The Shadow Boxers

I co-wrote The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal, with my friend, Karen Anderson. It was published in July of 2017 and now sells on Amazon for only $9.99. You may be interested in checking this book out further. We believe in offering options, not opinions. (There is also a Kindle version for $4.99.)

This book is about Fibromyalgia but can be used as an interactive journal for whatever chronic illness you have. The teaching elements; Seven Areas of Postive Change and Six Healthy Habits to Develop are written for anyone with a chronic illness. This is an interactive journal, so there is ample space to write down your own ideas. You decide what to implement in your life, and you decide what will work and what won’t. At the end of the book, you will follow prompts to write your very own story!

“Change your outlook! This new interactive Journal addresses day-to-day fibromyalgia challenges, showing you how to fight flare-ups, effectively cope with chronic illness, and participate fully in your life again.”

 -Editor, CreateSpace

The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal

I hope that you learn to live with your chronic illness the best way you know how!

Live your best life!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim

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