I Am Homeless

It feels surreal. No, actually it feels scary… unorganized, tumultuous, messy… and a bit sad. The house on Taylor Street now stands alone. Vacant. Waiting for a new life to fill her walls. I only want the best for her. She saw me through many years of health, happiness, illness, sadness… but I could no longer care for her. Fibromyalgia made sure of that. On the 5th of September, we will hand over the keys to her new owner.

I don’t know much about him, the future owner. I don’t believe we are really supposed to ever meet. The little bit of information I have found out is that he is from Japan. He is an expert at purchasing and refurbishing duplexes. This is what he DOES. The house on Taylor Street will be in good hands, I think. I hope.

Fibromyalgia takes and takes. The more you fight your symptoms, the more your symptoms fight back! I was not able to move from my home with a planned pace of moving in an organized fashion … fibromyalgia made sure of that. It was a frantic and chaotic exercise, just trying to get everything boxed and thrown into a pick-up bed.


I arrived at my family lake home with very little memory of the actual event. The following days my families annual reunion was taking place as scheduled. I was in attendance. (I know this because I am in the family picture!) Honestly, I do not have much recollection of the weekend event. The following week I know I made some meals, went on a few boat rides, and drove my mom to a few medical appointments. I made a nurse cry (long story). I made the ritualistic runs to WalMart, I have the storage bins to prove it. During this time, my husband was driving from the lake house to the city house to empty the last remaining boxes of tools and ‘man’ stuff.

Then, three days ago I went to bed and I just never got up.

Three days felt like an hour… I did emerge from my room once. My sister simply looked at me and said, “you’ve lost two days.” I nodded and returned to my room, ‘losing’ another day. My sister knows about the loss of time as she suffers from debilitating migraines. Infrequently but never the less horrific to observe. (I can’t fathom that kind of excruciating head pain!)

Now what lies ahead of me is a smaller home. An RV until we decide where to put down roots again. A pickup truck. Only the worldly possessions that we can carry with us. Fibromyalgia can’t take that away… but it will try.

It is so good to be back blogging! I have missed our tribe terribly!





Author: I tripped over a stone.

I am happily married to Jeff. We are full-time RVers. We have two Goldendoodles; Dora and Dezzie. I have had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have learned a few tricks to deal with it, but it is my stone in the road! I am a Fibromyalgia Advocate. I have co-authored a book, The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia (your personal journal.) It is available on Amazon and on my blog. I enjoy making Tribe Bracelets, also available now on my blog. Stone in the Road is another blog of mine where I post a collection of stories by bloggers that I follow.

59 thoughts on “I Am Homeless”

    1. Thank you my friend. You have been through some very challenging times lately as well… new starts for us both! Hard, but worth it. We can survive the pain, the emotional challenges we know are far more difficult. We support each other through it all. I’ve missed you too, Bo! 💝

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  1. I think about that every time the husband and I talk about a bigger house or a house with more stairs.. will it be pointless in a few years bc the fibro will make it too hard.. I love the idea of an RV.. and look forward to hearing about your adventures.

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    1. Hi. It’s really impossible to know what fibro will do to us… but always run YOUR race. I loved my big city house, all 14 years. Leaving it was tough. But I wouldn’t have changed taking that risk. Well, the RV. I guess we will see how that goes! Yikes. Glad your coming with!!! I’m telling it all, good and bad. Did you know I have to buy RV toilet paper? That was news to me! 😊

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      1. You can use Scott 1 ply brand in your RV. It doesn’t have to be RV tissue. I get it at Walmart or the dollar store. Been using it for over a year now and have had no problems. Learned this from someone who had been rving for 10 yrs or more. Also, so happy you’re back! 😊💜

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  2. Oh my Kim. Hugs to you always. You are brave, courageous, humorous and strong. Good things are coming your way, that is my wish for you. For now enjoy a simple life, less stuff and more time to let your body rest and heal. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness.

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    1. Thank you so much Bella! I’ve been writing my mantra… well, I did up until the day we started the frantic packing. It certainly kept me sane! Thank you for that. Now you have delightfully reminded me to begin the mindful writing again! I appreciate you!😊💜

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  3. I’m sorry your move resulted in so much pain for you Kim. I hope things settle down soon and you’re able to enjoy some of your “in-between” time. I was lucky with our last move because we closed on our house a couple of months before our lease was up on our rental. That allowed us to move a little at a time. The move just prior to that (the year before) was the trip from hell – so I can completely empathize with what you went through. Take some time to rest and recuperate. Sending hugs!

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    1. Thank you Terri! I’m glad I am not the only one who went on a little trip to the dark abyss… man! I couldn’t get a handle on things. It went very bad! I’m recouped and recovered, mostly… I’ve apologized emphatically to my husband and thanked my in laws profusely for their help. I plan to send a little gift once the house closes… for sure a card, at least! 😊💜

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  4. Kim,
    Moving forward from the known into the unknown can be so scary and riveting and exhausting and exciting all rolled up into one! Hopefully, the hard part is past you and you can saunter at your own pace toward new horizons in your new found freedom! I’d like to write wise words to give you, but sometimes you just can’t improve on the classics. So here’s an Irish Blessing to you, my good friend! (May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and until we meet again (or meet face-to-face), may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand! Go conquer the world, Kim with you grace, kindness and brave spirit! Mona

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  5. Congratulations on getting the house sold Kim. Packing sucks beyond words, but that is over now, and you are free as a bird. I suspect it doesn’t feel that way due to the curse you endure, but now you get to explore not be tethered to anything. I am rooting for you.

    Just make sure that wherever you go, healthcare isn’t too far away.

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    1. Thanks so much Steve! Yes, packing sucks pond water! Once I got through the lurking flare, I must say, I do feel very free. It’s a bit unnerving at the moment but it’ll feel great not having to send in a mortgage payment next month! Yasss! I will be aware of healthcare facilities… don’t worry…😊💫

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  6. welcome back Kim!
    i had a home shoved up my ass
    twenty some years ago
    my marriage went belly up
    i got fired
    cashed in my assets
    and said fuck it to
    so called real life
    fa three years
    true story
    and no regrets!
    good luck
    with your fuck it too!~

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      1. yw you need to know you are not alone and we all have shitty shitty times in our lives. like pam here in slc living off was her names dime. literally. she has fibro too and has kicked many bad habits.

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        1. I do remember you telling me of Pam. The best to her! You are right, we all go through shitty times. We bounce, though. We get right back up swinging. This move for me is positive… thought long and hard and decided to jump!!! We are able to now purchase an RV and travel… I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to remain mobile… damn FM and it’s little pain pals try to take me down frequently, but I’m still swinging. I jumped, sold the house, and am going to live the best I know how. I’m so excited but very freaked out! This was either a very smart move or incredibly stupid! I’ll find out soon I guess… fingers crossed, John!😊

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  7. Can totally relate to losing several days, sigh. But be gentle on yourself because moving is so hard, and letting go of a ‘place’ that we loved and found safe can be very hard. I am hoping that you share the crying nurse story sometime in another post–sounds intriguing!! Glad to have you back though! I really missed your Sunday questions this week! ❤️❤️

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    1. Oh! You just made my whole day! It’s nice to be missed. It is so hard, moving, so much chaos and emotional turmoil. I think I have some pretty good questions for you on Sunday… I missed everyone! Sunday’s are my favs! I can’t wait to read your answers! 😊💫

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  8. I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading. I’m so sorry to hear the transition has been difficult. I wish you well on your RV journey and if I can help in any way please reach out. 😎

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    1. Hi Ingrid! You have been so helpful already! I definitely consider you a gem I stumbled upon! I am trying to catch up with blog posts too! A total moving meltdown seems to have affected this. (No wonder!) I’m following you and your absolutely wonderful blog! Thank you!😊💜

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        1. I’ve finally bounced back. Literally today!!! Been a rough couple weeks. Knowing we are a go for our closing has helped very much but things can go wrong there too… but once the ink is on the paper… done deal. (We close the 5th.) Ingrid, migraines! Oh my. I couldn’t imagine having those severe head issues! Oh no! I think a flare of my symptoms would be easier to deal with then migraines! Those scare me. My flares, they suck pond water but I can ‘deal’ and know what to expect… well, stressful for us both! But glad we made the decision and fought through it!!! 😊💜

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  9. Fibromyalgia can never take away your kick ass spirit, Kim.
    I can only imagine how exhausting, difficult and scary this whole process is. But, it’s also exciting!
    Ps. You’re not supposed to make the nurse cry, that’s usually their job 😂

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  10. Kim, you absolutely rock! I cannot, let me repeat, CANNOT fathom packing up house and…well mo and. Doesn’t matter what comes after. Packing up my house sounds completely overwhelming. And yet, you did it! You are amazing! I would think, after you recover, the main thing to do would be to stay organized, and then to ENJOY the RV life. THAT, I could get behind. What’s the next step? We really do need to catch up. I miss you! ❤

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    1. Hi Jayne! I don’t know if I rock… I got ‘r dun tho- 😂😂🤣 we close on the 5th in September. The hubby and I are at the lake home we own with my siblings. BUT. After we close, we need a few weeks to purchase our RV and truck then make sure it all works… we are outta MN before the snow flies! We hope by Oct 1st. Anyway, we will catch up! I’ve been so overwhelmed I forgot my first name!😳 its all good!💜


  11. Goodness, Kim! My heart goes out to you. I’ve lost several (more) blogger days and came back to this. Congratulations on selling your home and good fortune on your new journey. It is hard to say goodbye! Particularly when it is not our choice. God speed, sister!

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