The House on Taylor Street (Looming House Inspection)

This is where I try to sound like I know what I’m doing, but I really only have a 50/50 shot of coming out of this unscathed. Right now, it is 5:14 AM. Neither the hubby nor I can sleep any longer. The day of the home inspection is here! A man who literally holds the key to Jeff and I being able to sell our home in two weeks arrives at 10AM. I feel the left side of my chest tighten, the acidity of bile burns the back of my throat… I am terrified.

We never got our bathroom finished. We’ve lived in this house for 14 years. The beautiful artsy neighborhood referred to as the Arts District in northeast Minneapolis. The day we signed our mortgage papers, we knew there were three things we wanted to do. We planned to pull the carpet, hardwoods were underneath and the white oak needed to be given back some life! The bathroom, I wanted that subway tile with a black and white checked floor for as long as I could remember. The beauty of buying an old home is the restoration of it. Our house was built in 1907. We knew we would paint the interior, the exterior was a scrumptious buttered cream stucco. (You thought I was going to say remodel the kitchen… no, maybe a different countertop?) I loved the big weird kitchen. The corner sink, gas range, empty corners that would allow me to display some of my treasures! The kitchen was ugly, but it was my kind of ugly!

In June of 2006, the hubs and I moved into our big stucco duplex, with big dreams and high hopes for the future of whatever was to come! The first chapter of our life together as husband and wife.

This is my account of life in the house on Taylor Street … warts and all!

(To be continued… whenever an opportunity presents itself.)

Always choose to live your best life!

As per your request, The House on Talor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)


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          1. Wooohooo, you must be relieved the inspection went smoothly! A 1907 house, that’s pretty cool. And an interesting area, too. My fingers are crossed to breaking point (perhaps quite literally as I have osteopenia 😂) for a smooth, quick sale!! xxxx

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        1. It wasn’t. It’s just a way to ensure you don’t end up buying a house that needs a lot of work without your knowledge, as well as a report card for the seller clearing them of any wrong doing. Americans are always ready to sue someone! We just got our get out of jail card… cost us some bucks! It’s worth it.😊💫

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  1. shit go down
    like with kelly and greg
    and it was no shake of a leg
    so we ripped out the carpet
    and will lay tile
    some other year
    and no bathroom
    sink cos i too threw it out
    without thinking

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    1. Then I think you’d have loved my kitchen! I collect vintage metal lunch boxes, have those on a shelf, I repurposed an old cabinet into a pantry and painted it dark red, my kitchen is kind of a butter creme yellow so it worked. I have my hubby’s tricycle and child size rocking chair each hung in a corner of my kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are bland off white with colorful, home-made tiled back splashes. I have a gas stove and a nondescript fridge. I had an enormous clock hanging above the fridge. Copper pots hang from a pot rack and my ‘kitchen-witch’ hangs in a big window. My mom made sure I had a kitchen-witch so none of my dishes for my hubby burn!) I make my own posters with cool postcards and local newspapers… I’m often described as eclectic! (Ha! Yes, a bit weird!)

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        1. I know I have some. They are in a box with penguins on! (I’m serious.) I will see what I have and post it with my next ‘The Taylor House’ installement of the series! I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now as this weekend is moving time! YIKES!

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    1. We celebrated by having a yummy pizza delivered! Ha! But it was nice, and we both seriously took naps. What a relief! Pictures of my kitchen… lord, I need to see what I have. The kitchen has been dismantled! I’m sure I have photos… I’ll put a little photo op of my kitchen… are you on FB? Oh! No I can put it on my next “The Taylor House” series post! I have a feeling they’ll happen much quicker than once a week… but for sure, Once A Week (no less). It really was a weird space but I loved it! In the middle of all that was my kitchen, I had a big old butcher block sitting right in the middle of the floor! Haha… yep! 🙄😆💜

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    1. Yes, we passed!!! It really is an ugly kitchen but I loved the space! Coming out of an aprtment ‘galley’ kitchen and moving into a house with a monster kitchen… loved it! We are moving to our family lakehouse I own with my siblings in an LLC (like a ‘trust’) family farm property. We’ll stay there for a bout 6 weeks while we purchase our truck and 5th wheel! Yep. Full Time RVing here we come! Its been a dream for the last 5 years and we are finally making it happen! Yahoo!!!

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  2. Kim, I’m SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!! How excited you must be and anxious to see how this next part of your journey unfolds. You are such a great spirit and inspire me every day to be a better warrior. Why am I grieving the loss of your moving when I’ve never even been there? I guess I feel like you may move away! 😮

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    1. First, never will I leave you, my friend. Change is constant. This change will give me more time, not less. More time to blog, admin my groups and expand my page maybe even finally market my book properly! The most exciting thing is I hope to feel better! I’ve been losing ground, resorting to getting by and surviving. I want to thrive! And I have a hunch, this is a good step towards my goal. I know your happy for me and the hubs. I won’t leave. I’ll be much more available once this move has been made. I am going to miss my big old city house. But our time together must end. Time for a new chapter! I’d never been brave enough to do this if not for the constant support from my tribe. You are part of this tribe… these wonderful people who are with me, sharing and caring! How did I get so lucky. 😊💜


  3. So glad it came out well!!
    We are house hunting now.
    I hate it. Just want it over and settled.
    Barely started and I’m so tired already.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Good luck Kym!! xoxo

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    1. Thanks Wen! Just get less house than you think you need. There’s my 2 cents. I’m so happy we are moving into a 5th wheel. No need for curtains, extra dishes are tons of ‘stuff’. A few changes of clothes, some linens and towls… our home office stuff, files and computers… not even our desks. We are ready to go! Yahoo.

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      1. Hard to do when my father in law is moving in with us. But I’m trying. Stuart gets big eyes though. He goes from one extreme to the next. 😆 I told him I can’t clean much!
        So excited for you!!

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        1. Oh, Stuart’s father. That’ll be nice. No, you cannot clean much. 5hanks for your enthusiasm! I’m lying here in bed crying right now cause I’m soooo sore. Dear lord! It was nice to read your comment.😊💜


          1. Oh honey, I was afraid of that. It’s been 2 days since you wrote this, I hope you are feeling better, but I know how much a move can wreck havoc on us. My heart is with you my dear. I’m a bit worried about you. 💕💕

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            1. Awe. No. It is regular fibro pain. I am packing pulling and pushing, none of which we should do but have to and then we must pay. So, I paid and am back at it today, will pay for today, too. No worries. It’s all expected. Then I just reach out and our tribe takes over. xoxo


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