Fire! Try Again…

I have been posting some pretty serious stuff lately, so I wanted to post something ‘light-hearted.’ I want to talk about the difference in basic hotel safety rules in the United States to those in Mexico.

The hubby and I have traveled to Mexico on five different occasions. We love their culture! The colors are bright and beautiful, the language sings, the food is delicious, the tequila is grand. The people of Mexico are so funny and engaging. We have enjoyed our stay each and every time!



Who reads the fire evacuation route on the back of the door when you check into a hotel? I do! My brother was in a hotel fire, he’s fine, his luggage was not. Ever since then I have always checked the evacuation route in any hotel I stay in.

In the States, you are told to get the hell out of the room as quickly as possible and evacuate the hotel! Leave everything behind … in Mexico, not so much!

First, you are to locate the fire! Then you should find a fire extinguisher and attempt to extinguish the flames. If that doesn’t put the fire out, you are encouraged to try again! For the betterment of all those staying at the hotel, try a third time before gathering your personal items and leaving the scene of the fire to evacuate!

Try again has become our travel battle cry!

(After all, third time is a charm!)

fullsizeoutput_3ea~Cartier in Cozumel

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  1. I wondered if I was the only one that did this, their (Mexico) method does sound a bit better than ours in America. Or at best while leaving you should be knocking on doors and yelling to make others aware. These days I wonder if People are so wrapped up in their own lives that they are not considerate of others. Although I do know many that still have hearts of gold. Thank you for sharing

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    1. Safety first! I want to know how to get out! Plus you get to snoop around a bit! Ha! It comes down to what you have experienced I guess, I never checked before my brother was in a hotel fire. I think many people still have hearts of gold. And then there are those that do not and like lawsuits, if you know what I mean. I like the fire evacuation protocol in Mexico. 🙂

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  2. Love the photo collage! Crikey, I’m sorry about your brother being in a hotel fire, well, his luggage anyway. Interesting about the differences in protocol. So, in Mexico they want you to try, try and try again because you can totally put that fire out with enough attempts, whereas in America you just get the hell out of dodge. I’m not sure what it is in the UK. ‘Have a go if you can be bothered, if not, move in an orderly line out of the building and moan about the inconvenience.’ xx

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