What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #9)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone every Sunday.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me and want to hear from you!


Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Do you know a clean joke? (yes/no)
  2. Do you go to the library or use the online library system?
  3. Are you an Amazon Prime Member?

img_0325 (2)

  1. Yes! (I was a school bus driver!)
  2. I use the online system more frequently.
  3. Yes! I get free shipping, insider deals, Prime ebooks free and the Prime channel! I’m all in!



49 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #9)

Add yours

  1. 1 – I never remember any jokes 2. I have several libraries nearby, my two writing groups meet at one, another I help with Books On Wheels. But I never take books out for myself as I have too many on Kindle and paperbacks at home. 3. Yes

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    1. It was a necessity to know a clean joke for my elementary bus run! Ha! So cool about the libraries being so close! I swear I could live in a library. I find it interesting you keep your books on a kindle. I do too! I’m getting used to it but miss the physical books. Does that ever go away??? Prime! What did we do before Amazon? 😊

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        1. I just recently transferred all my books onto my kindle. I love being able to read at night and not disturb the hubby. Any ideas for reading outside? I have the Kindle Fire and there is no way to read it outside.


    1. Hahaha! Great joke! George, does dyslexia ever go away or become manageable? (Sorry, I don’t know a lot about how people live their daily lives with dyslexia.) oh! You can get videos and music at the library… cool art books and books filled with great photos from amazing photographers… lots of quiet, good place to find quiet. 😊. Yes, Prime!


          1. Went to the Canary Islands-Lanzarote. So many places to explore. I saw Haria-the valley of 1000 palms, lots of historic buildings, Timanfaya national park with dozens of volcanoes, Cactus garden with over 10000 species, climbed Mirador del Rio, admired beaches, galleries, local markets, Jameos del agua, and Lagomar, where Omar Sharif used to live, visited José Saramago’s house….and so much more.
            So, it was a beautiful and relaxing holiday.

            Then I come back, and experience so much stress, you wouldn’t believe it. Sb has been stalking me on my blog and FB, calling me names, mixing me obviously up with sb else, it was terrible Kim, so you’ll notice, I did the inevitable – turned to a private site and change my FB profile so that only friends can see it. Don’t ask…

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            1. Oh god, no! That’s a terrible thing to come back to… these losers hide behind a screen name and act like animals! I am so sorry you were cyber stalked. Not cool. You have to protect yourself, if you have a name, you can block the idiot. I currently have two idiots blocked. Private site works too! Just no excuse for such behavior!

              Your vacay sounds wonderful. What amazing things to see! The parks, cactus garden (10,000 species!?!?) amazing. Climbing, galleries, market fare, and beaches! What an incredible time you must’ve had!

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            2. I did, and now this. I can’t get it off my mind.
              People are crazy. I did everything I can, but my name appears on Google, in journals, various sites, I’m still afraid, Kim. It’s an awful feeling to live in fear.

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            3. Yes. It is awful. It’s terrifying. Are they threatening you physical harm? Maybe there is a way … damn it. I don’t know what can be done. Social media! I just don’t know. The steps you took are what I’d have done. I’d pull out of every site that wasn’t necessary… don’t engage with them, ever. I’m so angry about this!!! I want to help I just have no idea how. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this…

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            4. I didn’t. I just deleted it all. Some stupid accusations. Must have mixed me up with sb but still it was embarrassing enough, calling me names, leaving nasty comments for everyone to see and stuff. God, I don’t even want to remember. Crazy people that can’t fix their lives so they wanna ruin sb else’s to feel better about themselves.

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            5. Since you took action has there been additional contact? If no, you maybe fixed their ability to have access to you. It is traumatizing! Try not to think about it for now. They don’t know you. They are cowards. They are fucked up. If they get no response from you, they’ll tire of harassing you. If it continues… we may need some IT guys help. How absolutely messed up! What is wrong with people?!?!

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            6. No, it’s been silent since then. They can’t access my accounts, I’m only worried about the journals where I submit. My name is all over google now, and sometimes you can comment on a poem there. I mean….dunno Kim, am I exaggerating or am so afraid….can’t tell. Maybe they’ll let go now. Time will tell.

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            7. I know you, this is not exaggerating. It’s hard to fight a faceless enemy. They will probably go away now. Be vigilant but screw them. Keep writing and submitting, with caution for a little while but don’t stop. Time definitely will tell. Remember, karma’s a bitch! They’ll get there’s! Some people are really messed up!

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  2. I love these, Kim!!!!!
    1. I actually don’t know any jokes……
    2. I love going to the library to write, but I don’t usually check out books. It is hard for me to read regular books. I love my Kindle!
    3. I can’t imagine my life without Amazon Prime!!!!!!

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    1. Yay! Hello Claire!!! You are welcome, anytime! We are often the punchline! Are you foggy? I get that from the hubs all the time! Ha, no. Kindle was the greatest thing ever invented. Go Prime! Come back on Sundays and have a go at these questions! We have a lot of fun.😊 #WAY (if you wanna do some catch up?) so glad you dropped by!

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  3. 1. I can’t remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago so I can’t remember a clean joke. Unless the question itself was a joke.
    2. I love going to the library. Browsing all the books, the musty smell, the excitement of finding something by an author that I love that I’ve not actually read yet.
    3. Sometimes. I get Prime when I’m likely to use it a lot, and I think it’s absolutely amazing, but I can’t justify the expense of having it often when my finances are so tight. xx

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  4. LOVE all the questions you are able to come up with!
    1. I have heard lots of clean jokes but I can’t remember any
    2. My last job was working at a library and I love to just walk through and see all the books just waiting to be explored.
    3. Yes. Amazon Prime is such a blessing with movies and music……….

    LOVED reading your responses! 🙂

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  5. 1. I’m sure I must. Oh yes, I do. “Horse walks into a bar, bartender looks at him and says ‘why the long face?'” 😁

    2. No, not in years. I loved going to the library when I was younger but it always seemed I never got around to reading the books I got. 🤔

    3. Guilty as charged. It’s too easy and too addictive. I’ll order things I could get at the corner store. I don’t like myself much when I do that. 🤣

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    1. God! My brother tells the horse joke and he’s the only one in the room that laughs! Tom. Please.😊 loving the library… check out a movie or a book about what Worcester sauce goes on…. I DO order what you can get from the corner store! (But I have a chronic illness…🙄)

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