12 Steps to Experiencing the Joy of an Ordinary Day!

After reading a fabulous post by Dr. Andrea Dinardo about enjoying an ordinary day, I thought, “when was the last time I enjoyed an ordinary day?” Not for over 20 years! Every single day I experience pain. Every single day I have to say “No” to things others wouldn’t think twice about. Every single day I strive for a ‘normalcy’ that I will never be able to obtain due to living with a chronic disease.

Now, I’ve never been a quitter so I will tell you about achieving my first ‘mindful,’ ordinary day.

First I must outline how I prepare and schedule my day so I can enjoy ordinary things in my day. I can think of 12 steps that I must complete, things I do on a daily basis to ensure I am as fibro healthy as I can be. You may want to try some of these too?

  1. Stretch in the mornings as you wake up then get out of bed.
  2. Eat your breakfast
  3. Get dressed (put on a bit of makeup if you use it).
  4. Check your social media.
  5. Do something that meets your activity level needs and walk (consider rescuing a dog or two, then you will have to walk them.)
  6. Eat a healthy lunch.
  7. Clean one room.
  8. Work on a craft or read a part of a novel.
  9. Connect with a friend or family member by telephone, mail, or text. (Optional, but it is right for your soul!)
  10. Prepare dinner, and eat.
  11. Find time to watch a tv show.
  12.  Soak in a bath to relax and start readying yourself for bed.

These tasks help me mentally and physically. When I am accomplishing these tasks as my day goes on, I remembered to look for the ordinary joys of the day.

Here are a few beautiful, ordinary things I observed during my day:

  • I saw a cardinal attracted to the grapevine in my backyard.
  • Dora and Dezzie are playing, run full speed at each other and see who turns first in the backyard. (I believe that is a game called chicken?) And they love to play tug of war.
  • My flowers are blooming!
  • I walked to our local neighborhood farmer’s market. Dora and Dezzie are in tow as Dezzie tries to behave but she can only remain composed until she sees a squirrel. All bets are off but I get her back under control. (She is a little naughty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.)
  • I can smell the fresh cut grass.
  • I sat on my front porch and read a book.
  • We had dinner on the patio in the back of the house, it was a beautiful evening.


I had a wonderful, ordinary day! And I am looking forward to the next one!

Live your best life!


36 thoughts on “12 Steps to Experiencing the Joy of an Ordinary Day!

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  1. I like ordinary days. It’s about time someone spoke in their favour. On the ‘observation’ front there are times when I hit overload but even that sometimes gives me a potential lyric.

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  2. I had a bit of a rough night, but I found a comfort in your words and pictures. I took a breath, relaxed a bit more, and smiled. Thank you for this beautiful post. I loved your ordinary day. ❤️ Jo

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  3. As always, this was a fantastic post Kim! I really love ordinary days as I am a pretty ordinary and what some call boring person. Your post actually gave me something to smile about. I am kind of having a bad day that started last night. Pain and spasms are not joke and pretty evil if you ask me. You have a special way to add positive light to life and I love it!

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    1. I found the most incredible thing, probably the last person in the world to actually try this. Lately, I have been taking many Epsom salt baths to fight pain… boring… but they work. So I went to bath and body works because I love their stuff and I got a few bath bombs. (on sale 3 for $6.) What an experience! I still put the Epsom salts in the bath but then I throw in a bath bomb and it fizzes and makes the water smell heavenly! Genuine delight over this, I amy have to order bulk! Feel better. xo

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      1. Thank you! Honestly, I have never tried Epsom even though I have heard it is helpful! I do love bath and body works. They email every day and yet I do not buy anything:(. One of my cats has asthma so strong fragrances are bad for him. I am going to have to buy some Epsom and some light fragrances from bath and body. My pain is SO high right now I could not go to work. I was up until about 3am suffering until we finally put ice packs on my feet. I hope you have a great day!

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        1. Alyssa! I am so sorry. Definitely get the Epsom salt. If you are too sore to get into the bath, soak your feet in the salt. Also, get some Salon Paus. Medicated and relieves pain, and rub Vick’s on your feet, cover with socks. Have you tried weighted blankets? Sounds awful to put weight on your body but it is not. They are very helpful! I have a gal that I buy from if you need a link. Try to drink something with electrolytes in it and consider Omni Blue magnesium. Sorry I’m preaching but you never know what will work? Wish I could be your neighbor for a week, I’d help best I could. Worried about you!

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          1. This is actually great and helpful information! My mother has told me about Vicks before, but I thought she was crazy. If you don’t mind sharing the link, I will definitely look into it! The weight actually sounds great! You are so helpful and I really do appreciate all you share. You are truly an amazing person ♡. I wish you could be my permanent neighbor, you would be the best! Oh goodness I feel bad making you worry. This will get better someday . Thank you so much for your concern ♡♡

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  4. I think that remembering to incorporate some of those healthy steps to each day, like stretching, reading/crafting, some level of activity, a healthy meal etc can really give you some structure and balance to better enjoy those smaller things when you’re not quite as worn down. I love the smell of freshly cut grass & to see flowers starting to bloom, but so many of these simple joys can go unnoticed when exhausted, in pain, anxiety out the roof, etc. It makes such a difference to notice them though, to appreciate these every day ordinary yet wonderful things. Lovely post, Kim! 🙂

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    1. It is such a disappointment some days, you have a good day, and the next you flare, not being able to do the simplest task. But remembering ‘this flare is temporary’ and just riding it out does help. It is a motivation killer tho- But remembering to look for the ordinary joy turns into the extraordinary when you’ve just come out of a flare!

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  5. “Now, I’ve never been a quitter so I will tell you about achieving my first ‘mindful,’ ordinary day.” You continue to inspire and amaze me in every way Kim! I love your spunk! In your writing and in your personality. Keep sharing! And connecting. You move us all to a higher place. 🌟💫

    My sister also has a chronic disease originating from an aneurism at age 19. She fights every day to keep her mental and physical health above water. Losing her job, her marriage, her home, and many friends along the way. Many of my blog posts, including https://drandreadinardo.com/2018/05/08/ordinary-joys/ are love letters to her. She is my hero. ♥️

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