Escaping Through the Fog

I have some thoughts to share with you. I don’t know if I am right, but this makes sense to me. How do we escape the chronic pain we are in every day, 24 hours a day? I think the answer is Fibro Fog. Is it possible we are dreading the very fog we should be welcoming?

Those of us who suffer from chronic pain know that our fight or flight system is in overdrive! Firing random pain signals throughout our bodies. Our brains, not being able to keep up with the constant demand for action from these signals eventually shuts down our conscious thought. This cognitive dysfunction is what is often referred to as fibro fog. (Also known as brain fog or cog fog.) 

Chronic pain patients don’t have a scale for their pain. Chronic pain patients go through stages of suffering. We either can associate or disassociate with what our reality IS. The reality of the pain we suffer with on varying severity levels. When associating, we are feeling the actual pain and physical suffering. When we disassociate, we busy our minds to try not to feel the reality of our current situation.

Eventually, we reach our individual level of intolerance. We can not continue to suffer from the unending pain! We enter a state of numb; it is a state of cognitive dysfunction. When in a cognitive fog, we will not remember that time. Retention is obsolete. We lose time; hours, days, weeks. Our brain has to rest, we need to rest… the fog has enveloped us. Not so much relieving our pain, more like numbing our brain to react to it.

Finally, we can be in a fog and still have pain, but we won’t remember most of it. I believe fibro fog ‘happens’ to allow us time to be unaware! We are put into a state of disassociation by a brain that knows cognitively what is better for us when we do not. Fibro fog is unavoidable and seemingly random. I am starting to believe it is really not random at all!

Do you think we escape through the fog?


41 thoughts on “Escaping Through the Fog

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          1. i feel like you do………… fog steals time and time is one thing we can never get back! sometimes I actually start to panic when I think about all of the time i have lost……….

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    1. Bojana, been thinking about you love and sending you healing and loving energy. Not sure why, but you’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Hoping things are as well as they can be over the ocean that separates us. 💜💜💜
      ~ Tamara

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    1. I am struggling with time loss, Terri. But maybe I need to stop that struggle and realize when the fog comes, and steals my days, there is a reason for it. Maybe it is to give me a mental reset? Well, it’s a theory! Thanks, Terri!

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  1. Kim,
    Have you checked to see if any studies have been done on your theory? Because if there aren’t, they should definitely do one. Woman, I don’t know if you have a Masters or Ph.D. or whatever, but if you don’t, conducting research on this could definitely get you one! Your theory makes perfect sense. Often when a body is so traumatized, what happens? Coma. That’s the body’s way of shutting down while it attempts to repair. Doctor’s will even put people in comas because of trauma! When your body is on overload, of course it might want to escape the pain if possible! Brilliant theory that needs research. Kim, seriously, make it so! You might start by contacting whatever organization does research on fibro or, perhaps, any good medical school to figure out what needs to happen. I truly think you are on to something.

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    1. Thanks Mona! The brain is a wonderland… we know so little and have so much more to learn. I was associated with a company called Antidote… that was bought and sold and now I have severed ties. They were a group that matched people to different research studies. Maybe I’ll poke around again… but I’m shooting from the hip here. I only theorized, I have no empirical data. You may have just talked me into further investigating my idea… hmmm… thank you so much Mona!


  2. Hi Kim, this is a very interesting theory. Makes sense considering our brain protects us in other ways, like not feeling the full effect of trauma when it happens. Grieving, or bodily injury and shock. I think this is a viable theory lady. Maybe instead of fighting it we should try to work with it and recognize the fighting doesn’t really do much to help anyway. Excellent food for thought. I for one, like the way your brain works! Thank you for sharing and providing me a new perspective to ponder. As you always do, beautiful sister!
    Have a peaceful Monday my friend,
    ~ Tamara

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    1. Cheers Tamara! We know the fog will come and we desperately try to get it to clear, maybe we should just somehow let it take us until we are clear again… knowing this may be for our own sanity, it, the fog, being a precursor for healing and resetting those pain receptors. Peaceful Monday wishes for you as well, my friend.


  3. So this enemy we’ve been fighting is maybe a friend in disguise..? Albeit one we don’t want, but were it not for the chronic pain and illness we wouldn’t need or have it anyway. A very interesting way of looking at it, Kim! I must admit I’ve never taken that perspective with it before. I do think when my brain reaches that non-functional stage that it’s a sign I need to rest, but I haven’t taken the next leap that it’s a way of dealing with, a way of escaping a little of what we’re going through. Oooo my brainicle is ticking this one over… xx

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    1. Don’t hurt your brainicle! It’s just a theory but to me, it makes sense. I believe our poor brains finally go, ENOUGH! And rational thought and speech along with time recollection go out the window. I experienced this when I went through several surgeries in a short amount of time. I also believe that was my brain protecting me because I really just wanted to die! So much pain… pancreatitis. I don’t remember much from that time.

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