Memorial Day (My Brother, My Soldier)

My brother passed away on the United States Army Base in San Antonio, Texas, at the Brooke Army Medical Center on August 18, 2003. He was 37. He loved the Army, serving his country…



My Brother, My Soldier


We are so far from home,

he and I.

Engulfed in a land so foreign to us,

a city within a city. 


At times he is stubborn

and full of mischief,

teasing and laughing

the brother I know.


There are times when he is reflective,

speaking as if

communicating with

I would guess, the Divine.


He is so thankful for the help he receives 

and so apologetic when he is in need.

He loves and hugs all who are near,

Only they and I experience the fear.


His body tires and his eyes close,

he puts his hand in mine.

I wait silently for him to wake,

and I greet him with a smile.


I tell my brother he is a good soldier.

I tell my brother I love him so.

I tell my brother God is with him.

I tell my soldier it is okay if he is called to go…


k.Lynel (2003)




24 thoughts on “Memorial Day (My Brother, My Soldier)

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  1. Kim,
    Thanks so much for sharing thoughts of your brother with us!
    What beautiful, heartfelt thoughts you conveyed! Your brother had a beautiful smile and it is clear that he is thoroughly missed and will remain well-loved! I wish I could thank him for his service, his ultimate sacrifice, because he and those who serve are what keep our freedoms intact! I’m so sorry for you loss, Kim! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so appreciate your kind sentiments, Mona! Kory was the one who encouraged my writing. Towards the end he told me he wanted me to write and knew I would do well… if you knew him, this was a pretty wild thing for him to say! He wasn’t really a planner. (But he was right!) He was a very happy guy his whole life. Loved his country and his Army life. All smiles and teasing… you’d have loved him. x

      Liked by 1 person

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