Kim Being Tom … Being Tom

I know! The title is confusing. My friend Tom (at Tom being Tom) has bestowed upon me the name of one of Santa’s eight reindeer! I am now known in some circles as Donner. Is Donner cool? I hope Donner is cool.

And I received an award! The Blogger Recognition Award! It really is an honor! The Rules… we are to ‘tell a tale’ of how we began blogging and give new bloggers a piece of advice! Then nominate UP TO 15 bloggers.

Thank you, Tom! If you haven’t, check out this gifted writer’s site! Tom Being Tom. I will accept this award and do my best! First here is a little example of Tom’s work;

“My advice? Copy everything you see here, post it somewhere else, and give me all due credit. You can call your blog, “Me Being Tom Being Tom.” Really, there will be no blog like it in the world, unless, of course, 12 of you do it, then there would be only 12 of them like it in the world.” -Tom at Tom Being Tom


Here we go, I’ll begin with a little tale…

I was in a complete mental shut down. I had undergone seven surgeries in quick succession. My brain was mush! I could not put a sentence together. I could not think clearly. Could I write complete sentences? Could I think clearly enough to put down words on paper and have them make sense? I began to color… then journal… and then, BLOG. (The jury may still be out on the making sense part!)

It was a painstaking process. I had to re-learn how to think clearly. I had to process my thinking and put those thoughts into a format that would ultimately be a blog post. I found one mentor, then another! (Both will be nominated.) Then I began following a few blogs. I will never forget the feeling of communicating with people. I was writing! I was communicating! I was absolutely passionate about this ‘thing’ called a blog! From then on, I was hooked.

A piece of advice for new bloggers.

I’m a chronic illness blogger, so for those with personal blogs, I may have some advice! First and always, write for yourself. If no one else reads a post you’ve written, it doesn’t matter. Your blog will become a piece of your history. This will be a record of your life! Don’t worry about likes, follows, comments, or becoming a ‘brand.’ (A brand… really?) You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s OK! Your tribe is out there, and they will find you! So write your story!

(And probably don’t post every day because you become VERY difficult to follow…)

My nominees.

My mentors, who I’ve followed through thick and thin for years, are Wendy and Mer! These two women have always had my back! They have been encouraging my writing from the very start. I have learned much from these two women. I hope you will both accept this recognition award!

Wendy at Picnic With Ants

Mer at MerBear’s World

I would also like to nominate some of the very first bloggers I ever followed and continue to follow! I am still amazed by the quality blogs you four women put out! I thank each and every one of you! Please accept this recognition award.

Terri at Reclaiming Hope

Gwen at Beauty of Imperfection: The Kintsukuroi Life

Caz at Invisibly Me

Bella at Thoughts ‘n Life

My life is better because of these bloggers! There are many more bloggers I am proud to call ‘friend.’ Some of you do not ‘do’ awards; others will simply smile and nod… you are all my tribe!



29 thoughts on “Kim Being Tom … Being Tom

Add yours

    1. Yep. The surgeon actually prepared me… he said I’d have to pay for all the time under anesthesia. He was right. Please do check out these other blogs! They are incredible women! Tom, who gave the award is definitely a must as well! There are just so many more… I may have to do a post just on that! In fact I will someday! Thanks so much for visiting again, Jill!😊💫

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  1. Congrats! You absolutely deserve this award Kim. Even though I don’t stop here too often (that thing called life gets in the way) I always love your honesty, your down to earth, positive and encouraging posts. Happy blogging into the future. xx ❤️

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  2. Because you bring the THUNDER!

    Honestly, it was fun picking who’s who in the lineup. You are all an inspiration to me and I’m thankful for your support. I’m also thankful that you keep me honest, sister! You challenge me when I need to be challenged, compel me to write stuff when I don’t feel compelled, and lift me up just when I need it. That’s the thunder!

    Good job on the award. I’ll be visiting the others you’ve mentioned.

    P.S. You’re parenthetical advice is spot-on the best. Word!

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    1. Brother Tom! Thanks again for the nod! I like this award. Thunder (that’s so cool!) or no, I am so fortunate to be a member of our blogging tribe. I try to contribute. The bloggers I mentioned are the very first I followed… they are strong women, each unique. I need to mention all the bloggers I follow. I absolutely will be doing a post in the future. You, my friend, are a master of words. I’m lucky to have found you! You challenge me and make me better. No joke. You bring good things with every post, including the boys and Mrs. C! And you know Sunday’s aren’t complete until you answer those three questions! 😉 I had to look up (gulp) parenthetical. I never knew there was a name for my somewhat sarcastic sentences in parenthesis! Wow! Thanks, my friend! …Donner out!😊💫

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  3. Aw, you melted my heart, Kim. I’m so glad that you think of me as a mentor. You do an excellent job here and you’re a talented writer! Not to mention a lovely person!! ❤

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  4. Some very wise advice. If blogging becomes more stressful than enjoyable, then that’s when you know things may need to change. Thanks for the shout-out  ♥ I can’t imagine the blogging world without you in it. There would be a Kim-shaped gap that NOBODY could ever fill. You’re one of a kind. Congrats on the well-deserved award my dear. xxxx

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