What About You? ( Sunday Quick Questions #12)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone almost every Sunday.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me and want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Do you speak more than one language?
  2. Can you ice skate?
  3. What is the name of your favorite restaurant?


  1. No! I’ve tried to learn Spanish and am still trying!
  2. Yep! No ‘triple sow cows’ though… or whatever that’s called?
  3. Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge.

30 thoughts on “What About You? ( Sunday Quick Questions #12)

Add yours

      1. It’s three. I was pretty good at Italian too but haven’t spoken it in ages. I know basics, and my understnding’s pretty good.
        I did try. Winter sports are definitely not my thing, as opposed to hub, so I guess our son will have a good teacher.
        The restaurant’s Italian.

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        1. Cool! Three! I really can hardly manage English. 🙄 winter sports… well… I ‘participate’ is my only claim. I wish there was a genuine Italian restaurant in Minneapolis, a few contenders but not genuine. We are beer and brats, burgers and beans all day long! Crockpot mavens and masters of casseroles. (we call them ‘hot-dishes’) 😊💜

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          1. Munich is often referred to as the most northern Italian city because of its architecture and the fact that there are many Italians here, so hear Italian a lot. Thank god for that because they have best coffee, ice-cream and cakes ever.

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    1. George. What is this? “Nearly.” This makes me laugh with delight! I’ve never thought to answer a question with ‘nearly.’ You win the title for the “most unique” answer to a question that I’ve ever received so far on #WAY!!! Congratulations!🎉🍾🥇🏆😊

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      1. The thing is, I came nearly speak French and nearly ice state. I used to be great on a skateboard but gave it up in case I damaged my fingers and could never play the guitar again ~ George

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  1. 1. I speak a little Spanish – In my younger days I was quite versed, but these days just a minor vocabulary and key phrases remains. I wished I had kept it up though. 😦
    2. Nope. Never got the hang of it.
    3. Pappadeaux (Cajun Seafood) – it’s a family favorite for birthdays and celebrations!

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  2. Did French at school – can read some, can I understand real French people in France ? No. I have managed limited conversation with French people who knew little English – we were on an equal footing.
    I do love ice skating but it is a long time.
    Ludo Lounge – relaxed with old curch pews and old sofas to sit on, newspapers and games for children, dogs welcome. Nice veggie breakfast.

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  3. 1. No, English is a struggle enough sometimes.
    2. No again, but I’d love to try!
    3. Been a while since I’ve been anywhere, but I quite like this place called Harvester, it’s a chain restaurant in the UK that has a salad bar, so you can go back for as much lettuce, pepper & red onion as your heart desires!

    I love the sound of Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge, that’s such a cool name. It’d probably be banned in the UK for being politically incorrect (for psycho & mental health) or offensive (to all the Suzie’s out there).x

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    1. English is a struggle! Ha. I wish we could go ice skating together! I love unlimited salad bars. Psycho Susie’s is da bomb!!! There is a cool waterfall inside and a huge patio that is overlooking the Minnesota River. Her sister (not kidding) owns Betty Danger’s Supper Club (with a Ferris wheel). These restaurants are both in my neighborhood. So fun!

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  4. Nope, I used to know a bit more French than I do now, but the brain, the brain she loses so much. I know a tiny amount of ASL, I’m trying to learn more, but I’m far away from conversational.
    Never been ice skating, but I loved roller skating. Ha, balance issues and skating don’t go together very well now. 😝
    Favorite restaurant is Posana in Asheville, NC. I’ve only been there a few times but it was amazing. The entire place is 100% gluten free and most people don’t know it. They really work with people’s food allergies. I had the best meals. I never felt like I was odd, or had a second class meal because of my restrictions. And the food was phenomenal. Sad to think I will most likely never go there again.
    Oh, I had the most decadent chocolate cake there with a raspberry coulis…sigh. the stuff dreams are made of. 💕

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  5. 1. Does igpay atinlay count?

    2. Good god, no. When I was young I wanted to so badly so my mother took me. I wore those god-awful things for about 34 seconds and wondered how anyone could ever balance this on that. I never tried again. That story ended sadder than I intended.

    3. There’s this great Mexican food place I get massive burritos and steaming hot nachos from, and the hottest salsa you have ever encountered. I probably go there way more often than I should, and often bring a ton of it home with me from church. It’s amazing. But the name of my favorite restaurant is Kampai Sushi. 😁

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    1. Oohhh… got so excited we could speak the same language I hit reply! Sooooo…. not an ice skater, check! And Kampai Sushi! No way!!! Best Mexican food in town… that’s how they got the salsa right! Cool.


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