What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #4)

I have so enjoyed reading all of your answers from past posts. Let’s keep going.


I blog. I get sick of writing about me! I want to get to know you! I have three questions.

Don’t think, just answer!


  1. What is your favorite type of pen?
  2. Do you have a nickname?
  3. What outfit (as a child) were obsessed with?


img_0325 (2)

  1. Zebra pen #7.
  2. Yes. “Emma,” and “Lita.” 
  3. My cowboy boots and my red pants with white poppies on them! Obsessed!!! (Any top would do, a pink one was a bonus!)

50 thoughts on “What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #4)

Add yours

    1. Oh, no! It was horrible… well, I wore that everyday! My mom had to hide the pants so she could wash them! I asked my mom why she allowed me to dress that way. She said, “at least you were dressed!” 😂🤣😂 what about you, Sadje? Did you have a favorite outfit?

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      1. What can I say! My memory is so shot due to my thyroid disease that I don’t remember much details about my childhood. Besides I lost my mom at the age of six, so I don’t think if I had made any unreasonable requests, they were pandered to. 😊

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        1. Oh! Sorry to hear of your loss. Only six. Cannot even comprehend how sad that would be… can not imagine. So sorry. Memory. I do not know enough about thyroid disease! I have some learning to do. I have a period of about two years where I don’t remember a single day. I can empathize with memory loss. 💜

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          1. It is tough sometimes when you draw a blank, when people are talking about an event in the past. But now I am fine with whatever life has given me. I am grateful for the love I got from my father, who filled the role of a mother as well.

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  1. I love this! Okay, well my favorite type of pen is the one that writes really smooth. You know, those pens people let you borrow and you consider not giving them back? 🙂 My nickname as a child was either Pumpkin (because I’m born close to Halloween) or Tori. As for my favorite outfit as a child, it was probably something gaudy 😉 Or a mismatch of my mom & grandma’s clothes as I played dress up.

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  2. I love fountain pens. My writing is horrid with them but I still love them.
    Depends on who you ask. I had several in the family . Miss Mary, Monkey, Malcom, Peaches. Others Sparky, M,and Mel.
    My favorite outfit in junior high was a white long sleeved shirt with a pair of red brushed denim hip hugger bell bottom jeans

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  3. I love your questions!
    1. Uniball Vision Roller in purple.
    2. My dad calls me ‘Sugarplum’.
    3. Roadrunner jeans but I couldn’t afford them. Then I found a pair a couple of years in a thrift shop for 10 bucks:-)

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  4. 1. The G2 Limited Gel Roller with metal barrel. I have 4 of them at all times (2 at work, 2 at home). My favorites are the blue and the gold ones (natch).

    2. Folks at “church” call me Pastor Tom. Even when I don’t buy the beer.

    3. I don’t think I had anything of that nature. I had the “Members Only” jacket in high school I always wore, but before that? I think I pretty much always had a Star Wars shirt on (I owned, like, 15 of them).

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  5. 1. Any pen that glides smoothly across my paper
    2. I have many, but the most popular are Mommy and Cupcake
    3. Oh dear…I loved my stirrup pants and my saddle shoes lol. I also had a pair of Minnie Mouse socks I didn’t want to take off.

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  6. I love your Sunday questions. It is a wonderful way to get to know others!
    My favorite pen is Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel (I love gel pens!)
    I use to have a nickname, but not so much anymore. It use to be Tinkerbell
    I honestly do not remember my favorite outfit as a child. I have done my best to forget my childhood, it wasn’t the best.

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      1. 1. Those pens with different colors
        2. Blondie or Goldie
        3. Cant recall any outfit obsession back in the day, though nowadays a lot of my Choi es are purple or 70s style clothes. 🙂

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