Moody Monday (Parameters of Living a Good Life.)

I have been ‘gone’ for a while, getting things back on track… succumbing to bed rest for days. But that is over. I’m back! To start out Moody Monday, let’s pretend we are at some little hole in the wall bar and I am reading to you… it’s open mic night!

 Host: “First up to read tonight… C.C. Rockefeller!” [My pretend name because I think it’s cool.]


The Parameters of Living a Good Life ~ According to Me!


Life is a process of surrender.

Letting go of what no longer serves us and obtaining all that makes us better human beings.

This can be accomplished.

Understand your worth and what you need.

Wanting and needing are two separate entities.

Things will come to you if you have created space for these things to enter.

Choose what you need.

Surrender what you do not.



Thank you very much!

(Drop the mic…exit stage right.)


34 thoughts on “Moody Monday (Parameters of Living a Good Life.)

Add yours

    1. Kit! I know!!! I wonder if we ever reach the unconscious aspect of just choosing and surrendering. I hope so. It is so difficult when you reach that stage in your life and realize, dang, I need to do this, like Now! I think your plate is pretty darn full right now and you are doing a damn good job when it comes to separating your wants from needs! You got this! xo~k.

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  1. *** APPLAUSE ***
    “Things will come to you if you have created space for these things to enter” – a really good point to remember, need to make a note-to-self on that as I don’t think I’m being very open to positive things lately, and there are a few things I could do with surrendering.
    You’re so badass. Are you going to shuffle back on stage and replace the mic? That’s totally what I’d do. xx

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    1. Naw… I’m wild like that… a RISK taker… 🙂 Seriously, make room in your life, headspace, wherever and what you need will find you! If you aren’t able to receive, it is a loss… let go of the silly things that take up space and ENERGY. Once again… mic drop… for you I will return ackwardly and pick it up…;)

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