Mind Field Monday

Evanescence is one of my all-time favorite groups.

On this Monday, this is definitely a … dedication song

(The hubby and I are fine, this is not his song!)


“I pulled away to face the pain, and I can’t go back the way I came.”



18 thoughts on “Mind Field Monday

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  1. You just get more awesome with every post, Kim! Unrelated….VV is finally posting more poems, but I am still not seeing yours. Have I missed it? Will you have a look for me please? I often miss things that are right there. xoxo

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      1. I am still going to write a post about you; I started it when we first started chatting about it. If your VV poem doesn’t get posted, you can send it to me (if you want). I really want to post the poem you lead me to; it is so beautiful. Is that still ok with you?

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      2. Thank you!!!!! I did post it. My next post is all about you!!! I hope you know how much I admire you, Kim!!! A friend of mine is Scotland should be buying your book and checking out your blog. I told her all about you and how much you have helped so many. I hope you are having a good day!!! I am still catching up on Salem.

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  2. I used to really like Evanescence years ago, but haven’t listened to them hardly at all in the last 15 years so thanks for the blast from the past, definitely need to do some re-listening. I remember doing my GCSE dance solo exam to an Evanescence piece (sadly got no extra points for picking a good track while everyone else had naff pop music!) x

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