What is … IT?

What the heck is fibromyalgia?

The truth is, we know of it. We know it is about pain. We know it is chronic, there is no cure.

We do not know with certainty how it happens, what toll it will take on a person’s life, or why it varies from person to person.

How do we expect other people to understand fibromyalgia when we don’t really know ourselves? It’s a guessing game at this point. How do you explain something like Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

Let’s get down to basics when asked what is fibromyalgia, keep it simple…

No one gets in line to get a diagnosis. We receive it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We were never given a choice! Let’s at least work together to promote awareness and understanding of this syndrome.



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      1. That’s exactly where it gets so tricky as I do suspect the ‘why’ might be different for some than it is for others. It sure does seem that a period of high stress, antibiotic use, and/or past trauma is ‘some sort of a factor’ in almost all chronic or mystery illness, though — I for one have lots of ‘speculative theories’ regarding my own personal case — but until I find scientists willing to spend big money on research…it’s ‘crickets’. Gotta make our own noise I guess, and carry on best we can!

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        1. You nailed it! Yes I suspect that there are definite traumas, illness, medication use, genes, even (yes!) STRESS that precede the onset of a chronic illness. Theories are abundant. Now for the money to test these theories… I think I hear crickets too! 😳

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  1. You’re so good to speak out about it Kim. I have a friend who has it but she doesn’t like to talk about it. She mostly laughs it off. Maybe laughter is her mechanism for coping. Take care. xx

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    1. Hi Miriam! We are not all comfortable talking about this illness! I wasn’t for years. But I speak (blog) about it now, hoping to reach even one person who wants to learn about fibro. Hoping to be of some help to others who have fibro. Laughter is always good medicine! 😊💜💫

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  2. I really appreciate this because, honestly, I hadn’t a clue what it truly was. We don’t know but it hurts is a great answer. Scientifically? It’s a nerve disease. Something, somewhere, inside is sending mixed signals, the wrong signal, and pain is the result. That really sucks, sister. 😟

    But, again, I appreciate the concise lesson. Some of us needed that to better understand!

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