Protecting the 1st Amendment OR Allowing Abusive Posts by WordPress Blogger?

I have something significant to ask you.

  • Should a person be allowed to write ‘how-to’ manuals about how to abuse women?
  • Should this person be allowed to publish these ‘how-to’ posts on a public blog?
  • Should this person be allowed to follow women bloggers who are writing about their escape from an abusive past?

WordPress believes this is a freedom of speech issue. I think this is definitely an issue! The issue is abusive behavior!!! Some behaviors, written or no, are flat out WRONG.

Read this excerpt…

“Anyone else who has also experienced rape, assault, abuse, stalking, or anything similar is likely screaming at the computer screen as much as I did when I read that myself. Admittedly, the support people probably were not prepared for the words I had to say, which, I’m proud to say, were righteously indignant but also respectful. But the reality is that we live in a society and a time where victims of crimes are often more afraid to report the crime than they are to live with it, and where there still is lacking a basic understanding of the psychology of trauma from the viewpoint of the victim.”

To read the full story, and it is unfolding RIGHT NOW with WordPress…

Click here, on Gwen’s site:

I hope you are as outraged as I am.

I have no more words.


54 thoughts on “Protecting the 1st Amendment OR Allowing Abusive Posts by WordPress Blogger?

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    1. This is a public venue, you must be held accountable for any criminal conduct in public. Abusing a woman is a criminal offense. Teaching others to do it is apparently freedom of speech, then again Charles Manson was held accountable for the actions of his murderous cult…

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        1. That is the question. We must also decide just who’s rights are up for consideration? The writer or the receiver. In this case, women. As a woman blogger… how much do we put up with before someone says not OK? Gwen has her hands full with this process. God I wish I had control over this… I wish you did, Bo! What you say, goes!👍

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  1. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading!!! Completely outraged! And BEYOND negligent. WP needs to be held to the fire to change this “policy” immediately! I still am in shock on so many levels. This needs to blow up – all the way to the top of WP Corporate.

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    1. If you have any brilliant ideas of how to blow this up, Tamara, I am all ears!

      It took me quite a bit of soul searching to get brave enough to tell that story. I want the policy changed. I don’t want anyone else to have to lose sleep over something that shouldn’t be an issue!

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  2. Yeah, no. Freedom of speech is important, but has to be curtailed for the greater good. One ought not yell “fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire, one ought not call opposing parties and the press “enemies of the people” when one is in a place of high political power, and one ought not abuse or teach abuse in public without ramifications. I’m with you, sister. No f’ing way.

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    1. What hurts the most is not that it is there, because I know there is evil in the world. What hurts the most is the callus way I was dismissed and told my safety and security aren’t worth it. His freedom of speech is more important than my safety? That’s not what the bill of rights is about.

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  3. Freedom of speech is incredibly powerful but that power has to be used responsibly. And even if someone is free to make abusive, violent, and destructive statements that doesn’t mean WordPress is under any obligation to provide that person a platform. In fact WP could even be called out for potentially aiding and abetting criminal activity.
    If someone were to post a guide on how to steal credit card information or even break into houses I doubt WP would consider it a “freedom of speech” issue.
    The only difference here is that victims of abuse are too often unfairly stigmatized, which unfortunately gives abusers even more power than they already have.
    This is just me using my own freedom of speech to call out the limits on that same freedom.

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    1. Christopher… You hit the nail in the head. I felt and feel completely powerless to keep myself safe from this individual to the degree that I’m afraid to even say publicly who he is for fear of what he may do. He’s already targeted my blog for content. What happens if he were to target me to get “revenge” for reporting him?

      I’m afraid and I should not have to be.

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  4. I had a stalker and a man who wrote poorly of me back in 2014. When I contacted WordPress, they said there was nothing that they could do about it, free speech and all of that bullshit. Of course I was pissed! So upsetting that it’s still happening.

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    1. Mer— They told me if I was concerned about the stalking I could call the police. I told them that unless this man makes a credible threat OR I have the ability to remove him and see him come back using a different email or profile that I didn’t have proof enough of stalking for authorities to step in. I said that their policy restricts me from being able to collect evidence as proof of danger to mitigate the risks and that they have put me in the position of having to wait for something worse to happen rather than helping me prevent it.

      It’s amazing to me that there is so little understanding about what free speech means because it does not mean free to stalk or harass.

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      1. That’s why I am so much more careful about sharing so much now. I am fearful. Blogging isn’t the same for me anymore like it once was. I really am sorry that you’ve had such a dreadful experience.

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  5. Freedom of speech (and all of the Bill of Rights) is a right that the government can’t deny – WordPress isn’t a public (meaning government) service. Private companies can absolutely restrict speech, so long as it isn’t discriminatory. Which is why an employer (assuming it’s a private company) could fire someone for using dirty language, or because they wrote a manual on how to abuse women. Or why you could be kicked out of a restaurant for marching around its tables with a protest sign. Or why private schools can include prayer.

    But that’s just this lawyer’s two cents.

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    1. Exactly! And people forget that my rights end where someone else’s begin. They ensure freedom from oppression by a government but they do not mean we get to oppress one another.

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  6. Technically, I’m all for protecting free speech. But I’m against inciting hatred, violence or abuse of any kind. It’s not an easy one in the legal realm because it gets subjective. On a personal level? Absofuckinglutely not okay, and to follow other women who’ve been through abuse just seems downright creepy and a violation. x

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    1. I’m with you! Let him have his free speech if you must, but give me the ability to limit his access to me without telling me my only choice is to hide completely. THAT is what contributes to what becomes a rape culture.

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  7. There is a fine line between freedom of speech and not allowing abuse. I have lived through physical and sexual abuse and it makes me so angry people writing about the how to’s. Those people should be banned from WordPress permanently! Anyone that could write about it without pure detest is a terrible person and should loss all rights. The constitution was didn’t create freedom of speech to mean freedom of hatred, any kind of abuse and violence! I am so engaged by this and must say, people think it is okay to talk about abuse, hatred and violence in a positive light because they see people in the government doing it without any consequences. I am very disappointed WordPress would not take a strong and put an end to this!

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    1. You have every right to be outraged. Going way back in time, the government came up with “the rule of thumb” literally meaning a man could not beat his wife with anything wider than the width of his thumb. Abusive behavior has been tolerated for longer than you and I, put together, have lived. One day I hope society learns to truly value women. 🎈

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        1. Oh no! Gwen, who wrote the original post was invited by me to comment! She was not offended! Not at all! This was a safe platform for her to express the current climate she is dealing with. She responded from where she’s at, I thought expressing her thoughts quite thoroughly… she is a fighter Alyssa, just like you! Ok? No offense was meant. Writing is important.

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    2. I’m the one that wrote that original post, Alyssa. I’ve survived hell too. When I read his blog I sat in the shower crying because I felt as dirty and violated as I did every time I was abused and I KNEW he was writing to teach other men how to make other women feel like me. I was devastated.

      When I thought about why he would choose me it hurt even more: I’m talking about the survival now and how to escape and heal. Maybe he wanted to figure out my thinking so he could find a way to break people down who are escaping and in a better mindset.

      People like him who have no consequences do continue to perpetuate their filth because there is no one stopping it.

      And it is appalling to me that they won’t even give me the power to block him unless I hide where NO ONE can read or find me unless I tell them. That means the stories that could help someone else get away from someone like him aren’t told. It’s silencing victims and victim advocates rather than perpetrators.

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      1. Again, please forgive me if anything I said seemed out of anger, Kim just made clear what you went through and I value your thoughts. It is horrible what men think they can do and get away with. I do believe what men are doing and even more so today is because they think it is okay because they see people in power getting away with it. I admire you speaking out about things and you do have so much strength and courage.

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  8. Kim,
    Shaking my head and screaming at the fact that there are assholes writing about how to abuse women on a WP blog and that a platform like WP is allowing that site to continue to exist. I don’t understand why they don’t shut that down if their content is illegal? Gwen continues to be traumatized by this asshole over and over again when WP could actually do something about it, and they refuse? That is outrageous! Also, doesn’t that make them complicit? She’s asking them for help in keeping this abuser from following her and they won’t? WTF, WordPress? Do the right thing!
    Hugs to Gwen and thanks for spreading the word, Kim!

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  9. Who IS this POS? Somebody please out him so that we can file complaints. And as for freedom of speech, frankly I’m getting sick of people hiding behind that. WordPress and Twitter and all those other platforms are privately owned companies–they can remove whatever they want, especially when it’s so vile.

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  10. In the name of freedom of speech, a whole lot of people out there are doing everything they can to silence people–women, gay people, people of color, disabled people, people not like themselves. That’s not freedom of speech–except, of course, for them. Someone–I think it was a long-ago Supreme Court justice–said freedom of speech does not include the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. They’re yelling fire.

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  11. I am absolutely horrified this is taking place. Although what he is doing is not illegal, the action of what he is writing about is. This subject is very close to my heart and soul and that makes it more difficult for me to think reasonably about this issue, but working in psych as long as i did with people with behaved in the most terrible ways………..a guy who spends his time writing about this type of stuff is, at the bare minimum, is thinking about acting out on it……..desentizing himself to it so it feels more normal. We live in a very sick world.

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    1. Agreed. Thinking is not doing. However, this platform… there is a responsibility to expect REASON. WordPress can simply uninvite bloggers as well as invite. What I thought was a public platform is not. I tell you Wendi, as one with a psych (me, too!) and corrections background, community safety must always be a priority over individual perceived RIGHT… public safety takes priority. Shoot, it’s sticky… I know exactly what you are saying! Remember tho- patient rights do not belong in this arena of WordPress. Nowww things could be done! Right?!?!

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