Surprise! (Magic Memory)

I have fibromyalgia and some coexisting conditions. I experience a cognitive dysfunction known as fibro fog. I need to do mind work every day.  When a memory strikes, I write about it! It’s ‘magic’ in my mind, simply because I remember it!

It was 1997, and we were on our way to my sister’s house. I had flown in from Seattle for a summer visit and stayed the night at my brother’s house to spend time with his family. I think this was the first time I was going to visit my sister and her husband’s new home.  I had no idea which house I was looking for… thankfully my brother, his wife and their three kids were bringing me to my sister’s. I didn’t know why all five of them needed to come to drop me off but whatever…

Then, to my horror, I saw a big sign and a lot of people around it. The sign was hanging from a house and said, “Surprise! This is what thirty looks like!” [I had to stand under that sign later that day and get my picture taken.]


I asked my brother whose birthday it was? I horrified I didn’t have a gift. They both yelled, “It’s yours!” I was confused. This was July, my birthday wasn’t until September. They were both yelling, “surprise!” and their three children were laughing in delight at my shocked and completely surprised face.

I saw the culprit who had thrown this little shindig together, Melanie! Standing by her side was my younger sister. I could see my older sister back in the crowd smirking, her hand was definitely in this too! These three had put this surprise birthday party together for me. I walked up to them. We were all laughing, but Melanie could tell I wanted to strangle them. (I am so uncomfortable being the center of attention!)

I shared my cake with my adorable little nieces and nephews! They couldn’t believe we could eat the frosting with our fingers!


Here’s the kicker. Melanie was one of my best friends since middle school, she also is Jeff’s (the hubby) younger sister. There was food and cake, presents, and so many people! Even my ‘friend’ Jeff showed up, with his then-girlfriend, to wish me a Happy 30th!

I laugh about this day now. It was so fun. I’d never had a surprise party thrown for me. It was the first and last, and the best birthday memory ever… even then, all of Jeff’s family, now my in-laws, were at the party to help me celebrate. (Our families were then,  and still remain terrific friends.) I never guessed that eight years later I’d be marrying the man, who brought his girlfriend, to my Surprise 30th Birthday Party.


My 31st Birthday was very different, I was just in a car accident that would change my entire life… and wearing that horrible neck brace! What a difference a year makes.

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  1. Wow, what an interesting story Kim. Strangely enough, I turned 40 last year without having a clue it was my birthday. I also thought it was still the fall of the previous year (8 months prior). Such a weird experience to go through!
    This year was better! 😉

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    1. Wow, Sierra. Time warp! Perfectly natural for trauma. Fibro FORGOT! I, too, have lost time. Mostly, we won’t ever remember. It’s scary at first, unfortunately we get used to it. Glad this year is better!😊💜


  2. Awww this is so cool, what an amazing surprise party! You’re right with what a difference a year makes, when it was just the next year that you were in ‘the’ accident. I’m glad you have some wonderful memories of your 30th though, just shows how much you’re loved. xx

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  3. That’s such a cool story Kim, for so many reasons. And I try to remind myself that it really only takes one second to change someone’s whole life. It’s hard to live that way, so most of us don’t, just to survive the day. But it’s true. Take nothing for granted, for in the next minute it might not be there! I’m so glad you have this positive memory and that you are here with us (me) now! Love you lady. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. What a lovely memory, Kim…our lives are rich in between the rough stuff…writing down and sharing our memories is something we should all try to do, because yes, 30 something becomes 50 something in a blink of an eye!

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  5. What a wonderful day you must have had! I was so happy for you, and then I got to the end and thought Wow–it’s so good that you had that great day since the next year was so shitty!

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