What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #8)

We will continue with our quick questions! Join in, give it a try!


I blog. I get sick of writing about me. I want to get to know you! I have three questions.

Don’t think, just answer!


  1. Do you know the name of your neighbor’s pet?
  2. Do you like tofu?
  3.  What is your favorite type of tree?


img_0325 (2)~Kim

  1. Yes. For a while, I thought they were ALL named, “Get in the f*cking house, NOW!” But they have individual names, Harley, Angel-Lily, and Dakota.
  2. Nope. Nada. Kein. No!
  3. I love the Willow tree! We had two in our yard where I grew up. They are messy trees but so beautiful!!!  

43 thoughts on “What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #8)

Add yours

  1. 1. Dougie the dog
    2. Japanese style
    3. London Plane because most French towns have them and they have a unique bark that acts like an air filter to the surrounding polluted air.

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  2. Easy his week – the young dog next door is called Millie, which is amusing as the little girl the other side is also called Millie. No I haven’t tasted tofu. Oak trees live for centuries and see history. Even chopped down they see history, used to build great sailing ships.

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  3. 1. Don’t like the neighbour, don’t much like their dog. Can’t remember the name but it’s a silly one. I had to call it when the idiots left their fence door open and he ran away.
    2. Shamefully shake my head to admit I’ve never tried it. Still not entirely sure what it is/tastes like.
    3. Bonsai trees are pretty funky. I like cedar trees, but also chestnut trees (used to hunt for chestnuts when I was little with my dad). And Cypress trees, the taller ones (lawson I think). Quite a few trees so I’ve cheated on this one 😉
    And yourself, dearest Kim?x

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      1. Were you answers already there, or did you sneak them in afterwards? I hope the latter otherwise I feel like I’m losing my mind because I’m sure I didn’t see them before!
        You haven’t tempted me towards tofu. Play Dough, on the other hand, I could get behind buying some of that. For de-stressing purposes, not for dinner.

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  4. Why am I not surprised that you know the names of your neighbors dogs? I would love to have you as a neighbor! You may not love my answers, but here goes……

    1. Yes. Lola, Angel, Ginger, Charlie ( 2 different neighbors)
    2. Tofu! Yes! Love it! It’s like a beautiful blank canvas! I was also a fan of play dough as a kid, so maybe that explains my love for Tofu!
    3. Jacaranda Trees – They have the loveliest purple flowers!

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  5. I only know a few because I haven’t lived here very long, but Rascal is my favorite. He’s a Yorkie mix and lives my little Yorkie (which sometimes isn’t easy to do as another doggie!). LOL

    Never tried it, looks disgusting and couldn’t get past that texture… although I must admit I ate my share of play dough and glue and such as a kid! 🤣

    My favorite trees would have to be Bonsai trees, they are so cool and remind me of a little forest. We have over 100 in our back yard that need constant care!

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  6. OK….your #1 answer made me laugh out loud!
    as for me:
    1 – yes
    2 – NO, not one bit and I have tried 🙂
    3 – I love paper bark birch trees, growing up in Michigan they were very common and look amazing no matter the season.

    great questions as always!

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    1. Where did my response for your comment go? I’m so sorry, let me re-write my response! Yes, our neighbors use the F-word like some people breath air! It F this and F that, even when happy, F*cking-A!🙄 Tofu, yeah-NO! It’s so wrong! Haha. The birch, the hubby has some bark… we were scouring Pinterest for ideas as to what to make with it! Love Birch!!! See you tomorrow for the next three questions my friend! 💜😊

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  7. 1.) Yes, it’s a terrier called Astor.
    2.) I love Tofu. I am a vegetarian and I like chinese food, so I enjoy it often.
    3.) Birches! They are rare here, but they are the first to become green in spring.

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  8. 1) Cady. Kona died last year 😦
    2) Not plain, but I like the tofu appetizer from Japanese restaurants.
    3) Here in California we mostly have palm trees, so I like winter trees, like pine and aspen!

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    1. Very cool Lindsay! Tofu… never have tried the Japanese appetizer but may be tempted… naw, think I’m good! I honestly remember the first time I saw a palm tree, in 1986 in Miami as we were leaving the airport. They were lit up and looked so cool! True story.


  9. 1. I do not. I know the one neighbor I talk to regularly has a cat but I do not know her/his name. On the other side are yappie dogs that talk to Moxie and Ludo through the fence, but I never hear their names (and the old lady there is a hermit).

    2. You’ll have to get that answer from the same place I always do: ask Mrs C.

    Waiter: “Excuse me, sir, do you want Worcestershire for your steak?”
    Me: “Baby, do I like Worcestershire on my steak?”
    Mrs C (checking my order): “No, not on rib-eye.”
    Me: “No thank you, sir, I don’t like it on my rib-eye.” 🙂

    3. Mys-Tree! Haha, I kill me! Honestly, a tree’s a tree to me. They’re all pretty cool, but I don’t know the difference between one or the other. Lame, huh?

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    1. As long as Moxie and Ludo Talk to the yappers, why should you? Ha! Mrs. C, does Tom like Tofu? She said no Mr. Ribeye. (Yum, by the way!) one football player is pretty much like all football players, kinda like trees… seen one, you’ve seen them all. (Kidding! Don’t have a heart attack!) Mrs. C, please get Mr. Ribeye a paper bag to breath in… (again, yum on the steak!) Tom you never disappoint! Tomorrow, 3 more question… or will you be at church? 😊

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