Tribe Bracelets, Yes, “Tribe!”

I color. I doodle. I Zentangle! Now I make Tribe Bracelets! It’s just me, making what is otherwise known as friendship bracelets. When I am in pain, I escape by creating a bracelet. It is mind work. It is healing.

There are two patterns that I really like, so I make them. (They are not big and bulky but nicely sized, fun pieces!) I like the knotted pattern and the staircase pattern. I think they look cool in twos! I have made many, none are perfect. Conquering pain is not a time to strive for perfection. However, good energy is focused on each and every knot in every single bracelet!


I’m considering selling them; here on my blog. I can’t wear them all…my hubby can’t wear any more either. (We tried.)



Update! Now available for purchase!  Tribe Bracelets! Thank you for all the interest! Time to find YOUR tribe! I invite you!!!

PayPal will only allow me a single payment option… so a set of TWO bracelets will cost $6.50. The shipping and handling charges are included for USA shipping as well as overseas! If you do not have PayPal but still want to purchase a Tribe Bracelet set, email me at 

Click here to purchase!

If you wouldn’t mind, and you have time, answer a couple (non-binding) questions for me;

  1. Do you have PayPal? (Since I’m a full-time RVer, this would all have to be done through PayPal!)
  2. Would you pay $5 for a matching set of two Tribe Bracelets?  (I’d just be recouping my costs, shipping/handling in the USA add $1, shipping/handling overseas add $2.)

This is what my Tribe Bracelets mean to me...

  • Tribe Bracelets are physical reminders of the inner strength you possess to ‘get through’ the tough times.
  • Tribe Bracelets are so you always remember, you are not alone.
  • Tribe Bracelets are your worry beads, your wish bracelet, your grounding tool.


Live your best life!




80 thoughts on “Tribe Bracelets, Yes, “Tribe!”

Add yours

  1. YES and YES!!! Please let me be the first to say, I WANT THEM!!! I need them! Send me your PayPal info and I would love to be your first customer! This is a fabulous idea Kim. I would just like a daily reminder of how you saved my life my dear one. Being alone now is very different for me since I lost the love of my life only 8 months into our relationship. I’m looking for ways to deal with the new pain of this 4 level neck fusion and deal with grief and loss without isolating or tripping into that rabbit hole called depression. YOU inspire me lady and ALWAYS have!! PLEASE let me be your first customer!!
    Love you Rolling Stone,
    (and still anxiously awaiting your trip to Florida!)

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    1. Tamara! Oh, how you must be grieving. And in pain. I am thinking of you… I am so sorry you are in so much pain right now. You are a very strong lady, I may have listened but you, my friend, did the work to save yourself! I will always be available to you. You will get through this too, and this will take time. As you know. Keep reaching out. If you send me your address in Florida on PayPal I will get a bracelet set to you ASAP! Include preferred colored choice and I’ll do my best. I do have an idea, a bracelet that I’d love to send you, it reminded me of your grace and light! You are a warrior! Thank you, Tamara.


      1. If you’re happy to do it and it’s not going to leave you out of pocket? Hell yes! I want me some jewellery 😄
        I’m so unbelievably tight with money, and my income is p*ss poor trying to do this ‘self-employed’ nonsense, but I can think of nothing better to spend my pennies on. You’ve made it very available to people because things like this are usually so over-priced. Like I said though, make absolutely sure you won’t be out of pocket first. xxxx

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        1. Money is so damn tight. I won’t be out of pocket… $5 should cover most of my expense plus shipping. A dollar or two. I do have some cute cards, have to order global forever stamps… have regular stamps. I DO have ample Tribe Bracelets (been a ‘productive’ pain run, I guess?!?!). 🤓 Caz. (Gulp.) I am going to do this! Like you said earlier… I have the bracelets anyway, why not? I’ll get my page up for the Tribe Bracelets! Yikes!

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    1. You know I will get some Kim.
      First time you send overseas you will know if $2 is enough

      I found some fabric in my messy room the other day. Of course I forgot about it. It’s paintable. I have fabric pens. Fun!

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  2. Yes – I have PayPal. I love the bracelets, but how do they fasten? Do they just tie and you wear them all the time – even in the shower? I agree that you should make a profit on each one – don’t sell yourself short! How much are they on Etsy?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi! On Etsy they range from $4-$16! So I just want to re-coup costs so I can keep making them. And I wish I didn’t have to charge a thing! I think $5 is fair. Then my cards and postage to send. Every one purchasing throws in a $1. or $2. for the shipping, I’ll be fine! Yes, these simply tie on. You wear them constantly until they fall off, EVEN in the shower! That’s the cool thing with these bracelets… once they are tied on, they should stay on until you get sick of them, replace them, or they fall off. I admit, I’m goofy! I cut off the one I’m currently wearing to change colors about every 3-4 months! I’m impressed with how well these wear, tho- I would hope people would enjoy these Tribe Bracelets! Thanks for the questions!!!


    1. Ok, I had to price the bracelets to include shipping and handling. $6.50 for two bracelets. I still think that’s pretty reasonable? Gosh, I hope this PayPal site works now. Once you put your shipping information in, that is emailed to me for shipment! Yay!


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