What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #28)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. You are taking a trip! Would you go on a cruise or on a plane to a vacation destination?
  2. It is time to purchase/rescue a pet. (It’s your turn, nothing stands in your way!) What would you choose and what would you name your pet?
  3. You are watching a movie in a movie theatre and the man sitting a few chairs down from you starts playing a game on his phone. It’s very annoying. What do you do?


  1. I think I would choose a cruise. My hubby’s never been on one, and I bet we’d have a blast!
  2. I’m going in for another dog! This time a smaller poodle mix of some kind, I’d love a Shih Tzu-poo again! I’d name her Nelda or Nona…
  3. There are stupid people everywhere. I wouldn’t ignore him, but the most I’d do is get up and move because someone IS going to react and it won’t be pretty!

38 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #28)

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  1. Alnwick Castle UK.. would love to see the gardens

    Black cat (older) because they don’t find homes as often, midnight .. from I shall wear midnight terry pratchett

    I would just let it go, in ten years this will not bother me and I have enough stress in life..

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    1. Castles and gardens! I’m so jealous of the historical beauty in the UK. I love your pet idea. That’s a great attitude! I’m totally stealing this and before getting bothered by something… I’m going to ask my self if it’ll matter in ten years. Brilliant! Thank you!😊💫


  2. 1. One my recent trip from Dover to Birmingham I drove my car as it’s the only way to get there. It’s only when crossing the channel into France I use the ship.
    2. A dog, for certain. I can’t think of a name. I think you have to see the dog to name it. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this song I wrote. It’s about my old dog, Skipper. It’s a sad song written just after he died three years ago. I’d never since written a song so fast as that one.
    3. If the bloke was really annoying I’d tell the lady in the seat in front of me that he’s been taking pictures of her. She’ll then complain to the staff. They would call the police who would take him away and then we could get on with watching the movie.

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    1. So cool how you can just take a ship for transport! Dogs! I agree you have to see them. Both my current dogs were renamed once I saw their faces. The name I picked didn’t fit, they just about TOLD me their name. I will be listening to the song about Skipper. I can still get emotional over the loss of my pets, no matter how much time has passed. They are gone too soon. The annoying dude at the theatre… did you just devise this plan or have you always had this idea in your head? Outstanding! Hysterical… the police WOULD be called!!! That’d teach Mr. Cell Phone. Thanks George! Always a pleasure to read your answers.

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      1. As I’ve said before, most times I prefer animals to people. Especially a dog. Skipper was a best friend so I agree with you. We do miss then always. I have to admit I made up the cinema bit, but think it would work – certainly if the bloke was married he’d have a hell of a job telling his wife what happened.

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      1. You got the line right. When the vet gave me the options it was clear my dog had to die he was that sick and old – a 14 year old Border Collie I had since I was a kid. I locked myself away and wrote this song the same day. I just worked out it was 5 years ago.

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        1. George. A very special tribute. I had to do the same for my 12 year old dog, LILO. She had cancer. We just are never ready to let them go… but it is the right and responsible thing to do. I believe those words came very quickly. Very special tribute to Skipper. Thank you again, fo sharing this special song.

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  3. 1. Cruise – plenty of luggage and your own toilet! 2. A horse – Hero
    3. Being British I would be too inhibited to complain, being a writer I would take an avid interest in the debacle if someone else complained!

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    1. Hello Bojana! So you’d go by airplane! I don’t mind flying… but the cramped seats, oh puh-lease!!! AND a snack would be nice! You’d go for a dog. Plum? That’s really cute. I bet you’d tell the guy! Please (Powers That Be) let me be at the movie theatre when Bojana tells the dude off !!! 🤣😂🤣💝

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    1. Glacier National Park! That is definitely on my bucket list! The Siamese cat… they are gorgeous! My uncle only had Siamese cats, hey! His name is John too! Hmmm… Great choice. “Pie hole!” Hahaha! Nice! Thanks, John! 😊💫


  4. Kim,
    Okay I’m crying right now as I write. That’s okay. I needed to cry. We had to put Mom’s cat Socks to sleep yesterday. I can’t really…please thank Zoolon for the music and the cry! It was perfect.
    Let’s see…
    1) Cruise around the world like my friend got to do. She had a 5 month trip. I’m so jealous. Makes me want to work hard and become fabulously wealthy.
    2) Another dog. For Buddy, our dog who we’ve had for a full year now. We rescued him from a bad situation and was never able to find another home for him. But I loves him now and he’s staying. Anyway, we’ve always been a “cat” house and when we got Bud, the cats kind of freaked out. To this day, the cats are not nice to Bud, and he could really use a friend. The major obstacle? David didn’t want Buddy to begin with. He’s sometimes okay with him being here, but he says absolutely no more dogs. *sigh*
    3) After I read Zoolon’s response, I mean that was sheer genius. Can’t top that! I tend to ignore a lot, but if it was really that bad, I’d notify management and let them do their job.
    Okay, gotta listen one more time to Zoolon’s music and then I’m off.


    1. I’m so sorry, Mona. These pets just take our hearts… I will thank Zoolon for you. George is a clever guy, music to match, and I would bet an absolute heart of gold! I so enjoy his music. I know you do too.
      Since you are already crying, and it’s good to cry, let me share a lil story with you. There was this family that had to put down their dog. The dog was 12. The little girl who was 6 asked her dad if she would die at 12? He explained that dogs age faster so NO, she’d live to be very old. The girl thought about this. Later that night her dad asked her again how she was feeling. She explained she knew why dogs died sooner than people… “dogs know how to love when they are born, we have to live longer to learn how.” (True story.)
      I want you to be wealthy too! You could ‘buy’ me! Then I’ll travel with you!!! It sounds great!😂🤣😂 As far as the rude dude in the theatre… we can maybe hit a few movies with George and watch the master! That be really cool because he’s in the UK! Hurry up and get rich!😊💝💫

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  5. 1. Plane to somewhere or other — no cruise for me; unless it’s a very short cruise or boat ride to get to an eventual destination. I get motion sickness so overnighting it on a boat isn’t my idea of ‘vacation!’ and I also like to have my feet on land and easy escape routes wherever I stay!
    2. Whichever animal spoke to me wherever I was rescuing it from (dog, cat, pig, goat — open to whatever) and I would name him or her after our meeting as I wouldn’t know a good name until then!
    3. Ugh. That’s the worst. Usually I just sit and steam or give dirty looks (that go unnoticed) or turn around…but if he’s in front of me…hmm…. If it’s truly bad and impossible to ignore then I’d probably move seats if possible or go tell the management!

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    1. Oohhh… stay off the water, terrible to have motion sickness and no way to escape it. I like your rescue idea and I think you’ll know the name when you see the face! Love that. People really are selfish! I’d move seats too! Hopefully squeezing by him and probably knocking his phone out of his hands! Ha! That’d tick him off! For sure I’d tell on him. Thank you! 😊💫


  6. another set of GREAT questions and I hope you and your husband get to go on a cruise!

    1. Due to my CIs, a plane causes a lot of pressure in my head, making things worse and I am afraid any movement of a ship may cause similar issues…………..so, I would have to choose a third option, drive. But, if I was well, I would want to go on a cruise!

    2. I have always wanted to rescue a donkey and a pig and since the donkey can’t be alone I would rescue two and call them Jack and Jill. The pig, I would call Banks.

    3. Hmmm………this is a tough one. I would be really pissed since we hardly go out and I finally felt well enough to go see a movie………I would want to throw food at him. But, I would probably move if I could do it without bothering the nice people around me.

    Thanks again Kim! I can’t believe it is Sunday again!

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    1. Hello my friend! Cruise ship time! I’ve been on a day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and it was fun! Honestly, you can even tell the ship is moving until you get off it. Sea Legs is a real thing! (Don’t risk it!) I did not know that about donkeys… Jack and Jill. That’d fit! Cute. Oh! The pig, ‘Banks’ yasss! I’m coming over!!! That, seriously, would be fun pet adoptions/rescues. The rude dude at the theatre, I talk big but I know I’d just sigh, loudly at him, and move seats. Period. Thanks, Wendi! 😊💜💫

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      1. Well…. flying far does not work for me. Thought I would die from the pain when I went to Belgium. So a cruise it would be.
        My daughter has already talked to a lady who rescues. By the way I still have 5 rescues. This lady has a special needs pup. A very very special needs pup!!!! I’m worried because I’m going to be the main care taker. Not sure I can do it. Her name is chickpea. When I first saw her I was in love. Had no idea my daughter would even consider it. I wish we could have talked it over before my daughter talked to the rescue.
        I would smile at the guy. And as long as there was no sound. I would let it go. That way when he got pissed at someone else I might be safe if there were fireworks so to speak

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        1. Margie on the cruise ship! It’d be great fun I think! Chickpea. Well, you are an incredible example for all rescuers! Yay! (Your daughter will have to be oncall for those tougher days.) interesting approach with the annoying dude… hmmm… true, it could go sideways! You’d be safer than most if it did! Thanks, Margie!😊💜💫


  7. 1. I’d maybe say cruise as I’ve never been and they’ve never really appealed to me (I like the safety of dry land!) but I’ve heard so many good experiences now that I’m curious what a cruise is like. Not that it matters, I’ll never be able to afford one 😂
    2. Golden retriever. Finn. Already thought about this. I think a psychiatrist would have a field day with my brain. I also love the name Nona, that’s so sweet!
    3. Promptly get up and sit on him. I’ll have a better view with him as a booster seat, and he can’t play games while his arms are crushed under my backside.

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    1. Take that cruise! Enter every kind of give away you can! I’ve been on two adventures, cruise to the Bahamas and an all inclusive resort in Cozumel for free! Dumb luck! Right place right time!!! (AND that luck has run out… couldn’t win a plastic bag these days…🤣) Finn the golden retriever! That is so cool. I think your brain is just fine! I’m going to the theatre with you! Sit on him Caz! Enjoy that movie on a booster seat! 😉 thanks! 😊💜

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  8. 1. Do cruise ships go to Vegas?

    2. This is a tough one. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “dog” and maybe even be specific and say something like “golden retriever” and I might even get more specific and name this “golden retriever” “Maverick,” or “Moxie,” or “Ludo,” or maybe even “Marvel.” Yes! “Marvel!” But if I already had a golden retriever named “Marvel” then I’d probably get another golden retriever and call it “DeeCee” so that when I call my dogs the neighbors can hear me saying “Marvel and DC, come!” ⚡👊⚡

    3. I’d beat the crap out of the guy. I’d leap over the aisles and just start pummeling him, because of the nerve … nah … just kidding. Live and let live. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy the same movies that I enjoy? What game is he playing? Is it a free app? Are we watching one of those boring survival movies where someone quietly tries to survive in the snow for hours? Or worse, are there car chases? I hate car chases. What’s the name of that app again?

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    1. Brother Tom! Cruise ships do not go to Vegas but they definitely SHOULD. What… a DOG, named Marvel, golden retriever… next up DeeCee. You are coming out of left field at me! Who knew?!?! 🤣😂🤣 The name of the APP is “I’m Entitled!” Can you go back to the part where you beat the crap out of him??? I get it… live and let live… UNLESS YOU’RE IN A DAMN MOVIE THEATRE…damn it. If you don’t like the movie, maybe you should LEAVE? Ah, Tom, who does that? A dude who believes he’s “extra.” 😂🤣😂 thanks, my friend! Always a delight! (You had the hubby at…leaping over the aisles and pummel him… ) such violent fantasies! 😉💫

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      1. Ah, I’ve done it and I’m happy to report no one beat the crap out of me. I would have just left but then I would have had to answer to Mrs C. After all, I AGREED to go watch Fast and Furious XIV (or whichever it was) with her so walking out would have been unacceptable. The phone thing, though, it was “work-related.” 😉

        And, for the record, “DC” is the OTHER major comic book company (the one that puts out Batman and Superman as opposed to Spider-Man and The Hulk) so — oh — never mind. 😁

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        1. Tom! Well… if it was work related…😂🤣😂 Appliances have emergencies, I know because I HAVE appliances!!!😃 The Fast and Furious… my hubby can go to the movies with Mrs. C. I swear each installment is as long as the Bible! I’m still not going to any marvel NOR DC flick, ever… so you can play a game on your phone and so can I in the privacy of a public place!!! 😂😏🤓 thanks for not getting beat up!


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