After I Tripped; The Physical Therapist (Friday Series #3)

“Are you the car accident?” 

Holy hell! She did not just say that to me!

I had been waiting for twenty minutes as the physical therapist, I had an appointment to see, chatted happily with three other therapists in the gym. No other people, just those three. A few bewildered ‘patients’ finally wandered in and took their places on the various machines. “Ms. J” finally gives me the time of day and announces, to the whole room, I am the car accident.

“No,” I answered firmly and loudly.  “I am not THE car accident. My name is Kim, and I was IN a car accident.”

Two can play this game, sister. I was led into an exam room. She asked me to turn my head to the left and then right. I did. But I couldn’t get my head to go very far to the right and felt nauseous.

Ms. J: “You have a concussion!”

Me: “Well, yes.”

“I can’t work with you.”

“Ahhh … What?

“You will have to come back when you are over the concussion.”

(Screw that! I had to get back to work in one week, we do this now!)

“I’ll find a different therapist, I don’t think I can work with you … ever.”

“Fine! I will let your doctor know what you just said to me.”

“Don’t bother, I am on my way to her office.”

(Peace out, bitch.)

I returned to my clinic. I didn’t have an appointment but I asked at the desk if I could see the doctor briefly. My doctor came out to the waiting room and said she heard what had happened. I was furious and embarrassed. I was in so much damn pain! She took me back to the exam room. She told me not to worry, to calm down. She put me in a neck brace, the one I had refused; the big white ugly neck brace. I felt some of the pain go quiet! She wanted me to go to a warm water pool class with a lady named Avril over the weekend and see if I got any relief. (She knew her.) And then to massage therapy the following week with a man named Paul. (She and her husband were clients of Paul.) She would confirm my attendance with both. I thanked her and headed home to lick my wounds.

Then the most magical thing happened…

(To be continued.)


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31 thoughts on “After I Tripped; The Physical Therapist (Friday Series #3)

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  1. In so many things, coming upon the right person (whether by happenstance or persistence) in a particular situation can make an enormous difference in one’s future. Life is hard enough without having to deal with a-holes!

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    1. Thank you! You are spot on! I don’t get why so many of these a-holes are in helping professions??? Maddening! I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences as your daughter continues battling ME, a very difficult, serious, debilitating chronic illness.

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  2. Grrr 😠the nerve of that therapist! I believe when health ‘professionals’ behave like that, they are in the job for all the wrong reasons. Good for you, for standing up for yourself! It sounds like your doctor genuinely cared about your well being.

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    1. I couldn’t believe it. I was sooo mad! Some moxie, huh? Who did she think she was? So we parted ways and yes, my doctor apologised to me profusely. I believe shared her concern with her fellow physicians! That PT was way out of line! So I did take offense and stood up for myself. I agree with you, definitely “all the wrong reasons.” ~k.

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        1. Damn, drop the mic! HAHAHA. What was I thinking??? Yes, I never talk back like that unless I am in PAIN. She didn’t even get my worst. (Peace out, bitch!) She was soooo incredibly high on herself, it was suppose to be a gift to be in her presence! No bueno.

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  3. Wow, that’s unbelievable! She had some nerve, calling herself a professional. I’m glad you set her straight. I’m also glad that most Physical Therapists are professional, helpful people who really care about their patients. I’m really happy you didn’t put up with her shenanigans Kim!

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    1. And yes! I had 3 other physical therapists since this lady and all were absolutely wonderful! Very caring and very good at their craft! I think it’s difficult to get a lousy physical therapist! So, I was shocked. We often have to search for the correct fit with our caregivers. I would find my fit soon enough. Thanks, Terri!😊

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  4. Wow! I would have reported her to her supervisor! When people are in pain, having to deal with that extra kind of b.s. makes everything worse! And if they’re going to do that to me or a loved one, then I will make sure that their boss gets to hear about it. Usually, bosses don’t like to hear stuff that causes them to lose business and get a bad reputation, so they then make sure the employee gets reprimanded–at the very least! You were entirely too nice to that bitch!
    Anyway, I’m so sorry to hear you’re so beat up from the wreck! And your poor car, too! Gentle hugs and healing to you! I wish you a speedy recovery! Mona

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    1. Thanks Mona! This is right after my car accident in 1998. So I am doing a little series about that, a walk down memory lane. The funny thing is, it was HER office! But my doctor was thinking she was a bit shady and at least she let her colleagues know not to refer to this woman! Thank you for your comment! And I agree, these people have to be reported!


    1. Naw, you’ll like the next part. It gets easier and … OK, some future posts will be tough… The memory, yes, recall. I had to go back and get all of my medical records. I couldn’t remember hardly ANYTHING. But I was writing my book and needed to remember. I also used a type of hypnosis, I couldn’t remember the accident itself and had PTSD so bad, eventually, my therapist recommended it and we did it. I’m not sure it was really beneficial? I had to work through a bunch of memories. I think the brain tries to protect us. I wouldn’t recommend it, getting in a car accident or the hypnosis! It was a mind f*ck. Emotionally devastating. So I remember a lot now… xo!

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  5. This PT is a total Asshole. This makes me crazy. Why do people like this get into healthcare. PT’s seem to be particularly bad, in my experience anyway. I am so glad something magical is coming up. Can’t wait to read about it!

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    1. You know, this PT was definitley in it for the wrong reasons. I had two excellent PT’s that I worked for etended periods of time with, one after the other. It was a great experience. But this gal was my FIRST visit to a PT after my car accident. She really messed with my head! I was fearful of physical therapists because of one ignorant PT’s attitude. I got over it and met two incredible PTs. Man, mskes me mad just remembering that incident! Thanks always for your support, Susan! xo~k.

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  6. I’m glad to hear you stood up for yourself. Sometime I fear we are afraid to because they may be the only doctor or specialist nearby, but no one should be treated like that. I really do have to wonder how some people end up in their professions. Maybe next week I will write the blog about telling the nurse to step outside. I thought I was fierce as a patient….do NOT fuck with my family!

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