The Fibro Fog Defense

My husband was looking for his keys and was muttering something about losing his keys all the time. I said check The Basket. “The Basket” sits on the buffet in the dining room. I put everything I find lying around the house of his in it. Because …  there is a trail of items he leaves in his wake every time comes home! Keys, wallet, phone, cap, then I heard him mutter fibro fog.

I said,  “Oh no, you can NOT use the fibro fog defense!”

Really? I mean, r-e-a-l-l-y? He can’t find his keys, and now he has fibro fog? How did he get it? Did he catch it from me? Maybe he is allergic to me. No way! The fibro fog defense is all mine!

You have to remember that fibro fog is a cognitive brain dysfunction. It affects your ability to concentrate. You have memory problems. Speech can easily be interrupted as you search for words you know but can’t remember. All of this can cause mild to severe confusion.

Fibro fog is not a case of the ‘lost my keys’ or ‘can’t remember that person’s name’… that’s poor memory! That can be fixed! Cognitive dysfunction cannot be fixed. A person with fibromyalgia has low levels of dopamine in the brain. And when given a scan of the brain, it shows decreased blood flow to the brain when an individual is experiencing a decrease in cognitive abilities. That is what cognitive dysfunction is. That is fibro fog! (For more information read Dopamine and the Fibro Brain.)

Now that we had established who had the rights to the Fibro Fog Defense, we decided to think of outrageous things to do and then blame it on ‘the fog’… that was great for a laugh, but then I started wondering if a Fibro Fog Defense would work for real?

I have an idea!

(Just to be safe, who can I call for bail money?)

Version 2~Kim

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  1. I think the Fibro Fog defense is a great thing! I use the MS Fog Brain as my defense when I forgot where I put something or even someone’s name:)!! You do a great job with managing things and keeping your spirits up, which I admire about you!
    I have an odd question. I want to put my awards I have been nominated up on my side walls but I honestly do not know how to. Would you please be able to give me some advice?
    I hope you had a great day today and feeling well! Sending you much love and comfort, always!!

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    1. Your question? Absolutely! Do you know how to use the customize option? You want to put an image widget on your side bar. If any of this makes sense, go for it! Otherwise contact WordPress help. They are very helpful and fun to work with! Wishing you luck!~Kim

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  2. Oh no he didn’t! lol I agree with Terri’s sentiments that’s nice that you can find humor together 🙂 As I read your blog, I am learning more and it’s great that there are people like yourself and Terri who shed light on this subject because I think like many invisible illnesses, it’s misunderstood a lot of the time and writing about it is a wonderful outlet! 🙂

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    1. It is indeed! In the beginning, I was frightened to admit to the pain I was in and ashamed I couldn’t beat this. But this is why it is a CHRONIC disease… haha. You must find a new way to look at things and deal accordingly, like who gets to use the Fibro Fog Defense!!! lol~Kim


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