Three of My Cheaters to Fight Pain

If you know me, then you know I call things I use to assist me when I have painful flare; cheaters! I don’t know why. Here are three of my cheaters just for you! Consider it an early Christmas Gift…

1. Tommy Copper

Hello, Tommy Copper! Why haven’t I tried this before?!?! Well, I have tried ‘other’ copper products. But. Tommy Copper, the brand name, is a must! I got the back belt first but was so thrilled with the results I added the leg and arm sleeves! This product isn’t about compression, just get the copper cloth as close to your skin as possible. This means under your clothes. Start slow, a few hours a day and build. I felt relief within one minute after I put on the back brace. I had no back pain within seven days! I’m dead serious! (Yes, the pain comes back but to get an hour of relief, not to mention 8 to 10 hours in ONE DAY?!?! I’m sold!)

This product may not work for everyone! But for $20? It is worth a shot. The company states that these items are for those who are in pain but cannot ‘slow down’ to rest. Well, I got to put these on, rest, and run errands! Yahtzee! These come in black and also in (my favorite) camouflage! I put mine on, and I am sure I’m invisible, blending in with my surroundings!

2. Epson Salt

I just cannot stress the importance of soaking in Epson salt. Put a cup of the Epson salt into your bathwater. (At least soak your feet in Epson salt!) As I no longer have a bathtub at my disposal, I soak my feet in Epson Salt about three times a week. You can add essential oils! I did happen across Dr. Teal’s Epson salt, there are many kinds, infused with beautiful smelling essential oils. Get yourself some Epson Salt. It is so cheap and has such wonderful results! Calming, detoxifying, and great to do before trying to sleep.

3. Ibuprofen

I am not supposed to take NSAIDs (ibuprofen), but there are times that I do because recently, I was denied any access to my pain medication. (Yep. It happened, I knew it eventually would.) Hello, ibuprofen. When I was younger, in my early 20s, I suffered from bursitis in my right shoulder. Very painful! The doctor I was seeing told me I could take 800 mg of ibuprofen every six hours, and that was almost the equivalent of taking a pain pill. It works, folks.* Not great, but tamps down the stabbing, take your breath away, pain. Take your regular medication, supplement your pain management protocol with 800 mg of ibuprofen 2-3 times for one day. (Don’t do this for very long, maybe one to three days max.)

*Please check with your doctor before doing this. There are always risks and rewards with every medication you take! The pros and cons, according to your own body chemistry. I am NOT a doctor nor do I play one on TV! Talk to your medical professional.

Live your best life!

If you would like to read about 20 additional cheaters I use click here.


29 thoughts on “Three of My Cheaters to Fight Pain

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  1. Thanks for sharing your “cheaters” Kim! I use the Epsom salts, and like you, sometimes it’s just my feet that get soaked because I don’t want to have to get myself into and out of the tub. I’m really interested in the Tommy Copper products – I’ve seen them around for years, and have thought about trying them. Since you’ve gotten such good results, I think I need to check them out. Thank you!

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    1. Nope. Doesn’t make sense but the USA is hyper sensitive to Opioids. That means NO. Thank you America… 😡 so back to ibuprofen, YASsss sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, the night time glass of wine… sounds much safer than one little pain pill, eh? Not to me but what do I know? 😆😄😂 But I was prepping for the … no more pain 💊 pills reality.

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  2. I read that first one as “Tommy Cooper”. Ever heard of him? More of a UK thing maybe. I was thinking “no, I don’t really want Tommy Cooper underneath my clothes”. So this is a cloth? Does it keep you warm too? If so, I’m in!
    Epsom salts – brilliant reminder! I bought some a while back but still haven’t used them. I avoid baths and opt for showers so this is a good excuse for a long, luxurious bath that I’ll never want to get out of. Great suggestions, Kim xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cooper? UK thing, yep. I don’t get out much Caz. Possibly a USA thing I’m unaware of. HA! The Tommy Copper product does keep you warm! Really, they maintain whatever temperature you are. Weird, but they are really like work out leggings?!?! Soft shiny material. They feel super soft! Like Butter! (That’s a US thing, I think!) Get out that Epsom Salt! Yay!

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    1. I first discovered Epsom salt in my early 20’s. I had started bar tending and all shift on cement floors??? Even my tennis shoes hurt my feet! Whoa. Started soaking in Epsom salt… I wore flip flops, sandals, heels, whatever, and never looked back! This will be a wonderful source of healing for your sore feet! I promise, Bella! xo

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  3. I’ve never tried copper, but I have arthritis and some other connective tissue stuff, so I basically live on ibuprofen because anything stronger destroys my stomach. Hear hear for the Epsom salts too–I love that they come in different scents now:-)

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