Nothing More.

I am a blogger. A simple blogger that happens to have fibromyalgia and a few of its cronies. I blog about chronic illnesses, mostly fibromyalgia. Sometimes a few additional “surprise!” pieces come together and grace this blog. But. I am a blogger. I just want to blog. I have things to say. I have “opinions.”

I run a Facebook support group. A group of women who have come together to question, answer and share about anything really. If you have an issue, we will do our best to help. Other strange things that come up are discussed. Basically, nothing is off topic. It reminds me of a quilting bee, each member presents a handmade square, and when we start sewing these beautiful squares together, we have a magically woven quilt of beautiful stories and tales. We are a part of something! I am an admin of a wonderful group of women who make my day, every day.

I also run a page on Facebook. I repost my blogs on that page as some find it too difficult to find my blog on WordPress. There is nothing wrong with that. Who isn’t tech savvy? Me. (I surprise myself most days!) If I can make someone’s day easier by merely posting my blog in two formats, then that is what I will do. I run a facebook page for my blog posts. That is all.

It got crazy for me a bit. I said “yes” when I should’ve said “no.” I signed up when I should’ve hit delete! No one’s fault but my own… my responsibility to make things right again… I have and I did.

I am a blogger, nothing more.



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  1. And a wonderful job you do, Kim. Recognising and doing something about it when things get a bit crazy, when you need to break and take a breather, are important so I’m glad you’ve been able to do that. You rock, Kim. ♥
    Caz xx

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  2. ok ok, if you want to call yourself “JUST A BLOGGER”, it’s easier to say than ” I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, an animal owner, and author, and a dear friend”, just don’t stop being you!

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  3. Kim ~ you are so much more than “just a blogger”, but I do understand the context of doing too much. What I think is you are a great inspiration to many people and this blog is yet another example of how to live our best lives and truly take care of ourselves. I personally continue to struggle with that fine line of my mind saying, “yes of course I can do that” and my heart saying, “oh I really would love to do that” and my body saying, “are you crazy?!” LOL. Part of being human is falling down and getting back up and your blog helps me to do that every day. Thank you so much for being “just a blogger”!
    ~ Tamara
    Just a blog reader

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  4. When I was in DC, Nurse N said the DC people are always asking, “What do you do?” and start scanning the room before she opens her mouth, in case they find someone of higher status to move onto. Those people are not the people reading your blog. Your readers know what you do. You share who you are.

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  5. You my dear are WAY MORE than just a blogger. You are an inspiration to SO many people, including myself! I enjoy your blogs because you are amazing and so incredibly encouraging!!!!! Your heart is so full of love and compassion and I just could not admire you more!!!!

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  6. You’re a delight and I’m so glad you’ve chosen to share a part of yourself here. I saw you got an iron infusion…wondering if that’s something you regularly do and how they work out for you? If that’s too personal please feel free to ignore. 😊 The doctor wanted me to get one but I’ve decided to try liquid iron first. Hoping all is well as can be and today finds you smiling.🌸

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    1. I love my tribe! Yes, I do get iron infusions. I just left 2 links in the comment section of your IV blog post. If you have more questions I am an open book! I cannot maintain my ferritin levels, that is the protein that carries the iron. I don’t have enough ‘assistants’ to carry my shopping bags! That’s how I look at it, anyway! Ha! I will be tested every 6 months and have my ferritin levels checked and if needed I will get an iron infusion. It is outpatient, takes about 15 minutes from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. And you feel better almost instantly. I have pancreas issues so I need a full three days of rest after an infusion, this is hard because I feel good but I am exhausted so it works out. Again any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!!!

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      1. Thank you! Have you been tested for the MTHFR gene mutation? I have that and my body doesn’t process things like others so I get crazy reactions to seemingly everything. I want to feel good, obviously, but side effects end me up in ER with them scratching their heads so I’ve learned to just not take things a big dose at a time.😬

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  7. You titled this Nothing More and call yourself “just a Blogger” but you are so much more! It’s easy to take on too much without even realizing what we’re doing sometimes. Taking stock and recognizing what you need to do for you is so important, and I’m glad you were able to do that. Blog on, sweet friend!

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