Now I’ve Done It…

Have you ever signed up for an online course? Well, I did. AWAI. American Writers and Artists, Inc. I saw their ads and answered the call! They are a copywriting firm, basically. What I didn’t realize is they use a hard sell tactic to get you to believe that without ANY PREVIOUS writing experience they can teach you how to be a copywriter. Well. This should be a snap! I write a blog, I wrote a book… I got this! What was I thinking?

The good news; I think this program is a winner. The bad news; I’m taking an accelerated course and not accelerating! There are 10 lesson topics, one a week, and ten homework assignments. By the end of the ten weeks, you are set. Go out and proclaim, “I am a copywriter!” It’s like I’m in a life preserver being pulled behind a yacht and I want on that yacht! That’s the goal, the yacht or in my case living the life my hubby and I are dreaming of – full-time RVing! (And, no, I’m not kidding!)

So I signed up right before Christmas, sales you know. “Never again will we offer prices this low!” I signed up for everything they told me too, paid my fees and listened to the first lesson. All good, I get it, we are not sales people we are problem solvers… what? Well, to the best of my knowledge a copywriter is a salesperson who sells ‘goods’ through writing – but not according to lesson one. Ok, let’s move on.

The first assignment, read the most successful sales letter ever written ten times. This a 3 page typed letter about why you should choose American Express as your credit card. Now, hand write it ten times. (There are two other lengthy letters waiting for you to read and re-write 10 times.) TEN TIMES! That is three pages per letter, double that because you are handwriting it and you’ll have handwritten 180 pages. In school, when we got in trouble we had to copy dictionary pages… I don’t think I ever had to copy more than five. So I guess this must be for people who do not know proper sentence structure…??? Does anyone anymore?

I did it, kinda, but I rebelled and wrote in cursive. Schools no longer teach cursive writing. Take that! Well, it took me almost all of January. I really do not remember much about the ‘sales’ letters except I never want to write a sales letter. And what the hell happened to ‘be a problem solver’? I solved that problem by not re-writing the stupid letters more than twice. Lord, my hand!!! Painful. I know sentence structure, I also know bait and switch. I can write a sales letter.

I am not giving up! Besides, I really do like the program! I am just having some growing pains. I want to write content for the person who has a chronic illness and wants to travel. I will finish this course if it kills me! OK. It probably won’t kill me, but it could severely damage my hand if there are more homework assignments like the one I just did… so I signed up for live webinars starting this February for the accelerated courses that I am taking. I will have class every Thursday. I will be accountable! I will finish! I may be a glutton for punishment? They do have the webinars taped so I can watch and re-watch as many times as I need to for a week. (I’m prepped for the fibro flare and fog, it will happen, just a matter of when.)

Onward! I will be a freelance copywriter! Oh! They said I could call myself a copywriter since I am enrolled, should I get a ‘job’ they’ll help me complete it. That is very nice, I do not know who will be hiring a freelance (travel) content copywriter who is not currently traveling, but one never knows? I have, after all, travel experience with fibromyalgia!

Here goes nothing…again. 


Version 2~Kim

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    1. Well, I get that the homework is a must, but realistically, writing a sales letter, ten times by HAND… not going to happen. I think I would’ve loved taking German classes IN Munich! How’d you do? I tried to learn Spanish… I’m terrible at it!

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  1. Yikes! I can’t imagine writing that much by hand! I’m lucky to get a card written out…. I think you’ll enjoy the live webinars. When I did my Life Coaching certification, that wasn’t an option, but we did do a conference call with the entire class every week. I think it’s easier to learn with some human interaction. I’m sure you’re going to do great with this Kim!

    On another note, I tagged you for the Behind the Illness challenge. If you’d like to participate, check it out here

    Love and hugs sent your way!

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    1. Terri, I know! I l had to ice my hand! Silly assignment. I think the live webinar will be of great help! And I will get this thing done! I see a need for information and I want to be able to fill that need! I’ll go check out what you’ve gotten me into now! HAHA… really, am excited to see, seriously.

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