Moody Monday (Emma Blue)

I will try my best to explain…

I have had a nickname since high school, my friends began calling me Emma. (Long story.) Many of you know I wish my name was C.C. Rockefeller but we don’t always get what we want. C.C. Rockefeller would be the confident, smart ass, public persona part of me. (FYI: I don’t have nor have I ever been diagnosed with multiple personalities but I do respect those who have.) The part of me who is Emma is the best friend, the listener, the compassionate one.


Emma Blue is just the best parts of me, all rolled up into one. I love that she has no fear. She could care less what others think and is never one to turn down a challenge! She is fun! She is who I long to be.



Emma Blue

is that you?

Once she’s here

I disappear.


She is laughter

and revelry!

She is sunshine 

and the moon.


Emma Blue

it’s your turn.


I need to laugh

and feel the sun.

I want to dance

under the smiling moon.


Emma Blue

I call…

Once she’s here,

I can disappear.




21 thoughts on “Moody Monday (Emma Blue)

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  1. such beautiful words to describe the part of you……….i really enjoyed reading this and it made me think about how parts of my personality was been shoved away due to illness. Bravo! Kim, love this.

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  2. I love this, sculpting personas and showing different parts of ourselves through those names. Emma is a rather different nickname when your given name is Kim. My brain just jumped from Emma, to Emma Stone the actress, to your blog name. The mysterious workings of the world (or just my brain) 😉

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