Fibromyalgia Awareness (kinda)

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness month! So to put a little spin on information and awareness, we will learn today what it feels like to have fibromyalgia using everyday scenarios!

Here are two possible explanations. Which one fits you best? Which one would you use to explain to someone how it feels to have fibromyalgia?

The flu example;

It is getting the flu, and never getting over it! You are on, let’s say… day three. The throwing up has pretty much stopped, and your fever broke. Your body feels like you’ve been hit by a truck and you are sore from just being in bed for so long. You are weak. Every movement takes effort. You are incredibly stiff, even your hair hurts! Just taking a shower is exhausting. Getting dressed feels like some gigantic mystery to solve! (What goes on first? Socks?) The bathroom is still not your friend! You would be relieved if you never have to use the toilet again in your lifetime.

The athlete example;

You had your first practice for the year. (Think of whatever team sport you played or play.) It is the next day… you are sore in muscles you never knew you had! Just taking a shower, hurts. The water feels like it is beating on your body! You think you can walk, but your legs may give out at a moments notice. Just pulling on your jeans feels like your arms may come out of their sockets. Going to the bathroom is literally a painful and exhausting major feat. Carrying a book bag if you are going to class, or a briefcase to work, feels like some modern day torture device. You know you can read and write but retaining information, when you are in this much pain, seems unlikely.

Next Wednesday we will reveal another fibromyalgia mystery! This month only. Please join me for the next installment of Fibromyalgia Awareness (kinda).

What would you like to know about fibromyalgia? I just may answer your question next Wednesday (kinda)!

Live your best life!


34 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia Awareness (kinda)

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    1. I didn’t either Bojana! And I live in the US with Fibro, among other things…. I think I may have seen this before? OMG, I’m really losing it…. please don’t tell….Hope you are doing better my only German friend. I feel so special 🤗🤗🤗
      BTW…. isn’t Kim the coolest?! I aspire to be just like her if I can ever grow up!

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          1. 🥰💝😍💞🌟💜👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌈🎁🎁🎁💝💝💝💯♥️

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  1. My dearest Kim – Thank you for being there for your nieces and nephews and Thank you for remaining a leader for our tribe, no matter what’s going on in your life. I’m searching for a new word to describe you because the others I have don’t come close to covering it anymore. You give. From the heart. You bleed so that others may heal. You inspire and elicit hope where there was none left. I truly wish there was some way to provide you with the gifts you have selflessly given to others and especially our tribe. My life would be lost without you in it. Please take care of yourself and I’m praying for your family. 💝🙏😍🤗

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    1. Wow. I am completely humbled after reading that. I wonder if you know that no matter what is going on, I am blessed to have this amazing tribe in my life! I’m the one who feels privileged to be allowed in to your life. You being HERE, present in life and fighting for each day is MY gift. Tamara, you are a gift… nothing else is needed, I have all that I need. Much love 💜!


  2. P.S.S.: With May being Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, I would love to see (revisit) some of your original posts about Fibromyalgia facts and how to discuss and explain it to others. I would love to fill new boyfriend’s mailbox with info. Living with “clueless and suspicious” in Florida…..
    And please feel free to message me with any personal ideas! Blessings beautiful warrior 💜

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    1. Thanks Tamara, please feel free to revisit, all are left open for comments and questions! I will respond. Knowledge really is power! I hope “clueless and suspicious” gets schooled! I know just the lady to do it, you! 😊💜


  3. Both are good ways of illustrating a bit of what it’s like. I think it’s impossible for anyone to fully appreciate what it’s like unless they’ve experienced it themselves, much like anything else. But to highlight what the issues can be, how much it impacts your life, is so important in raising awareness and reducing soma stigma around it; I don’t think many doctors or society at large really realise just how relentless and overwhelming fibromyalgia can be. Great post, Kim! xx

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    1. Thanks Caz! I agree, unless you experience it… pretty hard to understand. I talked to a mom who had a daughter in track. The mom had fibro and used my athlete example to explain it to her daughter. She said her daughter finally understood. So we try… but it was hard enough for us to understand fibro when we got it! I was confused for years🙄! Caz, I’m delayed in having your guest post- posted! I’ll be back home soon and plan to post it this coming week. I hope that is still alright with you? 😊💜

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      1. Don’t worry about that at all, and don’t worry about me – I’m still truckin’, not great but certainly could be worse. I’m surprised you’re posting anything at the moment.. How are you doing over there? Funerals, mental escape, a bit of peace and quiet.. are you doing okay? xx

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        1. I definitely needed the change… it’s beautiful at our lake house. The funerals… both the neighbor, and my uncle were very ill. It was not a surprise but still, both will be missed. The odd thing was I saw people I had literally not seen for a very long time and was able to reconnect with my cousins, aunts, friends… i regained a sense of community? Or belonging? Something…. maybe it was a grounding of sorts? It was good. Sad. But good.

          You keep truckin’ my friend! I do worry about you!!! Glad you are getting back to your ‘normal’ but pace, pace, pace yourself. I’ll take hearing not great over in the hospital any day! xo.

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  4. This resonates, the ‘getting dressed feeling like a huge mystery,’ is my life most days. I often sit on the bed, just looking at my drawers thinking, ‘even if I had the strength to open you, how will I then find the strength to decide what I should even wear!’ Then foloows the thought of why all clothes can’t be just like pyjamas?

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