she has no knowledge of me or my blog post The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia. She believes I am a bully and a stalker. I assured her I was neither. I stated that she need not copy other people’s work and claim it as her own. I informed her I would never contact her again. And I will not. I know she is well aware of what she did.  ~K.

The Beginning:

I am at a crossroads, I had a blog plagiarized, word for word by Angela Wise. My blog post, The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia was based on the 6 stages written by an A. Wise, who I gave credit to. I believe her name was Ann Wise, not Angela. Be that as it may, Angela Wise copied my entire blog post, changed the title to The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia: NewDevelopment then published my blog post using her name.

  • Angela Wise writes a blog called, Latest Journal.
  • She writes on a Facebook page called Fibro & Chronic Pain Center.
  • She is on YouTube, as ‘Angela Vlog’, doing a 7 part series on the fibromyalgia stages.

I wrote to her, I commented on the blogs, I reported her. There is nothing left that I can do. I was so very angry at her when I discovered this. Then I realized, how needy this woman must be as she ignorantly attempts to explain these stages, depressing those who listen, and calling us all “sisters in fibro”… Now, I’m just disgusted, fed-up, and sad.

The thing that really gets me is I would have been so happy to share this blog post with her. I would have encouraged her to do a vlog series if that was what she wanted! I love to share information. I would have been more than happy to help her in any way I could. But she took what I had written, signed her name to it and published it as her own. Classless.


I’ll settle back now and let Karma do her work. Too bad for Angela, we could’ve helped each other out, maybe even have been friends. That opportunity is long gone!



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  1. That sucks! I had someone steal one of my drawings once. I saw it on Etsy. She made cards and sprints with it. I called her on it, I never heard a word from her, but the drawing was taken off her site. I think she was afraid Etsy would kick her off.
    Good luck Kim. I know you feel violated. These people are a sad bunch, they have no original thought.
    What cares me? How many times has it happened that we don’t know of.? I wonder.

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        1. Yes, I use those free sites but I didn’t always, I used google images and I don’t think you are suppose to, so I started going to the free image media sites. Lord I hope I didn’t cross that line. If I was notified I’d issue an apology for sure and take down what I had done wrong! The guilt would haunt me for sure!

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            1. Me too. Yet.
              And yes, your emails do mean a lot to me, Kim. How could I tell you to fuck off? Seriously.
              I’m just very immersed in my own thoughts right now, so DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. ❤

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  2. I’m so sorry that happened to you Kim! Classless indeed! I couldn’t sleep if I took credit for someone else’s work. I’m sorry she violated you and your hard work. Hopefully she will learn this is unacceptable!
    ~ Tamara

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  3. I was really having a bad night and got your comment and then came to read your blog trying to feel better. I found this post about the plagiarism. I printed out the articles and compared them (cause that’s what English majors do). Yep, not that I doubted you. Here’s the comment I just posted: “This sounds familiar. Do you follow the blog “I tripped over a Stone”. She wrote about this seventh stage in a post on January of 2017. Great minds must think alike, huh? Or maybe you just forgot to give credit where credit is due. It happens. All writers slip up every once in a while, I suppose. The original author’s name of this 7th stage portion is Kim. Might want to make a note of that.” Probably won’t do any good, but I really feel better now. Thank you for all you do.

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    1. Thank you, Kelly! That was so very thoughtful of you! I do not wish to hurt her in any way but taking someone’s work is hurtful! I have tried contacting her through multiple media sites even to’ just talk’ and I can’t get anywhere. Radio Silence! But people will see the comments so she will need to deal with it at some point. Wow, Kelly. Really, thanks so much! I appreciate your message to her as well! ~Kim

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  4. My goodness for some reason it still shocks me how ignorant people can be! I thought people that blogged on things that were sensitive to others were actually compassionate and cared about others. It is so sad that people are just as mean that participate with blogs as they are everywhere else. I am so sorry you went through a bad and upsetting experience and I am glad you reported this person. I really hope the rest of your weekend is good! I really do hate that someone acted this way and upset you.

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    1. Thanks, Alyssa. I appreciate your concern. I think this gal is in need of more than more angry notes from me. But so MANY people have come to my aid and wrote on her various posts (she is on many social media platforms!), asking her to give me the credit for stage 7. I really don’t think she wrote the first 6, I believe it was a lady named Ann Wise, but I credited her as A. Wise, as when it came to remembering her name, I was at a loss… I was hoping this was the situation with her but no, it was done purposely. Karma will take care of the rest! I appreciate your kind words! ~Kim

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  5. Disheartened to read this. I have been in this situation before and it can be very stifling to want to keep writing. Don’t let this stop you from continuing to share your thoughts and insight. Kindly, Dr. Perry

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