In 1963, Martin Luther King delivered the following speech…

I hope you take the time to really read this iconic peace of literature in its entirety.

We remember you, Martin Luther King Jr.


15 thoughts on “1963

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  1. Martin Luther King was a great man and his words remain relevant today as when first spoken. Which I feel saddened by that globally inequality remains, hate remains, we haven’t moved all that far as human beings of this shared planet earth!

    Beautiful post as always Kin

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  2. I’ve watched recordings of him giving this speech and when I read it I can feel his voice vibrating through my soul.
    It’s hard for me to believe that he gave it the year I was born.
    I know there is still so much hate in this world today, but can you imagine what he would see if he saw the way things are? Would he just see the inequality that still remains, or would he see how far we’ve come? Would he be proud that we’ve had a black president? Or saddened by what we have now? Or both? (Like I am)
    Would he be amazed that same sex marriage is legal? Or appalled that they don’t have the same rights across the board? (Like I am)
    I’m so proud and amazed in so many ways at how far we’ve come, and saddened that we still have so far to go, and so scared we are going to go backward.
    But oh do I have a dream.

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    1. I think MLK would be pretty pleased with just how far we have come. His children are living a much better life than he did… don’t we just want the next generation to flourish. Yes, much better. When we are complacent, the unacceptable becomes the norm. Since we revisit MLK’s speech each year, the “dream” is never in danger of forgetfulness. Your comment was so thoughtful. And I’m sure you, too, have a dream!💝


  3. I loved this post Kim! I believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr should always be remembered and not just one day a year. He was a powerful man that sacrificed so much. I am a strong believer that no one should ever be discriminated against because after all, we are all human and deserve to be respected!

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