What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #7)

We must continue! I am loving your answers!


I blog. I get sick of writing about me! I want to get to know you! I have three questions.

Don’t think, just answer!


  1. Do you remember your high school prom theme song?
  2. What color is your main bathroom?
  3. Do you remember the first time you saw a cow?

img_0325 (2)

  1. Crazy for You ~Madonna
  2. “Sheetrock” currently.
  3. Yes! I remember the first time up close! (I always knew of cows, small-town kid.) AND they are scary creatures when you are 5, but I petted one while it was eating.

Author: I tripped over a stone.

I am happily married to Jeff. We are full-time RVers. We have two Goldendoodles; Dora and Dezzie. I have had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have learned a few tricks to deal with it, but it is my stone in the road! I am a Fibromyalgia Advocate. I have co-authored a book, The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia (your personal journal.) It is available on Amazon and on my blog. I enjoy making Tribe Bracelets, also available now on my blog. Stone in the Road is another blog of mine where I post a collection of stories by bloggers that I follow.

31 thoughts on “What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #7)”

  1. 1. We didn’t have one.
    2. I’m colourblind.
    3. The cow saw me first in a field in Dartmouth where I was brought up. I remember it made me jump out of my skin.
    I don’t think I’ve contributed that well this week ~ George

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    1. I wonder if “prom” is more of an American thing… they are not that great, you didn’t miss a thing! My brother is colorblind too. Cows are scary!!! Until you get used to them, I guess. I love your answers George! You contributed just fine! Thank you! 😊

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  2. 1. No. Hahaha
    2. Fiestaware colored tiles. It’s my favorite room in the house.
    3. I grew up in the country so I can’t tell you the first time I saw a cow, but the first time I touched one was pretty special. And the first time one kissed me…well, that is one rough tongue!!

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    1. Well, let me tell you, I looked fierce at my prom and I had a good looking guy escort me! We had a great time! Got home at 6AM! What good does that do me now… in the grand scheme of things? NADA! 😂🤣😂. Ooohhh, colorful bathroom. That Arizona flair! Love. Yes, the cow tongue feels like sandpaper! 💜

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      1. Oh hon, I went to the prom, I just don’t remember the songs. We all went to the beach afterward for the weekend. What was my parents thinking? Yes there were chaperones, but it was a wild weekend. And where did that get me?
        Ever milked a cow? That’s an experience. Milk straight from the cow is gross. 😂🤣💕

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  3. 1. No. 2. Royal blue, light green, and splashes of other random colors in accent pics. 3. No. But, I do possess the awesome talent of “mooing” like a cow. And, yes, they have answered back. One time the cows were quite verbal, but… the bull wasn’t happy about it. He stepped forward, stared, then lowered his head while still making eye contact. Conversation over! I moved quietly along my way. Lol!

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    1. A ranch! I have so many romantic notions about being on a ranch! I’m sure they are fictitious but… it’s some sort of fantasy! My uncle was a farmer with milk cows, later beef. There are no holidays away from the farm. I bet there are none for the rancher either.

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  4. 1. There was no prom theme song. I spent it self-conscious about being bulky in my cheap dress, looking at the guy I fancied dancing with his beautiful new girlfriend. Then I ditched the heels and went to someone’s house for copious (underage) drinking! 😉
    2. Off-white, we never did get around to painting any nice colours in this place. We went for plain but with colourful additions instead.
    3. I lived in a Shire in the UK. Lots of countryside around my small town, you can’t get away from tractors, farm animals and the like, either around the area or going through the town. Probably saw one within minutes of exiting the womb!


  5. 1. I skipped it. I was probably home playing a Howard Jones tape. 😉
    2. Without getting up I could not tell you. Is that a man thing?
    3. I think it was during the movie “Top Secret.” Was there life before the movie “Top Secret”?

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      1. Haha! Oh, you’d love the movie. It was Val Kilmer in 1984, before he was anyone really, in an action/comedy/musical. Really one of the finest movies ever.

        Although I haven’t seen it since 1989 so I don’t know that it aged well, except in memory.

        And since I was 16 in 1984 I’m almost certainly sure I’d seen a cow before that now. But it does have a cow on the movie poster. Really, a fake cow. But the cow scene in the movie is hilarious.

        I’ll go now. I think I failed this week’s test.

        I’ll prepare better for next Sunday. 😁

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