The House on Taylor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)

Well here’s a little post that you requested from a while back. I talked about my house on Taylor Street’s kitchen. It was an ugly kitchen but it was MY KIND of ugly! So I have rooted around and found a few photos. I do not have access to my entire box of photos right now. Let me explain, the pictures are packed in a moving box, one of many of common size that I forgot to label… (help!)

I usually do not take pictures in my kitchen… but I’ll post what I found.

When my husband and I moved into the house on Taylor Street we came straight from an eclectic Uptown brownstone. No yard! Small, galley kitchen. All our possessions were second hand. (I liked the hunt through thrift stores and estate sales to find my prizes.) When one of my nieces asked me if she could go play in the back yard (little suburban raised child). I said, “We don’t have one, poor people don’t have backyards.” I believe if looks could kill, my sister would have seen to my demise at that very moment. SNAP! (Statement retracted.)

Let’s just get this out of the way, my elephant in the room. I love collecting metal lunch boxes! I try to find meaningful ones. I like TV shows I watched as a kid. Toys I played with, books I read, and the like. It’s a bit of an issue. But! I have never paid more than $7 for any of my lunchboxes. That’s a win! And! I get to share my collection with you! Any of theses lunchboxes mean anything to you? Which would you pick???

Have to put a few backyard shots in as this was my view from the big kitchen window!

It was a good kitchen. Ugly but as I said, my kind of ugly and no one ever said differently. Many impromptu parties occurred as neighbors wandered over. We had back yard parties (we had a bonfire pit!). There were porch parties, and one memorable wine and jazz ladies party. I had a surprise birthday for my hubby’s 45th birthday in that house. The house on Taylor Street… we close on the 5th of September. It remains a place I will go to for many Magic Memories! They will be good memories, all good.


26 thoughts on “The House on Taylor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)

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  1. Love it! The idea of ‘my kind of ugly’ is so spot on, totally relate. And the wine and jazz ladies party reminds me of my favorite lunchbox of your collection — the black one with dressed up Barbies ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. ‘To the pure all things are pure’ comes to mind, (regarding the Barbie’s not being cool with some). I think it’s fun to get dressed up and be glamorous, that’s what spoke to me about that particular lunchbox. But only sometimes! It is also fun to make mud pies and to be unkempt sometimes too!!! 🤣

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  2. Oh Kim,
    I’m so excited to see your kitchen! Thanks for sharing! And you think it’s ugly??? I don’t. I think it’s cool! Okay, I’m a collector at heart, so I wouldn’t be able to decide, but I love the Scooby Doo and The Munsters! Growing up, I had a red Josie and the Pussycats lunchbox. BTW, I collect (scratch that), I used to collect cookie jars. My favorite is a purple cow. (Also my most expensive!) Mona

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    1. Ooohhhh….a purple cow cookie jar! Nice! You had a Josie and the pussy cats lunchbox? Man… I’d love to just see one. Was it metal or vinyl? My kitchen… Mona, i loved my kitchen! Compared to other kitchens, yep, ugly. But after I put what I liked in it, I loved my kitchen! It was an old house, an old city house built in 1907. I think the interior should reflect the house and its unique exterior! Thanks for liking my ‘ugly’ 😉 kitchen! Oh! The Munsters and Scooby Doo! Great picks! 😊💜


  3. Oh, you KNOW which one I want! Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman!

    I had that one as a kid. 🙂

    My favorite two were an Incredible Hulk one and a Marvel heroes one, but I’ll take Supes in a pinch. Beautiful kitchen!

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  4. Lots of beautiful memories that you can forever cherish. I really like being nosy and seeing all your photos! Very cool lunchbox collection, I especially love the Betty Boop one. I have a mini collection, maybe 6 I think tin lunchboxes that I store various bits of stuff (junk) & useful items (sweets) in, but they’re not as cool as yours as I’ve only bought them when I’ve found a bargain. Mr Men, Hello Kitty (also have plastic boxes, love HK!), something with unicorns on (emphasis on the cheap there).. It compliments the slight obsession I have with tupperware, general plastic storage tubs and two cupboards full of mugs too 😂
    The 5th is coming around quickly, Kim! xx

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    1. That’s a great collection, Caz. And cheap is thrifty! I never paid much for any lunchbox! Most were bought off eBay, the rest, thrift stores! I used to store crayons in a few and Barbie doll clothes in others because my nieces thought that was fun! That’s the beauty of a box collection! There can be things inside! 😉 the Betty Boop is cute. I painted a ceramic Betty Boop with my Great Aunt, she had a kiln and was a great pottery maker. I still have that, I had to have been in grade school when I painted her. The 5th cannot come soon enough in my book! Wahoo! Thanks Caz😊💜💫

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    1. Thanks Suzanne! I loved that big old kitchen! I’ll probably always have that lunch box collection… still looking for one more, found it in vinyl but never metal so I don’t even know if they made it. The Jetsons! A cartoon I watched as a child. (Ok there is always just One More…) 🤣😂🤣

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