The Search for an RV.

Ok, we are living in some pretty good digs right now. There is a fireplace! There is a lake and a grill and a fire pit. I’m certainly not complaining. All I want to make clear is that I am ready to have my own home again. Whatever I define as my home. That would be an RV!

There is an RV I like in Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Arizona… now, what the heck do we do? Update. The Arizona one sold. What? One day on the RVTrader!!! Wow. That went quick. And there goes the one in Texas as well. I still have a total of seventeen RV’s on my saved list. Seventeen!

The decision to purchase a 5th wheel was fairly obvious soon after we began our search…at least I thought so until the buying process started. Eventually, you need to choose, and we decided to hunt for a 5th wheel! Then we heard some of these 5th wheels come with a garage! A garage translates into ‘office space’ to me as well as a place to hold our CanAm Spyder once we are travel bound.

A 5th wheel toy hauler is for us!

There are different ‘makes.’ There are various ‘models.’ There are different lengths, colors, and floor plans! There is the Cadillac of RVs then there are the humbled down versions. We tried to pick something in the middle.

We chose the Keystone brand as we like their track record in the warranty department. We also like a number of their models. This being our first RV purchase, we want to be somewhere in the middle of the price point of the RV ‘sales’ when we choose our first home on wheels! Not too long, not too short! Not too expensive, not too cheap! We have to live in this, so it’s got to have a little appeal and adequate storage. (Whatever adequate means at this point.)

We have four contenders. Starting with the high-end Raptor (nice but scary expensive). Then continuing in the price point spread; the Fuzion, Impact, and Carbon. One of these will be our future home! We like the Fuzion a lot. Then, looking at the most bang for our buck, we have decided to go after an Impact.

First things first, after deciphering the weight of what we’d need to pull a 40 foot, 5th wheel, we needed to purchase a 3/4 ton, diesel pickup truck. We decided on a low mileage 2015 Chevy Silverado, 3500. We bought this little beauty last Saturday!


We will pick up the truck today. The ‘Anderson Hitch’ (Really cool, google it!) arrives this afternoon. Next, it’s time to decide on a toy hauler… and make that purchase!

Stay tuned!


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  1. I really don’t know your age, but there is a great Facebook group called “50 and Over RV’ers”. Many of them are full-time RVers and they always have a lot of info to share. They support each other with maintenance issues, campground recommendations, and even traffic issues. In addition, they share beautiful photos of their travels. I am not an RVer – but since I am basically homebound, I enjoy living the RV life through their posts. Thought you might want to check them out!

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    1. Hello Teresa! I just turned 52! I’m flabbergasted that I made it to 52 so I’m proud of my age!😊 I definitely will check out that group! Thank you for sharing. Seriously sounds like a valuable resource. I will be joining that group! It is hard to hear that you are home bound. I know how that feels. It’s not great, it’s not easy. I think it was brilliant of you to join an RVing group!!! You live vicariously through those women. Who knows, one day you may be traveling? I invite you to come travel with me, the hubby, and our fur babies; Dora (85 lbs of pure love) and Dezzie (48 lbs of endless, joyful energy)! We will have a blast!😊🎉🎉🎉


      1. You are so sweet! I am 61 and also proud of my age! Can’t do anything about it anyway, right? Lol 😂. If you enjoy the camping Facebook group, you might also enjoy a podcast called “Girl Camper”. It is hosted by an “older” lady who encourages women to camp. They have camping group meetings that sound like a bunch of fun! Yes, I live vicariously through other travelers – oh, the places that I’ve seen!!

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        1. Oh, Teresa… it’d be fun to read about your vicarious travel… then I saw the photo of the beautiful /Ow! Ouch! I got a spasm in my back! Ouch! And then I knocked over my morning cup of coffee…/ see? That’d be so fun! Ok. This weekend, find the Over 50 RVing FB group then Girl Camper podcast! I’m on it! Right after I attend my great nephews birthday! Mr. Ryder is celebrating his 2nd birthday! I can’t miss this party! 😊🎉🎉🎉


    1. Oh my! They’ve begun! I am writing like crazy my friend! Now to line them up to post! I am so tardy in reading every one else’s blogs! I swear every time I sit down, the phone rings and there is another fire to put out! This moving stuff is not for whimps! 🤣😂🤣

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