Don’t Mess With Texas

I want to say hello!

I fought my way back! I thought about how I started this blog to simply remember how to write, not much more than that… but did I receive so much more from all of you! Wow. I want to share an account of the road (paved with good intentions) that I have been on since we sold our house in August.

We sold our house in five days and closed in thirty days. Wow! I really didn’t even have time to think! I wasn’t prepared for this massive disruption to my daily life. Even though I knew this change had to happen. I wanted that change, but the reality was that it was much more difficult than I had imagined.

A company called One Eighty Solutions contacted me and informed me they had a corporate buyer interested in the timeshare we own in Mexico… the offer was at $36,000. Was I interested? Heck yeah! I’m in! It was a scam. Of course. I think the hubby and I both somehow knew. In fact, we agreed the money we had to spend to be able to sell our property in Mexico was a complete gamble! No better shot than if we had taken that money to a casino and played the slot machines … but the casino would’ve at least provided some entertainment! We purchased the ‘license’ to be able to sell our property from the Mexican government. The next thing we knew, the ‘real estate’ company was asking us to pay a 20% capital gains tax upfront. We declined, and they told us they’d sue us for breach of contract. We said,

“Bring it!”

We would absolutely love to see all of you in court!”

They ceased contacting us. 

We bought our truck and our 5th wheel toy hauler. (Yay!)

Picking up our RV was delayed by two weeks. Once we were able to pick it up, we had to pack it and get the heck out of the Midwest! We left the very night before it started snowing. We raced south and stopped in Branson, Missouri. I thought we should go to a show! (Not this time around.)

The hubby reminded me that this was not a vacation we were on but a lifestyle we were living. We had just purchased a pickup AND an RV. There would be no attending a show! 

I admit I did agree.

We continued on to the very southern part of Texas to escape winter. We currently remain in the Harlingen area moving from RV park to RV park and will continue to do so until the first part of January.

The RV lifestyle…

I still haven’t figured this out. (I have been in a constant but mild fibro flare since August.) Right now, we are only in our fourth RV park. We had landed in South Texas. The snow was stalking us, pushing us deeper into the south. We had a toilet and a furnace that required maintenance. The MANDATORY demonstration we were required to attend (and pay for…!) was not THAT helpful.

Recommendation for first time RV buyers: Record the demo! I have the entire demo recorded on my cell phone. We have gone back to that video many times!

Today is the best I’ve felt since I left the house on Taylor Street!

It is a good thing, too, because now that we are in Texas, I found out my pain pills will not be refilled in this state. “Texas Law.” I don’t know about you, but I am NOT about to ‘mess with Texas!’

So, tribe, I’m back! I don’t believe I will be able to read all of your blog posts I’ve missed. I DO apologize for that. Look for “What About You?” It will return on its regular day, Sunday, December 1st here on I Tripped Over a Stone.

It is good to be back!




54 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas

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    1. Hey Kit!!! Yes… I am SOUTH of you!!! I think we may be getting close to that coffee date? Wouldn’t that be fun? I do have some stories already… I am trying to keep track of everything but so overwhelming… I wouldn’t trade a minute!!! HOW are you lady??? Do tell! ~xk

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  1. Welcome back!
    You look fabulous. I love the hair.
    You have been in a whirlwind! I’m surprised you aren’t in more of a flare. RV life and Texas must agree with you. I hope you don’t need your pain medication since you can’t get it. Stupid laws.
    It sure is good to “see” you.
    I’ve been posting sporadically, so you haven’t missed too much.
    I haven’t posted about it yet, but we just found a house! We will hopefully close right before Christmas.
    I’ve been told it has an RV hookup. 😉
    xoxo. Wen

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    1. Wen! A house! Are you so excited? Arizona must feel like home. I can’t wait to explore Arizona. I may be needing an RV hookup! 😂🤣😆 the pain meds – no bueno! I have a limited amount of fight left and if I get into trouble, we are mobile! Next state on the map here we come! AND Wen… its great to be “seen!”😊💜


      1. I am very excited!! I’m with Stuart, so it’s home. And I’ll tell ya, if I never see cold weather again I won’t miss it. I don’t even mind the HOT summers so much, because I love the winters here.
        I really hate you just can’t get your pain meds filled easier. Luckily you are mobile! 😁 How often do you have to go back and see your doctor to get a script? I know that was an issue.
        I think about you a lot Kym. 💕💕

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        1. I love your reply! I feel that with Jeff as well, if I am with him, I’m home. I get my RX filled three times… then I have to hAve a face to face and get drug tested! You know the drill… I’m excited to get to see Arizona… I’ve never been! I believe we will be in your area by late January/ early February! It’d be fun to meet IRL! It just may happen my friend! I am constantly telling the hubby about you! He always says you’d be a good friend for me. I so agree! Happy a Thanksgiving! xoxo


    1. Hi Brigid! It is so good to be back. Yes, those darn scammers! Incredible how they prey on their targets. There is a special place in Hell! They got a nice little sum from us but it could’ve been MUCH worse. If only I could’ve met them in a court of law! Oh well… just got my pride hurt, I can recover from that. Ready to RV? I have some stories on the way! 😊💜

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  2. Welcome to Texas, Kim! Hope the weather and the people are treating you and your husband well! I wish I could say that you’re just a stone’s throw from where I am; unfortunately, Texas is a big-assed place! However, if you come into the DFW area anytime soon, please let me know; I’d love to meet for dinner or lunch or drinks or something and give you a big ol’ hug in person! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend! Hugs, Mona

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    1. Oh Mona! That’d be fun! I can’t believe how big Texas is! My brother lived here and met and married a Texas gal. We flew to Dallas for their wedding. My sister and her hubby lived in Texas for awhile. My nephew graduated from the Air Force. We came to San Antonio for his graduation. I lived in San Antonio for a short while after my brother was admitted to the Brooke Army Medical Center. My husband taught school in Harlingen for a year… gosh! Many family members have lived in Texas… and the terrain is sooooo different in this big state. People have been lovely to us. I really like Texas!😊💜

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  3. Welcome back, Beautiful Lady! I have to confess that I am a pretty infrequent flyer around here these days, but I am looking forward to reading about all of your RV adventures!!!! No one tells the wild ride story like you do!!!! xoxoxo

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    1. Hahaha! The wild ride! Yasss… buckle up buttercup! I need to pop over and see what you’ve been up to! The hubby and I are heading to south Padre Island today for a lil’ walkabout… never know what we will run into. I’m on the hunt for fodder! 😆😄😆 Happy Thanksgiving Day, my friend! I’ve missed you!💜

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  4. Welcome back, sister! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures (no, it’s a lifestyle!) and to joining in on WAY on Sundays! Your hubby sounds like one of those really smart and sensible guys. Guys like that should own blogs called “Me Being Me” or something like that. 😉

    Don’t worry about catching up on all those missed entries, I’ll probably repost them all on my next blog when this one dies from ill-advised tinkering (again).

    Be well, and conquer Texas! They could use some Kim-driven common sense down there. (Texas Law, my ass! This is ‘Merica!) ✊

    Once again, welcome back! We missed ya ’round these parts!

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    1. Hahahahaha, ‘Merica! (I’m dying!) I don’t know Tom… cops here drives mustangs! You get a ticket, you get ‘stanged! Yee-haw! You cain’t fix stupid, son! 🚓 However, Viva La Mexico! I do have mad respect for good tequila! (Fun fact: tequila and computer “tinkering” leads to lost data!😉) Yes, Mr Jef has a blog site! Mr Jef claims too busy to blog… mrs kim don’t buy it!🙄 Maybe you should just put your blog posts in an ebook? I’d buy it! And when you figure that out, editing that bad boy and such, let me know quickly and effortlessly how to accomplish that! Yasssss! It’ll be fun! (They said.) It is great to be back Brother Tom! Now take me to church! The beer fridge in the garage will work as well! Amen! 😆👍

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  5. YAY!!!! I am SO HAPPY you are back Kim! I have missed you so very much! I am thrilled to read that yesterday was treating you well and you are in Texas away from the cold weather. I can’t wait to read about all the amazing adventures that you will be on with your beloved.

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  6. Welcome to Texas! (Even if it is just temporary.) I am trying to catch up on some reading myself, although I should be working out, going grocery shopping, and maybe even Christmas shopping. LOL. I hope you and your husband enjoy this journey you are on! 🙂 As a kid we travelled across country in a motor home visiting sites and family along the way. Some of my fondest memories are from those travels. And we would always go skiing with our cousins at the holidays, so I have spent more than one New Year’s Eve at an RV park!

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