A Message in a Song (Shatter Me)

Day in and day out we deal with sameness, what would you give to feel alive again? Look for that light… I promise it’s shining. ~k.

“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me…”

Shatter Me (lyrics) Lindsey Stirling (ft. Lzzy Hale)



12 thoughts on “A Message in a Song (Shatter Me)

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      1. Kim, my lovely, could you do me a really big favour? I’ve been losing my marbles trying to get Amazon Onelink to work and I think I may have finally done it. If not then I’m giving up & will admit defeat! 😂 I wanted to make the links redirect to wherever you are, ie. if you’re in the US they should take you to amazon.com. Would you be able to click one of the things on my latest post (https://invisiblyme.com/2019/06/14/7-migraineheadache-helpers/) to see if it takes you to .com? Say no if you don’t want to, it’s absolutely fine.xx

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    1. Cool isn’t it? I think it’s just Lzzy Hale with Lindsey Stirling on violin. Powerful voice and many powerful violin songs from Lindsey. She plays violin with a lot of big names! I am amazed at her skill and have a new appreciation for the violin! I also have an entire Lindsey Stirling playlist! But this is one of my favorites.

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