Is There a Doctor in the House?

I have been with my doctor for 16 years. Sally is an internal medicine doctor. She is the best doctor I have ever had. (And I have had my share!) All I have to do is drop her name when I am speaking to other doctors and a look a fear crosses their face. I love that look! I admit it!

Last Thursday I received a ‘Dear John’ letter from her office; from her personal nurse. My doctor is quitting! She’ll be done in two weeks. It was a very informal letter, sent to all of her patients. But I took it a bit personally. Sixteen years, Sally! Does that mean nothing?!?! We had something special! Didn’t we?

After I calmed down, no that’s a lie, I am still freaked out! I did respond to the email, thanking her for being a top doctor, wishing her well, and thanking her for saving my life, quite literally. Then I asked her for a damn referral! Where am I even to start searching for a new doctor??? What about me?!?!

I can’t quit my disease. I can’t quit my medical care, my meds, my flares. I have to keep going! She’s about my age, why is she quitting? IS she quitting? Did she get – gulp – fired?!?! I need more information. I need more than a ‘Dear John’ letter.

She will be back in the office tomorrow, I hope to hear something from her this week…

I will need to find a new doctor soon. Very soon, damn it!


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  1. I know the feeling, because for years my daughter tried to, and finally did, find a good doctor who is empathetic and ‘human’, and she would be devastated to lose him.

    As do others, I wish you good luck. 🙂

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  2. Just a thought, but my neurologist gave me the new clinic she would be working at. I traveled hours to see her, but if was worth it. Ask some questions Kim! Tell her you would like to follow her and ask when no other staff is around. Give her permission to call your personal cell number and ask her to do so. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best honey!
    ~ Tamara

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  3. Kim, this sucks. I am so sorry. Hopefully she will be able to find you someone who she knows and who will be a good fit for you. I once had to leave my specialist because of stupid insurance crap, but thankfully he referred me to another really wonderful doctor. I want to know more about this sudden departure of your doctor…please keep us updated.

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    1. Thanks, Susan. Yes, I need more answers so will keep you posted. I’m hoping for some kind of contact this week. Otherwise I’ll call her cell. I have her number and she has mine. I don’t like to do that except for real emergencies so I need to see if she responds to my email, first. It’s so hard to find doctors who can handle complicated cases anymore! Frustrating.💜

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  4. Oh man Kim that sucks, that really sucks.
    I hope you get more answers and it’s that she is changing practices and you can follow.
    It’s hard to find doctors who can jump into a case and continue to treat it, they want to start over and that means decreasing our care until they decide it needs to be increased. or in my case, send me to every specialist under the sun because she doesn’t understand anything and doesn’t seem to trust past doctors or something. Most of that has been fine, but sending me to a GI doctor because I take Prevacid every day because my old GI doctor said I should is crazy. Get my records. I had a scope last April. sorry I’m venting on your post. I’m just tired. so tired of doctors. I don’t want you to get in the boat with me. If you end up having to get a new doctor, may it be the best doctor ever!

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    1. Vent away! I agree with everything you said. Well… “maybe you need a stress test…” That was the latest suggestion by a doctor who saw me for a follow up visit after I had pneumonia. Seriously? Your stress test will put me right back in the damn hospital. I am stressed! I admit it! I take medicine for it, read the dang file! I hear you Wen and I know exactly what you are talking about. God forbid we mention OUR reasons as to why we need or don’t need medical attention… let alone uneccessary testing! Awe. Damn. It’s gonna be a long road for me as I try to find a new doc. Hopefully she will refer me to a doc she can discuss my background with. If she is just changing practices, I will follow her… Drive time is of no importance!


  5. Oh dear Kim, I am so sorry your doctor is leaving. I do know just how hard this is as my favorite doctor when I was first diagnosed with MS retired. It was heartbreaking, but I know you will find another doctor that will treat you right. I think after 16 years with this doctor, she will be happy to refer you to one that she trusts and you can still drop her name when needed!!!

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          1. Absolutely! Kim, I do sincerely appreciate you and what you do with your amazing blog. You really are a remarkable person and I know anyone that isn’t aware of your site, will be beyond happy to read what you share.
            On a slight side note, I am thinking more and more about writing the book I have dreamed to write for SO long! I figured now is as good of a time as ever considering I am not working yet. Do you by chance have any advice?

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            1. I replied to your comment on Wendy’s comments! Oh man. My advice is to do an outline, any kind of rough outline and start writing. Don’t worry about spelling or sentence structure… just start writing. All the rest will come later.

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  6. Oh my gosh, I would be in such a panic. It’s not easy for anyone to have to find a new doctor, but when you have fibro and it’s lovely accomplices, it’s scary to find someone new. Do they believe fibro is real? Do they understand it? Are they empathetic and so many more variables. Wishing you the best of luck in finding a new physician! Big hugs to you!

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