What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #40)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

1. WHERE were you born?

2. Name your go to store for clothes shopping. (The truth is I need ideas for an upcomming wedding!)

3. You have guests coming over. What meal, snack, and/or beverage are you likely to serve?


  1. I was born in a hospital in Alexandria, Minnesota, USA.
  2. My go to is usually Poshmark, or Old Navy.
  3. My guests can always count on spinach dip with fresh bread and a fresh veggie tray!


35 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #40)

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  1. Looky there we have more in common than just fibromyalgia, I was born in a hospital too!!! Go us!!!
    Born in San Bernardino calif. but we lived in Fontana until I was 12
    I like old navy. But usually just WalMart.
    Guests?? What are those?
    Used to play Bunco and once a year I hosted. The favorite thing everyone usually served was a vegetable tray. Although one lady’s husband used to make the best chocolate cake. We called him Eddie Crocker.

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    1. Well, hospitals for us! I know home births are becoming more popular… maybe it all went wrong for us because of a hospital birth! Very easy to just pick up something at WallyWorld. Vegetable trays are safe and easy! I wish I knew Eddie Crocker! Thanks Margie!😊💜


  2. 1. I was born in Tonbridge, Kent – which makes me a Man of Kent. Had I been born on the other side of the River Medway I would be a Kentish Man.
    2. I use outlet shopping place where decent genuine brands get sold at decent prices. My latest was an out of season Levi shirt for just £15.
    3. I haven’t got a name for it because I only invented it last week, but it’s broken up grilled pollock on a bed of Moroccan giant couscous (with fresh peppers, mushroom and red onion mixed in and fast-fried in minimal olive oil) and a single poached egg on top plus a small side salad (a simple squeezed lemon dressing). A sprinkling of herbs de provence to finish it off. It tasted good. Mostly what I cook goes wrong; this one came out dead right ~ George

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    1. Hahaha! Love the Man of Kent story! Outlets are great! Nice purchase on the shirt. So, George… sounds like you got some skills in the kitchen! That meal sounds yummy. I bet you’ll find that skill very useful! Keep cooking that meal and you can call it the “Signature George” or just go with “yummy pollock!” Sounds good George! Thanks my friend!😊💫

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    1. Serbia. I’ve learned more from you about Serbia then I ever learned in the classroom. Thank you. “I buy what I like, wherever.’ Will you adopt me? I love that! And why not! Yummo dishes at your house! Let me know when the next gathering is! 😊💜

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  3. 1. You know I was born at home. Isleworth, Middlesex, under the flight path for Heathrow Airport – though it was just called London airport then and the county of Middlesex has since been absorbed into Greater London.
    2. I’m really stuck for clothes shopping because since the recession some of our best chain stores have closed. But I did buy a coat in our local department store Beales just before Christmas. Beales started in Bournemouth and this is its flagship store, but the whole chain is still under threat from going out of business. The shop was bombed during the Second World War – I wasn’t around at the time! – and its current building was completed in the fifties.
    3. Chicken, maybe roast chicken dinner or my BBQ chicken legs on brown rice with roast peppers and mushrooms.

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    1. Janet. I DO know and found it so interesting! You were the reason I posed this question! You are an inspiration! Or maybe your mom inspired me?😉 we had a bunch of retail stores close too. It is hard to find clothes in stores. I’ve not heard of Beals. The sates do not have that chain, of course. Oohhhhh. I like chicken and I LOVE your sides. Yum. 😊💜

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      1. My brother was born in hospital as Mum had what is now called preeclampsia. Then she had my sister at home but had to be rushed to hospital! She told me DON’T have babies at home. No chance as I had to have caesareans BUT my granddaughter was born at home!

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  4. 1. Herefordshire, UK. The land of the tractors and cows.
    2. I’m very unhelpful for your upcoming outfit needs as I live in the UK, I’m afraid. I tend to go where the prices are low but the quality is decent enough that I’ll get at least three wears before holes start appearing.
    3. Tea and biscuits or cookies. Chocolate digestives if they’re nice guests. Boring rich tea biscuits if they’re not.

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  5. According to both my father and Einstein, I was born in a barn 😦
    My go to store for clothes shopping is my friends or daughter’s closet.
    When guests come over the only thing they are guaranteed to find is Coffee and or beer. If you have ever tried my cooking, you would realize I do not offer it because THEY ARE MY FRIENDS. However, if you and Jeff ever make your way to my neck of the woods, I promise to have whatever you request!!!

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    1. My niece lives in Cali! I do that too! Where ever it is most expensive to live… they have the best thrift stores! Hummus! I love pretzels and hummus. Now I’m craving hummus! I wonder if I have any spinach dip left? It’s hard to keep one around the hubby! 🙂


  6. 1. In a manger, in Bethlehem, of course.

    2. Since my early twenties until about 10-12 years ago, I always shopped at Mervyn’s. I would go everywhere else then end up at Mervyn’s cuz it had everything I would want or need. Alas, they closed down during the Great Recession and, in a panic, I shopped everywhere or simply wore the old stuff as long as I could. More recently I have become a frequent patron of Kohl’s, who either has become the new Mervyn’s to me, or I have become less finicky and just take what I find to avoid shopping further.*

    3. Beer! I’m also pretty good with a grill and a tri-tip so, time permitting, I’ll whip one up. Barring that, I have several pizza joints on speed dial. 😉

    *Although the last couple of years I seem to buy mostly from NFLshop.com for shirts, jersey, hats, and shoes. 😁


    1. Brother Tom… a manger in Bethlehem… guess I’ve been jammin with Jesus! 😁 never heard of Mervyns. Kohl’s… yep. I gotta get to Kohl’s or … now I forgot the damn name! The NFL shop would be fun! Bear and Tri-tip por favor! Yummo. You know Tom, beer, steak, fridge, deck, three dogs… lets not forget the coffee station… will you adopt me? Just sayin. I’ll let you borrow my bike whenever you want! Dad😉.

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        1. Awesome! Baby C! Ok… that’s maybe pushing it. I was at a piano bar, a big, crazy, fun piano bar singing with my friends. We all had mic’s… we started singing Me and Bobby McGee… the lady in charge cut all the mic’s but mine! I sang that song by myself and I was scared shitless but I did get applauded when I was done meaning they liked the song or they were glad I was done singing!!! (I’d bet it was because I was done.) cool, Tom… do they like Janis in Salinas now? I’ve always wondered.

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    1. Hello again. Now I’ve approved your comments because the moderator you were inquiring about is me, the author of the blog I named “I Tripped Over a Stone.” That is like the cover of a book, the title of the novel you read. When we write a ‘post’ that is the chapters that fill the book. Many chapters. I hope this helps? I will try to answer any questions you have for me. Thanks for the shopping ideas! 😊


      1. thanks Kim. Still struggling. I chose the free wordpress, understand there are fee based sites?
        I observe many interesting things living in this retirement home in Stockton. Some hilarios dalliences, and living in a high crime area right out side our gated community.

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