It’s ‘Come to Jesus’ Time! (No Bullshit.)

Do you know what ‘come to Jesus’ time is? It’s truth time! I’m sure you’ve had many of these types of discussions with your parents, children, spouses, etc…tell the truth and no bullshit allowed, no excuses. So here I go…

I’ve been in a mediocre flare for the last week. Just enough pain to put me in bed for a few hours a day. No fibro fog with this flare. Kinda makes it difficult as you are a-w-a-r-e of everything going on around you but you can’t participate. So… I am extremely agitated and trigger happy. DON’T FLINCH BECAUSE I WILL SHOOT! (Sorry for yelling.)

My doctor is quitting, she still hasn’t contacted me, and I’m thinking she won’t. My dogs need baths and haircuts, but it is 20 below zero daily! That’s not happening. What the hell happened to global warming? My husband and I had the “talk.” No. Not that one, the other one about money. The tricky part is to remember it’s just math, and numbers are black and white.

I thought it would be a good idea to refuse to pay my medical expenses for a nightmare hospital stay I experienced in September 2018. Last week a bill collector finally called, so I blocked the number (like that’ll fix the problem) and sent in a small payment. A VERY SMALL PAYMENT! (Sorry I yelled, again.) I have concluded this was not a good idea. I suggest you don’t follow my lead…

Then, the creme de la creme, I posted this on FaceBook:


I figured if I wrote it by ‘Furiously Fed Up’ no one would know I was the one who wrote it. Brilliant! Yeah, that didn’t work. I believe it was my mom who first commented with “got it.” And then the commenters followed with concern. My bestie even called to make sure I was OK. I don’t recommend posting anything on Facebook when you are two days into pain killers. (Note to self!)

In the end, I know my flare will end. I will find a new doctor. I won’t shoot anyone. Talking about money is not a bad thing. I will end up paying the stupid medical bills. Most importantly, I was having a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and I meant every word by Furiously Fed Up!!!

Is it really only Tuesday?

Live your best life!



26 thoughts on “It’s ‘Come to Jesus’ Time! (No Bullshit.)

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        1. I know you’ve been struggling with something… having an emotionally tumultuous time. Sleep becomes a longed for escape! But there is none, no relief. There is a different energy surfacing. I have been so anxiety ridden. Some of it the norm because of fibro, some just because of life… but there is a physical shift of atmospheric energy happening right now. If you are interested, read the Cosmic Gypsy page on Facebook. She is scary good!!! I follow her page. And she is so damn cool! x.

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          1. I will.
            Yeah, damn life happening. If we could turn it off sometimes, or at least turn it down. At times like these I either sleep a lot, not wishing to leave the bed (not to face life) or lose sleep altogether (coz life gets in the way).
            It’s good for writing though. Not surprisinglu, I’ve been writing like crazy lately. It’s a sign I’m going crazy.

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            1. I’ll still love ‘crazy’ Bojana. At least you’re getting some benefit, writing… drama is key for the tortured artist! I wish you relief and clarity as you work through this. I’ll probably be up too. You can always message me! 😊💜

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  1. Aw your post made me sad, I want to give you a hug and tell you everything will be okay (whether we ever believe this ourselves or not it’s still important to remember that, as hard and sh*tty as things get, we will make it through). Having a doctor leave, one that’s actually half decent, is SUCH a pain in the ass. We need to vent these things sometimes, just don’t do anything that’ll get you arrested 😉

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  2. I absolutely love the Facebook post! Way to go! Furiously fed up wrote all the things I would love to tell certain people, but don’t have the “balls” to do so. Sending you big gentle hugs. Hope the flare ends soon. 💜

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  3. Kim, I had to comment, albeit super late, as I am just getting to some of my emails. This post seriously resonated with me and I too, get it!!! I’m hoping by now you’ve moved through some of the Flare and are feeling more like yourself. There is so much I want to tell you about this new “journey” I’ve been on but can’t seem to catch up with myself yet! My insides are screaming to reach out to you, so please – please forgive me when I finally slam into myself and catch up! Your messenger, email or whatever methods I have to reach you, may (read WILL) be full. I’ve almost gotten the balls to actually call a couple of times, but that just seems so awkward to me for some reason. I wish it didn’t, because I view you like the sister I never had. Anyway, hoping you even get to read this – I’m so technologically challenged I don’t know if you even will. I adore you lady. Never ever loose the faith that I am thinking about you daily, wondering how you are and wishing great things for you. You amaze and inspire me.
    Much love ~ Tamara

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    1. Well! Wow! I’m glad you are catching up. I’ll be ready for contact through any avenue you are most comfortable with. I want to hear everything! I will definitely try to be that sister for you, we are fibro warriors, why not. You are so kind, Tamara. I’m so glad you reached out to me! Love right back to you, my friend!💜


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