Let’s Make a Smash Book!

What is a smash book you ask? It is similar to scrapbooking without the rules. All those pictures you don’t know what to do with? Put them into a smash book. Letters, notes, pictures your kid colored for you, trinkets, the instruction sheet on how to use your voodoo doll … SMASH it all in this book!

Many of you remember my first attempt at a smash book. Everything from that box under the bed (I know you all have one) was smashed into this book and tied with a ribbon to keep it closed!


Now for the second smash book, I just completed. This one went fast! I kept it to just extra wedding photo memories and a few cards. I was prepared with supplies (tape, glue, stickers, colorful papers, glitter glue, etc.) and I have a convenient little paper cutter! So this is what I started with…


I purchased my original smash books from Amazon when they were having a massive sale. (I got three.) I just went back and looked at them, and they are a bit more expensive. You can use ANY scrapbook, art book, even a regular book! My mom found an old book with the title “Kim” and sent it to me. I will be doing some smashing with that book as well. Look on Pinterest for additional ideas. I have mad love for Pinterest!

And the final product looks like this!


It’s definitely my style. I like creating messy ‘look’ books! It fits my life perfectly. The best part is when you feel low, take out your smash book and remember what makes you happy!

Live your best life!


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