Moody Monday (Different)


she became a different person

she looked the same but wasn’t

she loved the same but was not

her own body a stranger

a foreigner to all she knew

different she became in one day


22 thoughts on “Moody Monday (Different)

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  1. So true! With this illness, we become strangers to ourselves and others. Hopefully we learn to navigate the curveballs and come out a better version of our authentic selves. A work in progress, not perfection!

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  2. Beautiful Kim! First I fought it, then tried to control it, then manage it, now I’ve accepted it, it took 20 years but it makes a difference to allow myself to just be my good days and my bad days. Marie Xx

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    1. I just past the 20 year mark. I wrote this poem originally after I received my diagnosis. I can’t believe I’ve had fibro for 20+ years… (car accident in 1998.) Yes, I agree. We have our good and bad days, being completely honest with yourself and letting the day be what it will be is so very helpful. Thanks Marie! ❤

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    1. Oh my, I will have no alter egos left! I can’t keep a secret. Yes, I am “Furiously Fed Up” but only on FB and there are many of those and I write prose under k.Lynel. Long story… I honestly doubt I’ll show up on google. Lord! Now I’m going to have to look. Thanks, Caz! I’ll google you too!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    1. Thank you Susan! You have been so brave with your new venture… I’ve had many of these poems stuck away. So out they come, a little tweaking, and I’m sharing. I feel like a kindergartner in a high school class but I’ll put that aside and do my best! 😊💜

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