Ok, the Quote Challenge is getting a little make-over. I was nominated by the incredible Susan at floweringink.

Three quotes, and nominate three people all in one post! The Q.3!

kelly-sikkema-391341-unsplash (1)

I have thought about all of the great quotes I’ve heard. Some I have written down and want to remember forever. The funny thing is, the quotes that I have rattling around in my brain came from three people that I love dearly, so here we go. These are my favorite quotes, from memory, that I will never have to look up.

“You can’t hold what you don’t have in your hand.” ~Mabel S. (My Grandma)

“Don’t borrow worry.” ~Ethel B. (My Grandma)

“It is time to do something, even if its wrong.” ~Carole S. (My Mom)


My Nominees:

Feel free to share some quotes that are your favorites from a book or some from memory! It is all up to you. Have fun!


I’m counting on you!


13 thoughts on “Q.3

Add yours

  1. Love your quotes! and you know how much I love good quotes! lol
    I’ll see what I can do….so many good quotes to choose from….hmmm.
    thank you for thinking of me. I often don’t do these because it’s so hard for me to pick people to challenge, but I’ll give it a go! xo Wen

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  2. Great quotes! Here are two of my faves:

    It’s just another fucking growth opportunity. – Arie Taylor, my godmother.
    Be grateful for luck, pay the thunder no mind, listen to the birds, and don’t hate nobody. = Eubie White.

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