Going Dark?

I’ve thought about putting my blog on hold… again… for a little while, and going dark. My house is going officially on the market on August 1st, I’d be lying if I said I was ready. In fact, last year at this time, we were prepping to sell our house, and I was able to sell a few of our more significant items. Then I got pneumonia in both lungs, and had the flu after that! It took me about six months to recover. We pushed the selling of our home into the next year, where we are NOW.

If there is one thing people with fibromyalgia get good at, it is handling change! Emotional change that is. One minute we feel fine, the next is anyone’s guess! Eventually, we stop reacting and start preparing for what we know is uncertainty in our days and unforgiving nights that are full of restlessness.

One thing people with fibromyalgia are not good at is physically changing locations. It can take a fibro warrior an entire day to plan and execute one trip to the drug store, grocery store, OR hardware store. It can take one whole day to go to the doctor’s office; travel time, wait time, and examination time. A straightforward day trip can throw us into a flare for days, sometimes weeks.

With all of the above mentioned, what do you think I’m planning to do once my house sells? The hubby and I will be living in an RV fulltime, moving every two weeks from site to site … yassss! (What the hell am I smoking!?!?)

Jeff and I have researched many areas we have considered relocating to. The weather in Minnesota is not kind to a person with chronic pain. There is a saying in Minnesota, “If you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes or drive 10 miles.” That is our weather in this state, everchanging. Instead of picking a place to move to, we are going to try it out first. (In an RV.) We are going to travel this big, beautiful United States of America and see where we will fit!

We will be purchasing this model; a 39′ Fuzion 5th Wheel Toyhauler, similar to this floorplan below. The garage will make the perfect office! We will enjoy the patio as well.



I follow quite a few blogs of fulltime RVers. Some I follow, have fibromyalgia. All RVers have said it is the best thing they’ve ever done (there are a few exceptions) and many with fibromyalgia say they’ve never felt better. I’m betting on it!

My brother asked me, “How much time have you ever spent living in an RV?”

Me, “None.”

“Then how do you know you’ll like it? That this is what you want to do?”

“I don’t know if I will like it.”


“Well, I have been researching this. The hubby is all for RV living and is finally mobile with his day trading. I checked with my doctor, and she is on board, she thinks this will really benefit my health. Speaking of health, I am not going to ever get better. I have a chronic condition. I will only get worse with age, so I want to go now. I want to travel while I am mobile enough to enjoy this type of experience.”

“Sounds like you’ll be RVing then.”

So, back to going dark and shutting down my blog for a few months, no way. I need my tribe! I want to take you all with me on this experience. I want to tell you the truth, what this is really like! I’m not going to go on YouTube and tell you everything is wonderful when it is not. AND. I wouldn’t tell you anything on YouTube because there is no way I’d do my own YouTube channel! (I’m glad others have already done this, don’t get me wrong, and there are some very good ones that I follow!)

So, the good, the bad, and the ugly… it’s all coming out on I Tripped Over a Stone! I’m going to tell you like it is. I will ask you for ideas when I feel lost and look to you all for support. I will post some short slide shows from time to time on my blog. I promise to always show you the reality of living fulltime in an RV and living life on the road with fibromyalgia.  Come with me! I definitely need my tribe.

I will also be needing a clever new tagline once we are on the road! I’m open to suggestions… any ideas???

Live your best life!


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  1. Great idea and the best way to choose which part of the country suits you. Even though I love my garden and where we live now, I also love the idea of just GETting up and GOing. Good luck with selling, it looks a fine house anyone would love as their home.

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    1. If we weren’t fighting the constant temperatures wide array of knock me downs, I don’t know if we’d have made this choice? Knowing we need to move, and my house is huge (often overwhelming) we just didn’t want to blindly pick a place. It sounds fun to travel, but Janet… I’m so damn nervous! Change is difficult. 💜


  2. What an exciting adventure awaits Kim! You guys have definitely thought this through, and it’s a great way to “test drive” other places to live should you decide you want to settle somewhere after your travels. Yes, there will be difficulties, but you’re prepared – you know not everything is going to go perfectly and you’ve prepared yourself mentally for any bumps. I’m excited for you!

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    1. Thank you, Terri. I just took the biggest deep breath. You are right. We are prepared. For the ups and downs… isn’t there a saying, preparation is the key to preventing anxiety… something like that. I’m still nervous, but I’m not anxious, I believe this is a good choice. I appreciate you, Terri!!!😊💜

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  3. I am definitely cheering you on from my small part of the world! I think it is going to be great and I am completely jealous! I believe you will feel a sense of freedom……..for me, this would be a huge gift, freedom! 🙂

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  4. I’ve always envied people who are able to embrace the RV lifestyle. It mirrors reality in the inevitability of constant change. So, too, does being a hobo, I suppose, but given the choice, I’d much rather do it in the rolling comfort of an RV. Enjoy!

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    1. Oh my! How are you, Paul??? I’m so excited to hear from you! You are still wise, presenting the hobo life style to the nomadic. Yes, I’d have to agree… being ‘homless’ in an RV is the better choice. Thanks so much for the comment… take care!

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      1. Hi, Kim! I’m doing very well, thanks. Although I think my previous store of alleged wisdom has run dry because my blog is still currently dedicated to a silly 1990s Nickelodeon teen soap opera and it’s been months since I’ve felt the desire to delve any deeper than that into this thing called life.

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  5. My boyfriend and I would love to do the RV thing, but we have too many obstacles in our way. But we do hope to someday move to Arizona together, a place we’ve both always dreamed of living.
    I am excited for you, Kim. Don’t go dark, although I’ve done that myself a few times over the years. ❤

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      1. I’m not planning on going anywhere, I have too many friends in blogland. ❤
        From what I've read, Arizona is the best place to live when you have chronic pain. But, we're going to visit before we move there! I look forward to your take on it.

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  6. My heart skipped a beat when I read the first line of your blog! So relieved you aren’t going dark but have no idea how you are coping. The mere thought of packing up my house sends me into fits! In all seriousness, though, this will be an amazing adventure! My Guy and I love to go on road trips so this lifestyle appeals to us very much. Any change is nerve wracking but it really sounds like you’ve got this. So exciting that you’re taking all of us with you!!

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    1. Yay! Yes, you are all coming. Believe me, I’ve referred to myself as Sybil several times in the last month!!! It is… a lot. Although I’m ready for the adventure part… I’m not good at change. I get overwhelmed easily. But no ones stopping me now! 😊💜


  7. Kim’s going on the road (soon)! Wooohooooo! While daunting and scary and uncertain, it’s a fresh new chapter and it’ll be an incredible adventure. It will also take a toll on you, as you know, with dealing with fibro, so only do what you can where the blog is concerned. That said, I’m so looking forward to reading your updates! You’ve got this, Kim. xxxxx
    PS. Brain is mush & can’t think of a tagline. I can barely remember my own name. I’ve just locked myself out of 3 email accounts because I forgot my passwords… the same passwords I’ve been using several times a day for months! 😂

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    1. On the road… god I hope so. Just make all your passwords this; Superfragalisticexpealodoucious. Or not… I can’t even remember the word! HAHA.

      I have a few taglines… These are my three front runners, so far…
      1. Interstate Identified Fibro Warrior!
      2. Fighting for Freedom from Fibro.
      3. A Fibro Warrior finding freedom as a rolling stone! (That works with I tripped over a Stone, I think?)

      Any one catch your attention?
      Thanks CAZ, hope the clouds lift soon! xo

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        1. Yes, I agree…but I need to change the ‘from’ to ‘with’; Fighting for freedom WITH fibromyalgia… I think that has a certain ring to it! Because it is a chronic condition… so it’ll be with me.
          “Fighting for freedom with fibromyalgia.”
          (That may be it!!!) no, it should be from… from fibromyalgia.

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  8. Hi Kim!! I am just reading this and am ULTRA excited! PLEASE NEVER GO DARK. I need you, wherever you are, however you’re doing. This lifestyle is something I’ve always wanted to do, but my partner is not into it at all, SO… I’ll be living vicariously through you and CAN’T WAIT!!! South Florida sucks, high humidity and extreme heat, but I don’t know where to go either. Plus my honey has lived here 40+ years. BUT, we soon will have no family here anymore. If you get to Florida, anywhere in this gigantic state, I would LOVE to see you!! And you could certainly spend some time with us! Like Bojana, I can’t wait to hear all about this, and I’m certain YOU are READY lady. Don’t second guess yourself, you got this in spades!!! GIFT!
    I’m going to sign off and message you later. Love you lady!!!!
    ~ Tamara

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    1. I will try to never go dark, I can’t I’d miss you and everyone here! South Florida… I remember when I visited my sister (she has since moved) in Miami for a couple months… JULY AND AUGUST… what was I thinking??? I almost melted, twice! I’m excited for the RV life, cautiously nervous but what’s the worst thing that can happen??? We don’t like it and stop. Looking forward to that message. I will always be available my friend. You never know… we may meet up one day, I have a feeling we will!😊💜


  9. I look forward to following your journey to life on the road. You know where to find me if I can offer any suggestions or advice. But I will add my two cents … take the journey slow. If you move every week or two, even the healthiest of RVers get exhausted. We’re spending our summer in Hayward, WI at my sister-in-law’s place on a lake. Sunday we’ll be going to Two Harbors MN for a few days. I’m being reminded of the weather in the Midwest and missing the dry air and few bugs in the west. I’ll get caught up with our travels on my blog soon.

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    1. Sounds great, yes, the bug-less west. People have no idea. When I lived in Seattle, I didn’t even have (or need) screens on the windows. No one has screens, there are no bugs! I thought an RVer had to move every two weeks? Any longer and it would be considered long term or something? So this is good news to me. I think that’s a lot! Every two weeks and on the road again! Thank you, Ingrid! That is a relief to hear! Where do you stay in Two Harbors? (Approximately, don’t give yourself away! Haha). Jeff and I usually go up on the gunflint trail and camp. We see lots of RVers in the North. Again, thanks Ingrid! 😊


      1. Small world. When we lived in IL, every summer we would camp at a small resort just past the Gunflint Lodge. Sunday we’re going to the Burlington Bay CG in Two Harbors and Monday and/or Tuesday we’ll explore waterfalls while driving to Grand Marais. Plus, I need to photograph the Split Rock Lighthouse … my fave. It has been over 25 years since we were last in the area.
        Monthly stays at RV parks are the way to go for financial savings. A month in Tucson, a month in Phoenix, a month in Yuma, a month in ??? with slow travel days or weeks in between. That’ll be best for your health and your husbands trading (my hubby trades also). We can always talk more via email.

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          1. Haha … I can relate to the option trading terms. BTW … if you do intend to visit Tucson or Phoenix this winter, it’s not a bad idea to have some reservations in place. Texas is a little easier but not much and you’re already too late for FL. You’ll also find it more challenging finding available sites with that size RV. BTW … we’ll be staying all winter at the Pioneer RV Park in Phoenix http://www.arizonarvresorts.com/Pioneer/index.html
            We don’t plan on traveling to the Gulf Coast this winter like we have in the past.

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            1. When you do monthly stays, club discounts don’t apply because the rate is already reduced. Most Private RV parks will charge anywhere from $35 to $65 a night. A monthly stay (like Pioneer) will charge around $550 for the month bringing the nightly cost under $20 a night BUT you will have to pay electric which might be in the $60 a month range. This is just one example. Seems like you’ve given me an idea for a blog post 😊 Have you joined Escapees?

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            2. I’m still looking at all the clubs and I’m confused! Escapees, Good Sam, 1,000 Trails, Passport America, and something called FMC? Those are all possibilities, yes! A blog post would be great! I guess I’m really trying to go with the flow right now… packing and purging is incredibly stressful! We are planing to stay at my families lake home after we sell the house for 4-6 weeks, then purchase our truck and RV. That’ll be recuperate time for me and the hubs. Do you use a dish or hotspot to get internet?


            3. The only clubs I would consider to start off with would be Escapees and Passport America. Feel free to check my ‘resource page’. When I get a chance, I’ll shoot you an email 😊

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