Versatile Blogger Award

Sadje from Keep it Alive has very kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you don’t follow Sadje’s blog, please check it out. She is an incredible blogger. Sadje is a wordsmith! Thank you for the award, it means much coming from you, a very versatile blogger!

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The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  1. If you are nominated, Congratulations you have been awarded the Versatile blogger award!
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog.
  3. Select 10 -15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Seven things about me:

  1. I have an invisible chronic illness, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, along with a few of its friends (coexisting conditions).
  2. I love to blog! I like to blog about different things; craft projects, poetry, life in general, but my main focus is Fibromyalgia Awareness. (I guess I am versatile!)
  3. I have a book published on Amazon. The ShadowBoxer’s, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal. It happens to be the first interactive journal about fibromyalgia ever published on Amazon! (I am really proud of that!)
  4. I am married to a man that I have known since birth. (He was 6 years old.) Our families were and still are close. We didn’t start dating until I was 38 and we married about ten months later.
  5. I have a second blog many people do not know about called Stone in the Road. This blog is also chronic illness focused, but it is a collection of posts from many bloggers on all different topics.
  6. One of my brothers, I have three, was adopted from Seoul Korea.
  7. I can (and did through college) drive a 92 passenger school bus. I was licensed, air breaks certified, and passenger endorsed!


Here are my incredible nominees!


I wish I could nominate even more bloggers! This award is for those of you who would like to participate. I believe all of you are extremely valuable versatile bloggers! I know I enjoy following your blogs!




Author: I tripped over a stone.

I am happily married to Jeff. We are full-time RVers. We have two Goldendoodles; Dora and Dezzie. I have had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have learned a few tricks to deal with it, but it is my stone in the road! I am a Fibromyalgia Advocate. I have co-authored a book, The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia (your personal journal.) It is available on Amazon and on my blog. I enjoy making Tribe Bracelets, also available now on my blog. Stone in the Road is another blog of mine where I post a collection of stories by bloggers that I follow.

54 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. That’s kind of you – not sure when I can get my head around this but will do my best. 7 thoughts has got my creative, random thoughts on a roll. Thanks again ~ George. P.S. is it relevant that people laugh when everyday I have a new ‘twinge’. Big toe; left foot yesterday; little finger, right hand today; once an entire body twinge, but that was in a French heatwave last summer – the list goes on! ~ George

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  2. I am so behind on everything and just now reading this! Thank you for including me, KIm! You are lovely and kind and good, as ever. I am not in the best space right now, so I may not participate, but please know that I am grateful you thought of me. Love! xoxo

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      1. I am going to follow your lead, B and untether a little. I love learning more about you and Kim and everyone else. I don’t know how much about me is a mystery, and I can’t remember what I have and haven’t revealed, but here goes.

        1. I have blue eyes
        2. My two favorite stories from childhood are The Sneetches and The Velveteen Rabbit
        3. I have never travelled outside North America, but I hope I will one day
        4. I am a triple taurus
        5. I grew up near the ocean but prefer the mountains and the woods
        6.I am just barely over 5’0 tall
        7. I once had a car named Ursula

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Yep!!!! A force to be reckoned with. I just recorded a poem called Stubborn Child. I actually hadn’t thought about naming my computer, but now you have me thinking!!! Are you a namer of things, B? How about you Kim?

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  3. 6 years old? 10 months later? School bus? Oh my….I love learning new things about you.

    Ok, can I do it here? I can, can’t I?

    1. I’m a Capricorn, the worst possible kind.
    2. I’ve lived in 3 countries and 5 cities.
    3. Met hub at an Italian language course. Thought he was boring as hell.
    4. Favorite plant – cactus.
    5. Love to travel. The most important thing in a city for me is its parks, rivers (if any) and museums/galleries.
    6. I was chronically ill once (will talk about it one day)
    7. Booze is what makes the world go round.

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    1. I love it! So cool to here things about you! 3 countries! 5 cities… wow. I have an eight foot cactus! I have to sell, her, sad. I know you have to go in order, telling your story. I will be patient. The worst possible kind of Capricorn… I’m trying to imagine!

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  4. Congratulations Kim on this very well-deserved award nomination! You already know I think you are pretty amazing and deserve all the awards possible!! Thank you so much for nominating me for this as well. I really appreciate this and promise to answer the questions this week! Lots of love always Kim!!!

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