Trust Me, Eat the Monkey.

I had a friend tell me that she used to trust anyone that could write a prescription. So did I. Trust. That is a big word. Those five little letters in a row can be life-altering. Do you trust me? Do I trust you? Trust is a knife wrapped with a bow. A gift that can cut you and make you bleed.

In life there are buyers and there are sellers. You have to be willing to purchase what they are selling in order for that seller to continue selling. Does this make sense? The rule of supply and demand. We all have something to sell and we all have something to buy, that is what motivates us. The bottom line is do you trust the process, the person, the outcome?

Let’s cut the through the B.S. 

I want to get well. I want the doctor to cure me! Why? Because I want to be healthy, return to the career that I love and make money so I can buy stuff that I want to buy. I busted my butt getting a college diploma and I haven’t gotten my fill of the working world! I’m sick and tired of being a “patient”. I’m sick of being the “buyer” of those things deemed necessary by a seller. Like medications, therapies, yoga mats, TENs units, and etcetera. I want to be a seller for a change! I want to sell my services and get a big fat paycheck for the work I can be trusted to do! The work I was trained and educated to do.

What am I willing to do to become a seller? At one point, I was willing to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! If I was told to eat a monkey, I’d eat a damn monkey! I trusted the people who were telling me to eat the monkey and I ate! Guess what? It didn’t work. I am not cured. Broken trust? Not yet. Not for me! I went back, bleeding with hands held open for another helping.

And I kept going back, after all, these people had prescription pads…

Eventually, trust was slowly and sadly removed from my vocabulary. Trust must now be earned. I don’t care if you can write a prescription or have several initials after your name. I do not care at all! You have to earn my trust. I’m not buying blindly anymore. I will listen and take your advice into consideration, but my purchasing power remains steadfastly with me.

I can read, I can research, I can weigh out options and make a list of pros and cons… I am smart. I am the buyer at this point in my life and I am well aware of the target that places squarely on my back. Within these confines, I need to do my due diligence! That isn’t just a good idea, it is imperative to my goal of getting as healthy as I can possibly be and living a good life.

You are smart, you can read, research and do your due diligence! Don’t blindly buy what the seller has to offer, it might be just a monkey.

Live Your Best Life!

(Trust Me, Eat the Monkey! via I Tripped Over a Stone.)


36 thoughts on “Trust Me, Eat the Monkey.

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      1. oh my goodness yes…………i know i am going to sound rude but my medical doctors that deal with chronic illnesses can’t think outside the box and are idiots. not only have i been a patient but i worked in many medical facilities before my chronic illness took over. the good ones are an exception to the rule.

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  1. I think we all go through something similar. We are so desperate for improvement that we’ll eat, drink, swallow anything or have needles shoved everywhere dispensing of remove fluids of some kind. Afterwards the blind faith turns a critical eye, and we become a lot more selective about what we do. Some people I know ultimately say “fuck it”, do (or not do) what they think is best, and let the chips fall where they may

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    1. I agree, Steve, we are so damn desperate for a ‘cure’ and we are fed false information that if you do A, B, and C… for long enough, for an exorbitant amount of money, you will beat your disease! And, no, we can’t just say “fuck it” and let the chips fall because that is no way to live a good life with your disease. It is obtainable. It is frustrating but it can be done. We just have to be smart consumers. AND> We have to be smart when we are most vulnerable… many times we just aren’t mentally able. I understand those who just give up! But now, I can help some to not give up. As you do, Steve. We just have to get smarter and more resourceful. I hope!!! ~Kim

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  2. Fantastic post Kim! I sometimes wonder what is wrong with these doctors that fail to think outside the box and listen to what their patients are telling them! They get paid way too much money and often fail to care!

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  3. Fucking Brilliant, Kim!!!! We don’t have to buy into the God Complexes that come with so many able to write Rx’s. We are taught not to trust what we know about our own bodies, to trust others opinions blindly. No more. Good on ya, Beautiful Lady!!!!!!

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  4. Mrs C learned this lesson last week, and it nearly killed her (or so she thought). A bad prescription for a questionable medication had the opposite effect it was supposed to have, and it’s taken nearly a week to recover. This was AFTER she asked if it would do what it did and was told that it won’t (or “shouldn’t”). Don’t take what they’re pushing, they’re paid well to push it. Research, learn, think, like you say. Thank you, Kim, this was more timely than you know!

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  5. I’m on that doctor visit merry go round and hate it. Primary care doc, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, vascular surgeon, neurologist and neurosurgeon. My golden years are rusting. Oh, and thank you for the follow. ☺

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