She Reached Out…

I found myself in a very unique position. As I began blogging, knowing I would be sharing things that had happened to me that were traumatic, I wavered on creating a false identity. I write poetry under the name k.Lynel. But this, blogging ‘thing,’ seemed different. I decided against it and wrote under my real name.

I thought if I could write it, maybe… just maybe I could help someone??? So I wrote the painful truth and put my contact information on my blog site. I started receiving emails! Some people just wanted to share their stories but some needed help. I answered the emails and followed up with those asking for my help. There are many people I have a bond with. One lady, in particular, recently made an incredible impact in my life, “T.”

“T” reached out, in fact, she wrote a comment on one of my past blog posts that said, “you said we could reach out to you, and I am reaching out!” We began emailing and texting from that moment on. Although I am trained in counseling, I am not licensed. “T” had me scared. I honestly thought I was too late to assist her in any way. Then, she turned a corner. She struggled, fought like hell, and faced her illness. “T” is a warrior. Recently, she actually posted in a support group I run. She has been reluctant to post, and I encouraged her to remain a member but wait to post until she felt comfortable.

The time came, and “T” posted a question in the group. The group responded with ideas. I responded with how I was glad to read her question and that I knew the group would have many helpful suggestions for her. Her comment that came back to me was truly humbling… then, I figured out all the pain, trauma, fatigue is worth it, for just one comment in my lifetime like this…

“When the woman God sent to save your life makes a suggestion, you should do your best to follow that suggestion. I honestly don’t know what I would do if you somehow weren’t in my life. Just the facts…”

(copied and printed with permission from “T”)

What a wonderful gift to receive. I felt joy! I felt a sense of purpose. I think for me, joy and purpose come from helping others.


Live your best life!


24 thoughts on “She Reached Out…

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  1. What a wonderful testament to the way blogging truly can change our lives and impact the lives of others. So glad you were there for “T” and that she’s becoming more comfortable with reaching out. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us Kim! Hugs!

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  2. It’s brilliant to know that T turned a corner and even started to post on the group. And to think, that’s just one life you’ve touched. There are many more. I do agree, it’s a beautiful gift to receive to know you’ve been able to make a difference, and it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Loved reading this, Kim  ♥

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