What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #3)

I have so enjoyed reading all of your answers from past posts. Let’s keep going.


I blog. I get sick of writing about me! I want to get to know you! I have three questions.

Don’t think, just answer!


  1. Do you read one book at a time or multiple books?
  2. What book or books are you currently reading?
  3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?


Have fun!

img_0325 (2)~Kim

My answers:

  1. Multiple.
  2. How To Be Sick, The Happy Journal, The Rules of Magic
  3. Land of the Lost. (I didn’t like regular cartoons, they freaked me out.)

43 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #3)

Add yours

            1. A former Greek Minister of Finance, but basically an economist and a lecturer all over Europe and the States. I loved ‘Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism.’
              He’s excellent. A real rock star.

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  1. Hello, 🙂
    I used to read a couple of books at a time, now I read one at a time. I just finished reading Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen by, Mary Norris (copy editor for the New Yorker). It was a terrific read and funny. I’m about to start Breaking/_and entering l the story of a hacker called “alien”. (That is exactly how the title is laid out).

    I loved and still, love Bugs Bunny and Road Runner.

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    1. There are times when I get so sucked into a good book, that is all I can concentrate on! I get it! These books you mentioned sound super interesting! Bugs and the Coyote! Never dull. Thanks so much for sharing! Come on back, more questions every Sunday, this really is my favorite thing. Learning fun things about you! 🙂 ~k.

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  2. 1. Do you read one book at a time or multiple books? Just one, my brain can’t cope with remembering the premise of one let alone two. The exception is that I can have a non-fiction book (like a motivation or self-help style one) going concurrently.
    2. What book or books are you currently reading? Earlier today I was hiding under a mountain of blankets reading The Twenty-Three by Linwood Barclay (American Crime Thriller, my favourite genre!)
    3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Oddly enough, I didn’t have a favourite as a child. I did watch a lot of cartoons though, like Rugrats. It’s only when I got older and into my 20s that I developed favourites, like Snoopy! And Hello Kitty, but I’m not sure that counts. Maybe I’m regressing.

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      1. In my defence, I don’t watch cartoons now. I don’t watch Peanuts on an afternoon with my cuppa tea. I just appreciate the characters. Still regressing, but at a slower rate. If I live to 60, then I’ll be watching them!

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  3. 1. often multiple sometimes just 1
    2. the Dorthy Must Die prequel, and one of the Disc World novels, I can’t remember the name of it.
    3. Woody Woodpecker, I loved his laugh. or maybe the Flintstones I loved Yaba Daba Doooooo I’m still a cartoon freak. I like so many it’s hard to pick!

    I love How to Be Sick! It is my go to book, I read on it all the time…so I guess I could have listed it.
    She is actually the one who got me understanding how to use mindfulness with my illness. Well, I try.

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      1. If you arent a cartoon fan you may not know Yaba Daba Doo is what Fred Flinstone said when he was happy.
        I hope you like the book and it’s helpful. Just the way she thinks. I think I need to reread some, since the relapse I’ve relapsed in dealing with things. 💕

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  4. 1. Way too many books and comics in one go. I finish only one of them after a few months or even more than a year! Many fall by the wayside and end up stacked horizontally in front of others in what the Japanese allegedly call a tsonduko (a pile of books not yet read)

    2. I’m currently reading Jordan B Peterson’s ‘12 Rules for Life’; Robert A Glover’s ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ and a few comics from the new Sandman collection, based on the intricate and rich world created by Neil Gaiman.
    3. My favourite cartoon as a child was Shazam. Two halves of a ring had to be put together to create magic powers. I also loved The Wacky Races.

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    1. I have one of those piles of books! Thanks for letting me know the name, tsonduko. I will now be able to explain to the hubby what that pile is and why I have it. I do remember Shazam, especially when the two halves were put together, “Sha-Zam!” Very exciting. 😉

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