What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #41)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. What three essentials (besides your phone, iPad, or laptop) do you carry with you when you are out and about?
  2. What items (do you recommend) to make your home a cozy place to be?
  3. Tell me briefly about your favorite book and why it is your fav?


  1. A small cooler with crushed ice OR Mentos (helps with stomach issues), eye drops, chapstick.
  2. I recommend fuzzy blankets, get an ottoman to put them in when not in use. Funky pillows of your choosing. I always have a wedding picture up, just a small one (it reminds me of my happiest day), and soft lighting. Cozy!
  3. My favorite book is The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende. This book spans three generations of some very tough women and men! There is magic, there is culture, and there are ghosts! You will become invested in the characters and begin to live through them. You will travel with them, hoping and dreaming of what matters most to them. It is a glorious escape!  

33 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #41)

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  1. 1. My purse with money in it. Lipstick. A pen and notebook. 2. Lots of soft cushions, artwork on the walls, family photos… 3. The Artists Way by Julia Cameron – a terrific book for unblocking creativity and healing the past.

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    1. Notebook! Well, thank you Brigid! I need to grab a small tablet for my purse. I used up the last one and definitely need to always have one with! I like your cozy recommendations! Your favorite book sounds interesting. Unblocking. That’s important! Great answers, Brigid! 😊💫

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  2. 1. Nothing. You covered it with the phone. Maybe car keys, thinking about it – and a door key and also the back gate key.
    2. Heat and ideally banisters I can slide down the stairs on plus an ultra HD TV.
    3. Hyperion by Dan Simmons. It is the first book of his Hyperion Cantos but I like them all. Books to escape reality.

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    1. I thought I may have covered the basics, I should have put keys in that list too! How about your Ray Bans? Are those considered an essential? It is good to have access to heat and banisters would be a plus! Ultra HD TV?!?! That’ll work!😉 oh! I do remember you telling me about Hyperion! I was going to check it out… now I will! Thank you, George!😊💫

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      1. I think that’s me thinking too logically because I wear the Ray Bans not carry them – sorry about that one. The keys are the only things I carry and that’s annoying. I see my parents new car doesn’t have a key at all. I want one of those ~ George

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  3. Purse – this side of the Atlantic, the small leather creation for our cash and cards, door keys to my house and a half dozen other things I can think of… I’ll settle for my water bottle.
    2.we all seem to like cushions and throws, also pictures and a few ornaments and a bookshelf… and lots of plants, they are good for your health.
    3. I can never decide on books, but I’ll choose Pride and Predudice as All life is there, event though Jane Austen wrote only about her little world she knew human nature so well. I have visited her last home a couple of times, it is still in the lovely country seeking she loved so much.

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    1. “…small leather creation…”😆 yes! Water bottle too! I definitely agree with the addition of plants! I don’t have any in the RV… I’m planning on adding something??? You know, I’ve watched every version… tv, movies of Pride and Prejudice. I’ve never read the book! I finally purchased Emma, by Austin. I’ll tackle that first! Thanks Janet! 😊💜

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  4. These are toughies!

    1. I broke this one down to the question of what I take with me when I am NOT driving. Say, when I leave the room in Reno to head downstairs or when I leave the house in an Uber. The phone is ALWAYS with me. I’m addicted to the personal, portable computer, and I ain’t apologizing for that. But what else? House/room key. Bottle of water. Cash. I’ll add one more that is increasingly on my “do I have it” list: collapsible readers. Age ain’t caught up to my liver, but it has caught up to my eyes!

    2. Three golden retrievers.

    3. Remember Chick-Sent-Me-High? The best self-help book I ever read was “The Evolving Self” by Chick-Sent-Me-High. Every time I read it I evolve. But outside of myself the best book I’ve read was “Sapiens” by Harari. What an eye-opener! But if we’re going to go all fiction-y “Ender’s Game” has been the one book I’ve most frequently and successfully recommended to others. It’s hard to pick a favorite, cuz I know I’m leaving something out, but those three immediately spring to mind. Oh wait! Avengers Volume 1, Number 166. When Thor shows up to face Count Nefaria, and the look on his face. Wow! Great book! 😁

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    1. You’ve handled these like a pro! Yep, don’t forget your readers… I forgot mine ONCE, unfortunately I was at the DMV. DANG. Awe. The boys! I believe three goldens would make life cozy and complete! I do remember your book recommendation, Chick-Sent-Me-High! In fact, I was so inspired by the books you listed, with your recommendations, I asked this very question! Thanks for question #3! Hey! Leave a link to that post, others will surly enjoy your book list! I’d love it if you would Brother Tom. Thanks my friend!😊💫

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  5. Love your suggestions for cozy!!!
    1. Pads, catheters, and a change of clothing…..more….walker cane wheelchair….. you get the point? 😛
    2. Cozy for me? A FAN, pictures
    3. Favorite book… A gentle pirate by Johanna Lindsey. Strong humorous female character ( yeah we’ll go with that)

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    1. Hey, I know the list is long! It is what it is, my friend!😉 oh lord! I have portable fans now!!! If I’m stationary, I have a fan blowing on me. Damn hot flashes. I am going to check out a gentle pirate. I’m getting some great recommendations! Cool. Thanks Karen Grace!😊💜💫

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  6. 1- a backpack to carry things I purchase or need for a walk, Aleve for those aches and pains and lip balm always in my pocket (well sometimes in my wash machine too) oops.

    2- I have a comfy pair of Larue pants I wear to lounge in around the house and my soft Dallas Cowboys blanket. Lastly my 9 year old Pom Dobby who likes to be near me especially if I am not feeling well.

    3. Currently my favorite book is- Educated by Tara Westover. Her autobiographical story of the struggle she had growing up with survivalist parents, abuse, and intimidation and how she overcame her upbringing and found comfort in education.

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    1. Backpacks are the bomb! My washing machine loves my chapstick too! 😉 I like your cozy recommendations! (Kisses for Dobby!) Your book recommendation sounds right up my alley! I really like autobiographies. Survivalist parents??? Jeeze, I always wondered what happened to the kids! This is going on my list. Thank you!😊👍💫


  7. 1. Water, chapstick, rucksack
    2. Blankets, cushions, bookcases, lamps
    3. The Sound and the fury, because of its style, stream of consciousness, which I adore, because it changed me and the way I read literature, because there’s no one like Faulkner (who btw said he wrote it only for money. Lol. How honest is that!)

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  8. 1. Drivers license, 2 credit cards, insurance card, Lynx medical device card, cash, and water bottle
    2. Art, pillows, bookcases, blankets, the smells of bread baking
    3. So many books, not enough time…how can I pick favorites? The book I want to read depends on my mood.

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  9. 1. Stoma bag supplies (unless I’m going to the supermarket or a quick pop into town, then I risk it for a biscuit and hope I don’t need them!), pain meds, lip balm (I seem to have a Vaseline addiction after years of using the stuff – Google it, it’s a real thing!)
    2. Blankies, cushions, soft lighting, clean carpets, things put where it makes life a bit easier and more convenient, a bit of art and ornaments that mean something to you personally.
    3. Noooo, I couldn’t pick a favourite, PASS!
    The House Of Spirits…not come across that, will have to add it to my Amazon basket! xx

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    1. Yes, I do have a med bag I carry for day trips. We must always be prepared!🙃 I AM going to google Vaseline addiction. Here in the States we get addicted to Carmex! It’s a lip ointment… I like thing put in their place before I settle in, too. Ok, I’ll let you pass. How was the Killer Across the Table??? I still haven’t delved into much of Mindhunter… what I have read is good, tho. Definitely read House of Spirits! 😊💜🎉

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